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Released in August of 2000, Resident Evil Survivor trades off its unique "fixed camera" controls for that of a FPS. Ark Thompson, an amnesia induced agent, must escape the Umbrella controlled island he was sent to investigate after being discovered and having his first escape attempt thwarted.

ResidentEvilSurvivor   ResidentEvilSurvivor

Best Single-segment Time: 0:39:58 by 'Carcinogen' on 2008-03-09

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Author's comments:

Gun Survivor is a bad game by many peoples' standards, but in my opinion it is nowhere near as bad as the only Resident Evil game I haven't beaten: Resident Evil Gaiden on the GBC. Unlike Gaiden, however, I actually had some fun with this game... Enough to do a run on it at least. =]

I think it could've been a very solid game if it weren't for the fact that it was riddled with nasty hit and collision detection, if enemies didn't cock-block you from the doors when you tried to run around them, and if they left Guncon support in the US version. I should actually try playing this with a Guncon if I can 'obtain' the Japanese version ;-]

I had a previous run on YouTube that I didn't submit to SDA because I felt it wasn't a substantial enough improvement to the 42:02 Dragondarch held. Got a little burnt out from trying to SS RE4 and decided to improve upon my time one weekend, since I could see quite a few ways to do so.

Some areas have two sets of enemies. In the prison courtyard, there are either Cerberi or Hunters; in the lobby of the Umbrella HQ, there may be Hunters or Lickers; a couple of floors above that, there may be two more Hunters or Lickers.

Lickers and Cerberi (I do hope that's the plural form of Cerberus) are a nonfactor if you don't stop moving. Hunters will cock-block you from your destination in a heartbeat unless you can predict where they will jump (Run towards a wall, and the Hunter will jump towards the open area, when you hear it jump, swerve to avoid it and keep it from pinning you.).

I got a couple of extra packs of Flame Rounds instead of a Shotgun and Shotgun Shells to combat the Hunters that I was forced to fight. Also, due to the bad hit detection, I had to pick which ammo I wanted to use vs. all forms of the Hypnos Tyrant.

Shout-outs to the SDA staff and #sda, and to LigerOfFortune for being a total dewshbeyg and making me play Xardion =p

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