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Released in April 1994, Super Metroid was the eagerly anticipated third game in the Metroid series. Samus Aran returns to the planet Zebes to once again fight the space pirates and Mother Brain who have taken the metroid hatchling.


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Single-segment 0:32 by Satoru Suzuki.

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Author's comments:

This is a Super Metroid any% run done single-segment. I started to challenge this time attack in around June 2006, and this movie is the one recorded on 9th August.

Before making this movie, I gained many hints from some tool-assisted speedrun movies, especially Terimakasih's any% run and Michael Flatley's incomplete 100% run which are available at TASVideos. From Terimakasih's run, I got ideas of faster boss fights and less items. From MF's run, I learned the arm pumping dash and many sensitive movements. Also, I got a lot of good information from the website "NINTENDON!", which has a good Japanese Super Metroid community and also is famous for its good SM rom hacking. I'd like to thank BananaOyaji who is the webmaster of NINTENDON! and Sippu who is a good SM speed runner. Also, I'd like to thank catnap222 for helping with my submission and giving me some new techniques like the "Torizo quick kill" or the "Super short charge". Moreover, I'd like to thank SDA and Radix for giving me the chance for publication like this.

Some explanations are following:

- Ceres escape can be faster, but it's very difficult.
- At the Torizo fight, Samus made Torizo skip his first arm attack by moving in front of him just after the boss fight begins.
- Kraid fight was completely well done.
- In the Phantoon fight, I badly missed the first attack. What is worse, all of his attack patterns were the slowest ones.
- At the top room of the Wrecked Ship, I played quite badly, like missing the shine spark, and so on.
- At the huge room before Draygon, I failed the horizontal shine spark, though Samus charged at the required position.
- Mother Brain fight was one of the quickest kills. I attacked him with Charge Beam in the first half, and with Murder Beam in the latter half. Before his Hyper Beam, I took the gravity suit off instead of taking damage intentionally.
- It seemed that 31mins was impossible, so I went to the bomb room and rescueed the animals.

In detail, there are nearly 100 mistakes in this run. If I had done well in the Wrecked Ship including the Phantoon fight, I would have gotten 31min. Using save points, I would make it even faster. Anyway, this run is almost my perfect. Enjoy!

Japanese version:



100%runです。 Teirimakasihさんのムービーを見て、私はそれ以前より速くボスを倒



Single-segment European version in 0:34 by Christopher Hill.

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Author's comments:

In ceres i failed to get a damage boost off a falling tile which was a bit annoying. In the next room i hit Some smoke coming out of the ledge. These puffs of smoke are very unpredictable on PAL and there wasn't much i could have done about it. On the whole though ceres isn't that important.

Crateria shaft - Issues with wall jumping for some reason on that day. Also my upward shots were well........ weren't shooting up before i started wall jumping.

Missed the little wall jump after the huge jump just to the right of the norfair elevator on the way to Kraid. Annoyingly i actually jumped far enough to reach for a wall jump so there's no excuse there.

After grabbing the speed booster and began running back you''ll notice i stopped in my tracks on the first slope. This is a completely unforseen problem here. It either happens or it doesn't. Simple as that. (obviously some technical reason) but it might just happen on PAL too i don't know.

The shinespark across the spikes to the chozo that takes you down to the gravity suit. I Failed to get a shinespark. That's because i didn't start running from further back. Strangely in practice i always start further back than that.

I think i could have three rounded draygon if i activated the third shinespark a little bit higher into draygons head but i'm not entirely certain if it would have killed him/her.

At the beginning of lower norfair. After speed boost space jumping through the pillars and into the next room i shot up to freeze the golden pirate above your head when you enter. Unfortunately it killed him as well which totally disrupted my usual strategy for that room. I should have stood slightly further to the right for my shot which would have caught the edge of his sprite therefore it wouldn't have got hit twice by the beam essentially.

Two rooms before ridley's lair when i was running in the larva and prepared a shinespark i jumped up too early and hit the swooping bat. Low enough on health as it was i didn't want to do a shinespark into the eye door guarding his lair and drain my health further. Taking on ridley with low health turns him into a killer. No it seriously does, he will kill me the lower my health is lol.

