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The second game starring everyone's favorite limbless hero was released in October 1999. Originally intended to be 2D like its predecessor, Rayman 2 is a 3D adventure where Rayman must save the world from Razorbeard and the Robo Pirates while waterskiing and riding magic fruit through lava. It was re-released on the PS2 as Rayman Revolutions and on the DS as Rayman DS.

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100%, Single-segment with Deaths: 2:29:47 by 'Manocheese'

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Author's comments:

NOTE: Feel free to link to this run, but please don't upload the files or any part of them to another site. Directing people here instead of uploading the files elsewhere lets them read the comments, contact me, and see other speed runs. For the same reason, please link to this page and not the files themselves.

This run has audio commentary. Switch to audio track 2 in your media player to listen to it. In the commentary, I discuss the strategies and glitches I use as well as some of the pitfalls that must be avoided.

I'd like to thank everyone who has posted Rayman 2 timesavers and glitches over the years. Without their help, this run wouldn't be anywhere near as fast.

Thanks to the SDA staff for keeping this great site going.

I started running Rayman 2 all the way back in 2007. At the time, I was working on a single-segment any% run. When I finished in 2008 (with a time of 2:17:25), I felt pretty burned out on the game and didn't expect to run it again. I moved on to speed runs, glitch hunting, and "superplays" of other games, including Donkey Kong 64, Gotcha Force, and GoldenEye. Over time, though, I felt increasingly drawn to Rayman 2 again. When it came time to find another gaming project, I decided I wanted to take on a harder run than I had done before, and Rayman 2 100% single-segment felt like the natural choice. I began working on it in 2013.

In the comments for my 2008 run, I cautioned future players to do a 100% run in segments, since it is so easy to miss a lum. When I wrote that warning, I had a few key parts of the game in mind:

These parts of the game all involve difficult lums, and the former two are near the end of the game. I knew that if I couldn't find reasonably consistent strategies for all three of these critical areas, the project would be dead in the water. So, early on, I focused heavily on these areas, trying many different strategies and practicing over and over again. Even though all three remained among the trickiest parts of the run and I never stopped practicing them, I was able to get them down to a reasonable level of difficulty, and I'm glad I focused on them early in the process of running the game. The Prison Ship sliding section, which I feared would make the category nearly unrunnable, turned out to be quite manageable, and I didn't lose many good runs there. I was less consistent with the rock jump, as I call it, in the Marshes of Awakening, but because it's not too far into the game, messing up there isn't a huge loss. The walking shell section in the Iron Mountains was the toughest of the three and remained my nemesis from the day I started running the category to the day I finished. It killed multiple great run attempts, including a few that were on track for sub-2:30, so conquering it in this run was immensely satisfying. I'll discuss all three of these sections in more detail in the level-by-level comments below.

As I worked on the run, I set goal times for myself by saying, "If I get sub-2:xx, I'll submit the run." But xx kept getting lower, either because new timesavers were found or because I just wanted to go faster. I and a few others were actively making discoveries, so I didn't want to spend too much time optimizing my execution when my strategies would soon become obsolete. For this reason, I didn't do many run attempts for the first year or so after I started the project. However, by 2015, I was doing attempts fairly often. In February, I had a goal of sub-2:33 in mind.

Unfortunately, around that time, real-life obligations prevented me from playing the game for a few months. Inertia set in, and the idea of picking up the run again seemed daunting. I had done all my previous speed runs during the summer while I was out of school, and speed running wasn't so easy now that I was working full time. Add to that the fact that this run was much harder than my previous runs, and I wondered how I would ever be able to do it. It wasn't just the total amount of time needed to complete the run that bothered me; it was also the percentage of my time that would be required. Many parts of the game are demanding in 100%, and in order to do them well, I needed to practice regularly. Run attempts also take a lot of time. Considering those two factors, spending a few hours a week on the game just wasn't going to cut it. I felt guilty for not working on the run, but I couldn't see a way to make progress. Finally, in March 2017, I got my priorities straight. I started playing again, putting aside as many other things as possible. In order to accomplish my goal of finishing this run, less important goals had to be sacrificed. A man who chases two rabbits will catch neither.

When I came back to the game, I learned that many new tricks had been discovered while I was away. Although I wasn't sure how feasible it was, I decided to set an ambitious goal of breaking two and a half hours. After a few months of intense running, I was certain that sub-2:30 was possible. But it would be another six months before I finally pulled it off.

100%, as defined using the in-game percentage counter, means getting all the yellow lums (which I usually refer to simply as lums). 100% doesn't include the cages, though I do get almost all the cages in this run since they almost all contain either lums or Teensies. Note that the percentage counter is only shown when you save or load, and since I play without a Controller Pak in order to skip the save prompts, the counter isn't visible in this run.

Below are some level-by-level comments. I won't describe all the little tricks I use, but the audio commentary has some additional information. For the most complete documentation, see the SDA Strategy Wiki.

