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The third game in the Total War franchise takes place during the rise of the Roman Empire. Control one of three Roman families (or surrounding nations) to lead armies, occupy cities, or improve diplomatic relations, all in a free-roaming map. Released in 2004 by Creative Assembly just before it was bought out by Sega, it received two expansions: Barbarian Invasion (2005) and Alexander (2006), with two repackaged versions after each one. Like many PC games, it has enjoyed a healthy mod community, with many fan-made scenarios and balance tweaks.

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Best Short Campaign, Easy Difficulty Time with the Greeks: 0:03:11 by 'AntonioPeremin' on 2017-03-07

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Author's comments:

This is my ROME:TOTAL WAR short campaign speedrun done in 3:09 with loads.
In my short campaign I choose the faction Greeks.They have the best position for a speedrun.
About the run:
The goal of this campaign is to be first to hold 15 provinces and outlast or destroy the
factions Macedon and Thrace.
1. turn: In the beginning I sent my spy to the town Corinth(40% chance to open the gates,so
I do not need to make a sidge).Then I select all army from town Sparta and attack Corinth.The
spy openes the gate and It´s a  win(I win all the battles with auto resolve).
I exterminate the population in Corinth to gain some money and to make the population happyness high.
I buy/train a diplomat in Corinth.
Next on I select the army from towns Thermon and Corinth and make a plan to attack Larissa.
In the east, from town Rhodes I select all army from it and send it into navy ship and move it
closer to the coasts of Thracians region in the north.From Pergamum I select army and sent it to the rebel
city northeast.Next I press end turn.
2. turn:I attack the town Nicomedia(rebels);no need for a sidge because it has no gates.I win
the battle nad exterminate the population for more money ( I need money for later to bribe with
my diplomat).I then attack the town Larissa and make a sidge.
3.turn: I win the battle with Macedons and take over Larissa(again exterminate polpulation).
Next I make an attack on Thessalonica nad make a sidge.Then I send my ships to the Thracian region
and move my army from shpis to land.
With my diplomat I bribe Halicarnassus and the rebels near that town,then attack with that army town
4. turn:I take over Thessalonica.And send same army to Macedonian town Bylazora attack it and make a sidge.
Then I attack the Thracian town Tylis.Also I attack town Sardis and occupy it and again exterminate population.
Last move of 4th turn is to select a diplomat from Corinth and bribe the town Athens.
5.turn: I win the battle for Bylazora town and uccupy it,and the faction Macedons are destroyed.
I attack town Tylis and win.Next I send the army towards town Campus Getae in the north.
6.turn:I just send the army towards north to town Campus Getae.
7.turn: I attack Campus Getae and make a sidge.
8.turn: I attack Campus Getae win take over the town and Thracian faction is destroyed and the campaign is completed.


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