On the way to tourian at the top of the sandy bit in brinstar. I wanted to run speed boosting through that set of bomb blocks by delaying speed boost itself until after i pass the speed boost blocks in the floor. As soon as i pass them i press and hold B and samus turns blue and i run straight through the blocks ahead of me. It seems i messed up in the room before because after i shot for the door i began running too early and i knew i would hit the door after running so i slowed samus down on purpose. Even when i held B in the next room for the entire time she didn't turn blue. Had to use a power bomb instead.

All other little mistakes were entirely my fault.

After watching the run you come to realise ( well i do ) that if you take all those mistakes away. Add a chozo skip at the biginning and two rounding phantoon then 33 minutes is probably limit which is certainly within reach.

100% European version 0:48 by Christopher Hill, done in 6 segments.

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Author's comments:

This run took 6 months to do and the inspiration for it started from a small conversation with Reeve from M2K2 on MSN about 100% runs back in around late August/early Septemeber 2010. At the time I was still trying to get a 0:51 in a Single Segment but was struggling with it. We talked about how easy it would be if the run was segmented. After some consideration I thought "well why not ?". I was going to be doing a segmented run of this catagory at some point in the future so now felt like a good time to start. A 0:50 minute end time was looking like the goal knowing how I was going to optimize it. I immediately got stuck into it and on that very same day, completed the first segment ceres. Work began on segment 2 the next day with me honing my skill at the Torizo skip above much else which proved to be slightly easier than I thought it was going to be. I Had done it several times in the past but was dreading the thought of having to incorperate one into a run. I think I completed segment 2 to my surprise within a week of starting. The run was well an truly underway it seemed.

Now seemed like the right time to get this work in progress on Youtube so I posted them on SDA and M2K2. After some great feedback by many SM fans ridd3r from SDA reminded me that a segmented run should not be used as a means to easily achieve a time you have been struggling to get in a SS. More, used as a seperate entity in order to fully optimise a run to make it significantly better than a SS. A Real time TAS I posted some months before I started the run showed the route and a flawless end game time of 48:12. Ridd3r was certain that 0:49 would be doable on console if it was consistent enough. I at first thought it was crazy but finally came round to his way of thinking. So cheers Ridd3r for the support and helping me realise the potential of this run. I passed this revelation onto M2K2 that I'd be trying for a 0:49. Around this time I was having to get used to the idea of moving house which was the first time in my life. So this put the run on hold a little but I got everything set up quickly in my new room. I started to practice segment 3 which was very troublesome. Quietus on M2K2 responded on many ocassions with "0:49 is your destiny" every time I displayed doubt in my posts about the failures of the current segment and my doubts on 0:49. So Cheers also to Quietus for always checking The PAL thread and responding and supporting my goal. I Drastically changed segment 3 to be a lot shorter (which you'll read about later) which enabled me to complete it sometime around October I think. I put this on youtube as the next installment of my run. Next challenge: segment 4 which was the most frustrating to get done. I eventually finished segment 4 around early January 2011 and put that on Youtube just as before. Segment 5 was well underway and proved to be welcome change of difficulty to the previous two. With me able to finish it around the same time the following month, early February. The final hurdle segment 6 began and it's size means it needed plenty of practice to be consistent at. Very long and tough overall, maybe the hardest one out of the lot. Through many practice sessions I found that 0:49 was actually too easy to achieve and that 0:48 was possible with high consistency. The goal was now just that ! I finally got a successful 0:48 on March 16th. Which is the Date the run finished no less, obviously lol.

Well with the boring story of the run out the way let's get to the segments themselves with my equally boring descriptions. I won't go in serious detail here because it would be far too long. Instead I'll explain important parts of the segments and how much time I lost in each. I may explain a few tricks here and there too.