Main Menu

Before starting the game, I change the graphics settings to low resolution, maximum sharpness. This makes the game run quite a bit faster; I'd estimate that it saves roughly five minutes over the course of the run. This is a very easy timesaver that I simply never thought to try when I did my any% run in 2008. I also change the language to Italian, which makes the cutscenes faster. I always had it in the back of my mind that a language other than English might be faster, but in order to see which one was best, I had to go through the painstaking process of timing every cutscene in every language. In the end, Italian turned out to be 3.3 seconds faster than English. It's not much, but every little bit helps.


You can go faster in sliding sections like this by jumping, which I do here.

The Woods of Light

At the beginning of this level, you can skip the Murfy text if you jump right when you land in the trigger zone for the text. This trick, called trigger hopping, can be tough to do, and I didn't get it this time. It only saves a few seconds, though. A bigger timesaver is later in the level, where I jump past the Globox babies to skip a cutscene. Whereas I used a trigger hop to skip this cutscene in my any% run, this time around I opted to land outside the trigger zone, then jump over it. The new method is slightly slower, but it's more consistent, which is important in this difficult category. There are many places throughout the game where I make similar tradeoffs between consistency and speed; if I used the fastest strategy everywhere, the run would simply be impossible to finish.

The Fairy Glade

In the first room, I use a large timesaver called airswimming. By holding L as you fall on certain corners, you can walk underwater. Then, if you jump up and helicopter right at the surface of the water, you will start swimming in midair, allowing you to collect the lums quickly and skip some of the rooms in this area. It can be tricky to start walking underwater, but I got it very quickly here.

Later on, there's another Murfy text that you can skip with a trigger hop, but I didn't manage to skip it. In the machine room (where you save Ly), you need to throw the barrels vertically to prevent them from being destroyed by the enemies, but because vertical throws take a while, you want to do as few as possible. I did three vertical throws, which I think is the minimum, so that's good.

The wind tunnel room at the end didn't go very well. You want to leave each wind tunnel as soon as possible so you don't waste time going higher than necessary, but I jumped the gun and left one of the tunnels too soon, costing me some time. As a result, even though the rest of the level was fast, the level as a whole was a little slower than average.

I finish the level with only 48 out of 50 lums, since the last couple lums are inaccessible the first time you come to this level. Skipping the second trip to the level by getting all the lums on the first trip would be a big timesaver, but I haven't found a way to do it.

The Marshes of Awakening

Crouching during the waterskiing sections speeds you up, so I crouch most of the time. I stand back up when I need to turn.

One of the harder parts of the run is getting the three lums behind the big rock in the second part of the level. I call the maneuver I use for this section the rock jump. I move right next to the rock, then jump and grab the lums. This part is dangerous because if you move toward the rock too soon, you'll bounce off of it and miss the lums, but if you move too late, you won't get the first lum. You can also miss the first or last lum if you jump with bad timing or the wrong velocity. I've lost quite a few runs here, but I eventually figured out a strategy that allowed me to get through it the vast majority of the time. An alternative to the strategy I use here is to jump and bounce off the top of the rock, but I find that method to be less consistent.

The level went well overall. I leave with 49 out of 50 lums. Once again, I'll have to come back later to finish getting all 50.

The Walk of Life

This level is pretty easy and went well here. My time was 1:38.86, which is a little faster than what I usually get.

The Bayou

Another fairly easy level. The trickiest part is the last room. After breaking the Teensy's cage with a well-aimed shot, you have a certain amount of time to make it to the top of the room before the Teensy does; take too long and he'll be standing around waiting for you, which costs time. A bad camera angle slowed me down a little, but I only lost about a second.

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

This level also has a big timesaver. After collecting some lums, I use another airswim to get past the large door. This airswim is much harder than the one in the Fairy Glade and has killed many run attempts, but I did it pretty quickly here. There's another way to get past the door that involves clipping through a wall and floating past the door, but I've never been able to do that method consistently enough to include it in a run.

The rest of the level went well. In the sliding section, I land sideways after jumping because it seems to preserve your speed better.

The Menhir Hills (part 1)

The level is pretty straightforward until the end of the second walking shell section. If you run into the gap with good positioning, you can jump over it, saving some time compared to flying across the gap using the barrel. After crossing the gap, I use a glitch called infinite barrel flying. By starting to fly while you're invincible, you can fly forever. I use this trick to go straight to the end of the area.

The Cave of Bad Dreams

One of my favorite tricks is in the Hall of Doors right before the Cave of Bad Dreams. By moving the selection lum back and forth, you can make Rayman run across the bridge, delaying him. This allows you to get the selection lum far enough ahead that you can skip jumping on the lilypads.

Cave of Bad Dreams is one of the tougher levels and has quite a few places where you can lose time. The first is the miniboss battle, which is one of the most random parts of the game. If an enemy spawns behind the orange pedestal or behind another enemy, you can't hit him until you move somewhere else. This time, I had great luck with the spawn positions. Unfortunately, I messed up throwing the orb afterward, negating the time gain from the lucky miniboss fight.

