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Released in October 2010, Super Meat Boy is an independent platforming game designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. The game is a successor to a successful Flash game from 2008, and tries to present itself with a retro look. Players control a small cube-shaped character called Meat Boy, trying to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl. The game received widespread critical acclaim.


Note: There are three potential categories of IL tables for the game - PC, XBLA, and Meat-Boy only. IL runs for the Meat Boy only category can be done on either system.

Runs on the Xbox Live Arcade version:

Runs on the PC version:

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Xbox Live Arcade Light World single-segment 0:22:15 by Cody Miller

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Author's comments:


This is my second attempt at an any% run for Super Meat Boy. It should be noted that the load times of the 360 version make skipping levels slower than playing them in order, so the route is different from the PC version. Special thanks to Mike Uyama, Breakdown, and Aaron Hayes for the tips, tricks, and pushing me to improve.

PC Light World single-segment: 0:18:24 by John De Sousa.

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Auhor's comments:

When I pause and then jump really fast, that's a glitch which gives you turbofire. Hold jump, hit start, release jump, exit the pause screen with start button or B. The game now considers you to be newly pressing jump every frame. I play with a wired 360 controller (and use the dpad instead of the stick).

I started playing this game last April. I had previously written meatboy off as a crappy flash game, but then I tried it out for SpeedRunsLive season 1, and hey, this game's actually pretty cool. And then I kept playing. Ultimately I decided to make a serious go for the record while watching SGDQ, since I was shutting the marathon stream off to record videos. It's pretty simple logic, really: if I'm gonna keep playing, I may as well set a decent goal.

Hopefully I'll have a sub-18:15 or better run for you soon. Exo's previous run was great & he gave me a lot of help learning the game. I feel I owe him a run that doesn't have, among other things, 10 seconds of mistakes in the factory. Until then, enjoy. I occasionally stream attempts ( if you're so inclined.

tonight was the night

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