On my way to the orange orb, I use another cool timesaver. After entering the trigger zone for the first of two moving platforms, I stand still for a few seconds. At this time, the first platform is moving, but the second platform isn't. When I get to the first platform, it's ready to leave, so I don't have to wait for it. If I hadn't stood still earlier, I would've stood still waiting for the first platform to move anyway, but I would have been inside the trigger zone for the second platform while I did, causing me to miss the second platform's first cycle. Thus, by standing still before activating the second platform, I can get to it on its first cycle.

The orbs are pretty annoying. If you're not careful about where you walk, the camera can get into very inconvenient positions, making it easy to throw the orbs the wrong way. With the orange orb, I take a moment to go into first-person mode and aim my next throw carefully in order to avoid a run-ending glitch where the orb falls and respawns endlessly. Throwing the orbs onto the pedestals is also a pain; the orange orb likes to auto-aim at the blue pedestal, which wastes time. I got the orbs in place pretty quickly here, though.

The boss fight is the most dangerous part of the level. There are several places where you need to stop the skulls with good timing. Stop them too close to Rayman and they'll be too far away from the next platform, forcing you to wait for another skull. Stop them too far away from Rayman and you won't be able to reach them. Overall, I did a decent job with the skulls in this run.

After getting the Life Potion, I use a strange glitch to get back to the portal a little faster. If you hold up on the control stick throughout the entire cutscene, you'll fall through the floor afterward.

The Menhir Hills (part 2)

In the first room, I save time by letting the walking shell see me, then getting a few lums while he's tiring himself out. In the purple lum room, I skip a few purple lums by shooting the third one from just the right position.

The Canopy

Here's one of the hardest levels in the run. There are several timesaving glitches that are easy to mess up. First, though, I have to go through the spider room. It's possible to go straight through and collect all the lums in one pass, but the spider usually knocks you down if you try that. So, I skip to the second half of the room using the purple lum, complete that half, and then do the first half. Later, after freeing Globox, I shoot the pole from the bottom part of the room. Normally, you have to ride the plant to the top and then knock down the pole. The method I use here is faster because Globox can start walking up the pole sooner.

One of the make-or-break moments of the run comes just after I get the shot upgrade. By using a damage boost from the pirate, I can get over the laser fence and skip destroying it. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get over, which is one of the biggest time losses in the run. I still saved quite a bit of time compared to playing this section normally, though.

If you skip destroying the laser fence, Globox does not follow you to the next room, so you are forced to skip hiding in the bush. I do so by taking advantage of the way the door works. Once it starts opening, it won't start closing until it is all the way open. So, once the door is closed, I back up to make it start opening, then immediately run forward to get through it before it closes again. This trick may not look hard, but the timing is pretty tight, so I was relieved to get it on my first try. After getting through the door and breaking the cage, I leave the room momentarily to unload the Teensy. This causes the portal to appear immediately, so I don't have to wait for the Teensy to open it. However, I have to be careful when I'm leaving the room because the door can close behind me. To avoid getting locked out, I manipulate the opening and closing of the door the same way I did to get through it in the first place.

Whale Bay

This is one of the easier levels, but I do use a few tricks to save time. In the room with the second switch, I run to the corner and fire a shot to hit the switch from afar, skipping some platforming. Then, after the first screen fade, I clip through a tree to skip straight to the room with the walking shell.

The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Near the beginning, the pirate can kill me in one hit with his hook attack, so I have to be careful and avoid it. Sometimes I deliberately take damage to gain invincibility so the hook won't hit me. I can lose time if I take too many hits, but I got through quickly in this run.

After riding the plum to the cave near the start of the level, I avoid picking up the green lum by staying away from it. This allows me to death warp later and avoid a lot of backtracking. After the room with the green lum, I made probably the biggest mistake of the run. While I was waiting for a plum to fall into my hands, the plum suddenly started moving to the side, causing me to fail to catch it. I don't think I had ever seen this happen before, and I had no plan B. I waited for a few seconds for another plum to grow before realizing that I was waiting in the wrong place; the plums grow on the tree, not the metal spike! I had to jump back up to the tree and get another plum.

The walking shell section in this level is the glitchiest in the game in terms of crashing into the floor. In some places, you'll probably crash if you boost; in other places, you'll probably crash if you don't boost. There's no good way to do it other than using trial and error to figure out where to boost or not boost, then memorizing the plan. After the walking shell section, I ride the plum up a few seams and walls to get out of bounds and go straight to the next lum. Getting up the first seam can take a while, but I did it pretty quickly here. You can skip the miniboss, but since I have the golden fists, fighting him doesn't take long. It's easy to lose time trying to skip him, so I just fight him.

The rest of the level is long, but straightforward. I made a few small mistakes, but things mostly went well.

The Echoing Caves

In the first room, I use a damage boost to get up to a higher ledge, bypassing the nearby tunnel. After getting the lums in the area, I clip through the door, skipping the switches and saving a lot of time. In order to get through the door, I change the graphics to high resolution to make the game laggier.

Partway through this level, I go back to the Fairy Glade to get the last two lums. This section can be tricky because there are lots of small platforms to jump on, but it went well here. The next barrel flying section is also tricky because when you start it, Rayman often faces the wrong way, causing you to crash. I find that approaching the torch from the side helps make Rayman face the right way, so that's what I do here. In the last room, I death warp after freeing the Teensy to make the portal appear immediately. This trick is similar to the one I use in the Canopy.

The Precipice

I used to have trouble with this level, but it's pretty easy for me now. I lost some time while climbing up the tower in the second area, but overall, the level went well.

The Top of the World

Another easy level. Every time you kill one of the barrel pirates, there's a text that takes a couple seconds, so I avoid killing the first two. After freeing the Teensy, I use the same handy trick I used in the Echoing Caves: death warp to make the portal appear immediately. Although I don't kill the first two barrel pirates, I kill the last one because if you don't, you can easily get hit by his zap attack and lose time.

The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

There are a few nice timesavers in this level. By carefully bouncing shots off of walls, I break the first two cages faster than usual. Afterward, in the moving platform section, I make the platform start moving, then collect the lums while it's moving. The platform moves slowly enough that you have to wait for it no matter what, so it makes sense to use some of that time to collect lums rather than going out of your way to collect them before activating the platform.

I pause partway through the level, since I can only fit two hours of footage on a DVD at standard recording quality. Although I use a DVD recorder with a hard drive and can thus record the whole run as one video, I have to split the video up to transfer it to my computer, so I pause rather than having a split during gameplay.

The spinning platform room is dangerous because it's easy to miss some of the lums in the cage if you don't look at them long enough. For that reason, I aim the camera toward those lums for a while to give them plenty of time to float over to me. In one run attempt, I missed a lum in this room, but didn't notice until I finished the level, at which point it was too late to go back. I finished the game in 2:29:58, but with only 999/1000 lums! After that, I practiced this room quite a bit to ensure I wouldn't make the same mistake again.

Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

A fairly easy level. You can save time by keeping the golden fists long enough to break the floor, but unfortunately, I lost my golden fist by taking a hit in the first room. Other than that, the level went well.

The Walk of Power

Going backward to this level after Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava (as opposed to doing it after Top of the World) adds a few seconds of Hall of Doors navigation. However, it allows me to enter Tomb of the Ancients with full golden fists. The golden fists save a lot of time there, more than compensating for the initial time investment in the Hall of Doors.

Most of the level is straightforward, but there are a few little timesavers. Near the beginning, after getting the 20th lum, I run forward to make a lilypad spawn. Then I run back to get a lum and run forward again. This maneuver makes the lilypad spawn as soon as possible, saving time. At the end of the level, I approach the portal stone from the side, which allows me to jump on top of it. This approach actually results in a higher in-game time, but it allows me to enter the portal immediately once it appears. If you just go straight toward the portal stone, you have a wait a while to enter the portal after it appears, resulting in a slower real time.

The level went smoothly. My time was 1:34.24.

Tomb of the Ancients

I call the next three levels the Big Three. Each of them has many places where you can easily mess up and lose time. The first of these risky spots is in the room with three sunken platforms. Rather than raising the middle platform, I use a damage boost from a piranha to get over the gap. Back when I did my old any% run, a method to skip this platform was known, but it was tough and I decided not to use it. However, it was discovered that if you shoot after getting hit in the air, you gain control of Rayman immediately, allowing you to use a damage boost to get across the gap. This newer method is much easier, but you can still die if you're not careful. After clearing the gap, I go to the thousandth lum area, which is where the golden fists are most useful. I can kill each of the pirates with two uncharged shots. Without the golden fists, each pirate would take six uncharged shots or two charged shots. One of my shots went through a pirate without damaging him for some reason, so the fight was a little slow.

The area with tons of ghost chickens is another dangerous part. The chickens can spawn right next to you and either knock you into the poison water or damage you and take your golden fists. Also, if you grab one of the purple lums the wrong way, you can swing into the water and die. So, I move through this room very carefully. Unfortunately, I did take a hit from one of the chickens. It cost me almost no time, but it forced me to be cautious for the rest of the level to avoid losing my last golden fist. Perhaps the trickiest part of the level is the pirate miniboss. I skip killing him to save time, which means I have to avoid his one-hit-kill hook attack while carrying the barrel through the room. I take a strange-looking path to manipulate the pirate into running to the corner so I can get past him. Then, while breaking the cage, I make sure my shots don't bounce off the walls and hit him; if they do, he'll start firing shots at me, which could easily take away my last golden fist. Despite these risks, the miniboss room went well. Because I saved a golden fist until the end of the level, the Clark battle only took a few seconds. Overall, the level was fast.

The Iron Mountains

This is probably the hardest level to do quickly. The first tough section is the spinning platform room near the beginning. One of the switches doesn't have any auto-aiming on it, so you have to aim at it manually. If you miss the first shot, it can be hard to line up another one, but I didn't have any trouble this time. In the next few rooms, there are many pirates that can hit you and take your golden fists, but I made it through with two golden fists, which is pretty good.

The big run killer is the walking shell section. You need to lure the robot into knocking the rocks away, then get the lums underneath the rocks. The robot's movements can be unpredictable, though, and he kills you in one hit. Also, sometimes he doesn't kick a rock away even though it looks like he's running right into it. I spent a lot of time here looking for a good strategy and practicing. Despite my efforts, I never quite got this part down, and it killed some very promising run attempts. This time, though, I did fine. After getting the lums, you need to make the jump to the exit. This jump is very risky because of the uneven ground; sometimes, when you press A to jump, you're in the air and you don't jump, so you'll just run off the edge and die. Also, even if you land on the other side, sometimes you crash into the floor for no apparent reason. When I made it through these parts, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. This is another hard level that I got through quickly.

The Prison Ship

The big danger here is the sliding section at the beginning. It's very easy to miss a lum. When this happens, you usually have to death warp and play up to that point again, which can waste a lot of time. Thankfully, I didn't miss any lums in this run. After the first screen fade, I press against a railing and jump up to get a few lums. I think it's possible to get all the lums here without either using this technique or death warping, but it's very difficult and can cost you a lot of time if you get it wrong, so I use this method instead. The most dangerous part of the level is the circle of lums right before the second screen fade. I call this section the Ring of Death. If you fall into the pit without collecting all the lums, the only way to go back is to finish the level, then replay the entire thing. Repeating the level costs so much time that the run is effectively over. It's easy to fall into the pit if you're not careful, but I practiced this part (and the sliding section as a whole) regularly and became pretty consistent at it. My practice paid off; the sliding section went well in this run. The rest of the level is easier and it also went well.

The Crow's Nest

At the beginning of Razorbeard's first form, I hold right so that I can land the first hit quickly. The rest of the first form was a little bit slow; sometimes he shoots the bombs at you faster, but I'm not sure why. In the second form, I take advantage of an easter egg: hold A and B while flying into the circle at the top of the arena and you'll enter a secret tunnel. Once you're through the tunnel, you'll have infinite ammo, which saves time. I missed one shot at Razorbeard, but it didn't slow me down much.

Final time: 2:29:47

I'm thrilled to finally have sub-2:30. I can say with certainty that this is by far the best speed run I've ever done. It had no deaths (aside from intentional death warps) and the tricks went very well on the whole. I doubt I'll ever try to improve it. I think I've said that about all my runs, but I'm pretty sure this time; this run was hard enough that it would just be too much work to do the whole thing over again. After taking a break from the game for a few months, I plan on doing another any% run. A while back, I set an ultimate goal of getting sub-2:30 100% and sub-2 any%. With 100% in the bag, I'm halfway there. My gut feeling is that sub-2 any% will be easier, but I haven't done any% in a while, so I'll have to see how feasible it is.

Thanks for watching the run. Let me know what you think of it. To learn more about Rayman 2 glitches and strategies, check out the SDA Strategy Wiki.

Single-segment with Deaths: 2:17:25 by 'Manocheese'

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Author's comments:

NOTE: Feel free to link to this run, but please don't upload the files or any part of them to another site. Directing people here instead of uploading the files elsewhere lets them read the comments, contact me, and see other speed runs. For the same reason, please link to this page and not the files themselves.

This run has audio commentary. I mainly talked about errors I made and ways I dealt with difficult spots, so I would only recommend it to people who want to know about that sort of thing (anyone thinking about doing a Rayman 2 run should probably listen to it). I think that most people would like the run better without the commentary, but then again, I have a biased point of view. Unfortunately, my microphone is garbage, so it's a bit hard to understand at times and some of the quieter stuff is unintelligible.

First, I would like to thank Unreal704 (AKA Bottles/Sydynski) for finding many of the tricks that I used in this run. They ended up making the run a lot more frustrating, but also a lot faster. Thanks also go to Janosiadam for telling me about a faster Razorbeard strategy and to Radix, Nate, Mike, DJGrenola, and Enhasa for maintaining SDA. The first few months I was working on the run, Spikevegeta was doing a segmented run. He finished in December 2007 with a time of 2:26:56. However, because a lot of new timesavers were found when he was almost done, the run wasn't able to incorporate them. However, it helped convince me to run the game, so I'd like to thank him for getting the ball rolling with Rayman 2. Finally, I'd like to thank my supporters, whose brimming optimism never ceased to encourage me:

"You are insane"-Coolcwer

"And quite frankly, this game is nigh impossible to do single segment, a 4-5 hour run where it is highly likely to miss a few/many Lums"-Comicalflop

"ss would be suicide ... you'd end up destroying your controller ... i dont see it happening with a sane person"-Lazylen

Just kidding about that last bit, but still, thanks to everyone in the topic who showed interest in a run of the game. Now, on to the actual run. I had had the idea of a Rayman 2 any% SS in the back of my mind before I even started my Ocarina of Time run. The combination of finishing that run and discussion of a segmented Rayman 2 run persuaded me to do it. I expected to finish that summer; how wrong I was! I started planning for the run in early August of 2007 and finished on August 9th, 2008, so it took me just over a year. However, during that period, there were stretches of time when I wouldn't play because of school and other things, so it would be inaccurate to say that the run took me a year to finish. It did take me a long time, though, and I'd say that overall, it was much more difficult than my Ocarina of Time run and a much bigger accomplishment.

Before getting into specifics of the run, I'll talk about some of the general techniques I used.

Jumping on slopes: This makes you go much faster, but is hard to control. I use it a lot except when there are pits nearby.

Fast falling: After the peak of a jump, you fall faster than if you just walk off a ledge. This is useful in a good number of spots, especially earlier in the game.

Trigger hopping: If you jump soon after landing in some trigger zones, you can avoid activating them. This lets you skip text and cutscenes.

Edge jumping: If you approach an edge and jump at the right time, you can get a special boost off of it that gives you extra distance and speed. This is difficult, so I don't really rely on it. It should be noted that this can also be done while sliding, which can result in massive jumps.

Autojumping: When you are sliding and come to an edge, Rayman will automatically jump. Sometimes the game will think you are at an edge and give you an autojump. Also, when you come off climbable walls from the top, you will sometimes automatically jump. In that case, it is usually preferable to manually jump.

Helicopter: In general, you want to use the helicopter as little as possible. It is much slower than jumping normally. Sometimes I use it when it's not necessary in order to be safe. However, because of how it slows your your fall, sometimes it looks like I could have made a jump without it when in reality I couldn't have. Although it's easy to say that I shouldn't have helicoptered on a given jump, it's not quite so easy to judge when you are actually doing it and are under pressure not to fail, so overall I'm not disappointed with my level of caution in regard to the matter.

Climbable walls: It seems that it is faster to jump constantly on some climbable walls, while it is slower on others. Jumping helps protect you from getting knocked off of walls.

Ledges: It is faster to jump up from a ledge with A instead of pulling yourself up.

Throwing things: If you shoot immediately after throwing something, you can start running sooner.

Health/Cages: Running out of health is a total nonissue because of how little damage enemies do. Therefore, I only break cages that have Yellow Lums or Teensies in them.

One of the things I had to plan was the Lum route. There are four Lum checkpoints in the game (before each level where you get a mask):

Sanctuary of Water and Ice: 100 Lums
Sanctuary of Stone and Fire: 300 Lums
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava: 475 Lums
The Iron Mountains: 550 Lums

The only one to worry about is the last one. There are 1000 Lums in the game: 50 in each level, with the exception of The Woods of Light (5), Tomb of the Ancients (51), The Prison Ship (94), and The Crow's Nest (0). Because I don't visit the two optional levels and because the Lums after the final checkpoint can't count towards it, there are 756 Lums to choose from. I tried to pick Lums that were on the path, which most are, but I had to spend some extra time in a few cases. I planned the Lum route so that I could miss a few and not have to restart; I also had some backup Lums in Tomb of the Ancients (right before the final checkpoint).

Now I'll go through comments for each area. A lot of this is repeated in the audio commentary, but I'll put it here anyway. I won't list every minor mistake; most are obvious, and a lot are mentioned in the commentary.

Beginning sliding section
I got the autojump here and maintained most of my speed. This was around average or a little faster.

The Woods of Light: 5 Lums (Target: 5)
I don't restart if I miss the Murfy text skip at the beginning because I rarely get it. I got it here, though. The rest of the level went well. I take the lower route to the fourth Lum because I usually grab the edges on the upper route. Speaking of edges, it is much slower to grab the edges at the tops of parallel wall climbs, so you'll see that here and in other parts of the run, I go out of my way not to. I use the trigger hop method to do the Globox Baby text skip, which I find to be more consistent than the original method. A large percentage of the restarts for this run came from this level, despite how easy it may look, because I have a lower tolerance for errors here than I do later.

The Fairy Glade: 21 Lums (Target: 21)
In the first section, you can get to an earlier cycle for the platform at the end, but it is somewhat difficult and I don't restart if I miss it. I also don't restart if I miss the Murfy text skip before the pirate fight (like I do most of the time). In the "machine room," you can destroy the weak points with 5 barrels, but it is partially luck-based and I had to use 6 in this run. Other than the errors mentioned, the level went well, although I could have done the wind tunnel room a bit faster.

The Marshes of Awakening: 47 Lums (Target: 47)
This level used to be a real run killer, but I don't have much trouble with it now. The hardest parts are hitting the switch that makes 4 Lums appear and getting the 5 Lums above the boat with the pirate in it. Those 5 Lums are even harder to get if you get the 3 immediately before, so I only get one of those. It is faster to crouch while waterskiing, but it limits your steering. Another benefit is that it acts as a shield against attacks, so if you're wondering why I get hit by the ghost chickens and don't die, that's why. The only other real threat in the level is the bridge with two Lums; if you go too far onto it, your connection with Ssssam will break and you'll lose time. That didn't happen in this run, fortunately.

The Bayou: 49 Lums (Target: 49)
This is an easy level, but I had some problems with it (nothing major, though). The biggest mistake was having to turn around and wait for some Lums that normally come to me on their own. I stand still at the beginning of this level to adjust the camera. It would save time (and probably be easy) to just start the level sideways.

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice: 41 Lums (Target: 40 or 41)
Unreal found a trick in this level to skip the door that you otherwise need two orbs to open. It saves a good deal of time, but I wasn't able to get it consistently enough to use it. Aside from that, this level went very well. I'm careful on the boss because, believe it or not, he has ruined quite a few attempts. This level, the one before it, and the one after it make up a nice string of easy levels.

The Menhir Hills part 1: 23 Lums (Target: 23)
I got the text skip at the beginning of this level. If I do bring the text up, it's not terrible, since it's short. The pirate fight was decent, but could have been better. If the Lums from it seem slow, it's because they were some of the last that I added to the route.

The Cave of Bad Dreams: 50 Lums plus 1 in Marshes (Target: 50 or 51 total)
This is a long level, and I have often died here. Aside from some unnecessary helicoptering (which you'll see more and more of as the run progresses), there weren't any mistakes to speak of in this level. It is possible to throw the blue orb directly onto its pedestal from the upper ledge, but it rarely happens. Also, you can do the boss fight faster by using the first few platforms that are made to return to your starting position (so you don't need new ones), but it is easy to get hit by flames while doing this. I got hit once intentionally during the boss fight to avoid getting knocked down.

The Menhir Hills part 2: 9 Lums (Target: 9)
In the room with the Purple Lums, I skip one of them; it's possible to skip another, but I'm not good enough at it to do it in the run. Other than not skipping that Purple Lum, I did well in this level.

The Canopy: 39 Lums (Target: 38 or 39)
The hardest part of this level is the beginning, where I run from the spider. It knocked me off the web, but I was able to recover. I do have a method of getting from the bottom of the area to the top quickly, but getting knocked all the way down would still waste a bunch of time. You can skip the "Rayman is the greatest!" text, but, as I learned in the middle of a run attempt, doing the skip improperly freezes your game... I'd rather lose a few seconds. The first plant that Globox waters is very strange; sometimes it moves soon after you get on it and sometimes it just sits there for a while, like it does in this run. I don't know what causes it to do this. Aside from some really stupid errors on the last pirate battle, this level didn't have any major mistakes.

Whale Bay: 44 Lums (Target: 44)
This level is pretty straightforward and I didn't lose much time. I use a nice trick at the beginning of this level to skip a swimming area. In the part with a sleeping pirate, Unreal found a trick where you jump on a lamp, then jump up to the exit. This trick proved to be extremely unreliable (and it skips five Lums), so I don't use it. I got lucky in the barrel room. I should note that at the end of the level, you can just swim right to the Teensy, but doing that skips a lot of fast Lums.

The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire: 11 Lums (Target: 11)
This is the first in a string of three of the most difficult levels in the game. There are a lot of places here where I have died in the past. Plus, the miniboss skip can be difficult. I got it on my first try here, though. During the boss "battle," you can jump from the Purple Lum to the top of his head, but it is fluky and saves little time, so I don't do it. There are a few places in this level where I seem to be standing around for no reason, but in most of those cases, I'm doing it for safety (I explain some of those places in more detail in the commentary if you're interested). Overall, I'm very pleased with how this level went.

The Echoing Caves: 24 Lums (Target: 23)
The trick to skip the door at the beginning of this level was very difficult for me before I found the method that I currently use. Even with that method, it is still inconsistent, so I was glad to get it on my first try. It doesn't save as much time as it seems to because it bypasses 20 Lums that are very near the path that takes you to the four switches that open the door. Because I miss those Lums, I have to get some slower ones, like the Lums from the pirate battle in the Menhir Hills. Still, the trick saves a lot of time and makes this the shortest level in the run. I didn't make any big mistakes after the first area.

The Precipice: 48 Lums (Target: 49)
This is probably the hardest level in the game, let alone in the run. Anyone who's played it knows how easy it is to die. The first death of the run comes from this level. Luckily, it was right after a Green Lum. I have died at the same spot many times and I haven't been able to find a reliable way to avoid dying there. However, I managed to stay alive after that. Besides minor mistakes, the rest of the level went well. I tried to make a cannonball hit the elite pirate at the end to take out a third of his health, but two shots narrowly missed him. I didn't lose much time from that, though. I should note that it is important that I keep my golden fists for The Top of the World.

The Top of the World: 46 Lums (Target: 44)
It's fitting that a string of hard levels should be followed by a string of easy ones and that the very hardest should be followed by the very easiest. Not counting intentional death warping, I don't think I've ever died on this level in a run attempt. I get hit by the pirate at the start on occasion, so I like to have two golden fists when I finish The Precipice. I didn't have any problems with him (or the rest of the level) this time, though.

The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava: 42 Lums (Target: 42)
Not much to say here. This level went smoothly, save for a near-death experience in the rotating platform room. It's definitely one of the easier levels in the run.

Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava: 41 Lums (Target: 41)
I consider this the second easiest level in the game. It looks difficult and technical, but it's actually very easy. That didn't stop me from dying on the boss battle, though. Not-so-fun fact: I've only ever died on this level twice in run attempts: in this run and in my second fastest attempt, a 2:18:00. Aside from the extremely stupid error in the boss battle, the rest of the level went well. It is possible to skip fighting the boss, but the trick is very risky, so I don't use it.

Tomb of the Ancients: 10 Lums (Target: as many as I need)
There are several tricks I don't use in this level: a death warp in the area with the second switch of three and a jump over one of the spots where you'd normally need to raise a platform. Both are pretty difficult and risky. I'm cautious in this level, but it went well overall. The Clark battle can be done in two cycles (i.e. only tripping him twice), but the way I do it is much easier. If you screw the battle up, it tends to waste a ton of time.

The Iron Mountains
Back to the hard levels. I practiced this level a ton, and it paid off because I didn't make any big mistakes here. When I pause next to the golden fist, I am waiting for the pirate to make sure I don't get hit by his drilling attack, which is bad news. Saving the golden fist isn't a priority, but it does speed up the waterfall section a bit. Unreal found a trick to jump over the fence right before the walking shell section, but I was a bit inconsistent on doing it, so I didn't use it. The "save the babies" section is a nice opportunity to relax a bit before the last level.

The Prison Ship
The sliding section of this level used to be a big concern for me, but I've practiced so much that I can do it virtually every time now. I kept the jumping to a minimum because, as you can imagine, I was extremely nervous by this point. I lost some time at the end of the sliding section by overshooting the exit, but if I had slowed down, I might have been send off to the side and bam, end of run. Ironically, I sometimes have trouble overshooting the exit when I want to (to get the Lums behind it). The miniboss battle is tough because you can lose your golden fist, which makes the fight take a long time. I use a strategy here that helps me avoid getting hit and also helps me hit the miniboss even if he jumps behind me. The battle went very well; I normally get hit at least once (getting hit before I get the golden fist doesn't count). The flying section is easy, but I was still very on edge, as evidenced by some of my shaky movements. It went fine, though.

The Crow's Nest
I usually don't get the first hit against Razorbeard, so it wasn't a big disappointment that I missed. During the first form, I stand near the edge to prevent Razorbeard from jumping at me. There isn't much else to say about the first form; it's just about impossible to mess up. If I were to judge only from the many times I've practiced this battle, I would say the same about the second, which I can do perfectly 100% of the time when I'm not under pressure but which I seem to always make some error(s) on in real attempts. At least the errors weren't big this time.

Final time: 2:17:25

I'm satisfied with this time and will probably never try to improve it. A deathless run would have been nice, but I lost less than 20 seconds from deaths in this run, an amount of time that could very easily have been lost doing the tricks in The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire or The Echoing Caves, both of which I did very well in this run. A segmented run should use the tricks I did not. Here are some off the top of my head:

Sanctuary of Water and Ice orb skip
Cave of Bad Dreams boss trick
Whale Bay lamp jump
Foutch skip
Tomb of the Ancients switch skip
Iron Mountains jump over fence

If anyone does a 100% run, I would strongly recommend doing it in segments. It is easy enough to miss a Lum in this run; imagine going after every Lum in the game in a longer run.

Walk of Life, Single-segment: 0:01:29.59 by 'Manocheese'

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Author's comments:

I decided to do this run before I finished my main run because the main run was getting tiring. I didn't spend too much time on this, so it's definitely improvable. The main thing is to never use your helicopter unless it's necessary and to get as many edge jumps as possible. An edge jump occurs when you approach an edge and jump at the right time, which gives you a special boost off of it. I think this is the fastest route for the level, but it may be faster to use both platforms in the area after the big vine wall if it's done very quickly.

Walk of Power, Single-segment: 0:01:27.56 by 'Manocheese'

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Author's comments:

I ran this level mainly because I had already done The Walk of Life and it wouldn't have felt complete to do that and not this level. This level is easier to run than The Walk of Life because so much of it is spent waiting around on lilypads. It isn't as easy as it seems, though, because the timed elements are based on when you get to certain areas. The most important thing for this level as the same as for The Walk of Life: use your helicopter as little as possible and get edge jumps. I wanted to improve this time a little more, but my DVD recorder was malfunctioning and seemed on the verge of totally biting the dust, so I have this time. It's not terrible, but it can certainly be improved.

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