Segment 1: Ceres - Obviously the easiest segment of them all and nothing really to report here mistakes wise. I think I had about 20 - 30 attempts before settling on this one. It's possible to be about half a second faster and get 46 on the escape but that's unecessarily difficult to bother with :). You'll notice I reset during the Ceres explosion cutscene to use the 'secret save' in there that doesn't waste time. Where as the landing site save does cost time when you re-load the segment.

Segment 2: Landing site to the Red Brinstar save - Very smooth overal going to and from the morph ball and first missile area. Made clean passes through old MB room too. Torizo skip, Only possible on console on PAL due to doors opening and closing slower. It's by no means a simple trick and requires more than just arm pumping. Perfect turn around on the bombs and a late, small jump into the door. Helps a lot also to press the opposite direction just as you enter the door transition to trigger it sooner. The whole trick saves around 20 - 25 seconds. Played very well until grabbing early Power bombs and making my way down the Red Brinstar shaft where I seemed to lose my grip on things there, followed by a mistake under the statue going to Kraid area. Kraid area was dealt with well, not much to report. Norfair section is arguably the worst part of the whole run with the odd slip ups here and there. Nothing major but when you watch the rest of the run it sticks out as being a bit sub par in comparison. In fairness it's a large and difficult segment, especially after doing a torizo skip and feeling the pressure to continue great. Red Brinstar climb to the save room was done very well. One thing to note is the health refill at the station at the bottom. This is to get my health reliably to full in preparation for all the health sapping tricks in Wrecked ship. The bugs back at the speed boost can do this job also but can quite often be slow at doing so. Not only that but they do it before a few health sapping tricks escaping Norfair which sets me up badly for wrecked ship anyway. Refill station is definitely the way for me.

That sums up segment 2. Overall about 20 seconds lost through mistakes. Sounds quite bad but I really don't think it is considering the segments length and difficulty. Luckily though the other segments are all a improvement from this one.

Segment 3: Red Brinstar save to Wrecked ship Main street - This segment was originally going to be from the red Brinstar save all the way to the Maridia pre Botwoon save. After practicing it several times it turned out to be too much of a task to get perfect patterns on Phantoon and then do a near flawless segment all the way to Maridia. So I drastically shortened the segment with the conveniently placed main street save in Wrecked ship to isolate the tedious Phantoon pattern manipulation part of it. It turned out to be a wise move. Before I begin with the run down of this segment I should say that segment 3 is the first segment to undergo a immense amount of practice and subsequent improvements being made. I was taking it seriously at this point due to me using one more save which could have had a bad effect on the outcome of the run. The execution in these segments is better than in the previous one due to more time spent practicing them. This is where the run gets 'good' in my opinion. The Big hopper room is is done very well. Run straight in there and lay a power bomb in that position kills all the hoppers, no need to 'gather' them all rolling around the room wasting many seconds. Further on at the lake I don't do the continuous shinespark to the wrecked ship door because the slower PAL doors make this trick far too difficult. The difficulty of it outweighs the reward of only about 3 seconds or something. In the Wrecked ship main street I messed up a "back down" trick (back down = aiming down moving horzontally while falling). Phantoon: One of the biggest pain in the ass in the whole run right up there with Torizo skip. Maybe even worse. It took possibly over 100 resets to get all fastest patterns and finish up with a great segment. I use the wave-power combo for the 2 round strategy. I have a method for it to work about 95% of the time so that was no problem. Sometimes I'd get best patterns but screw up the segment somewhere else so Phantoon was never a lock if he was defeated perfectly. After he died my room escape was a bit poor because I jumped too low. The robot room from the right hand secret passage in main street was done well passing over the robots and laying a power bomb. Probably the room to go through the most practice due to messing it up for different reasons way too many times. Further Up the main street taking the right hand door into the small lake room. I run full speed and jump after the floaty creature and shoot, then land a bounce ball. It consistently takes you to the oposite end of the water spike room. The damage taken is 1 ET. Quite a large sacrifice for a nice trick but it does save quite a bit of time. The refill station in segment 2 pretty much renders this trick doable. Good clean traversial getting the ET in the large pool room and coming back to save it in the main street.

Lost about 4 or 5 seconds in this segment. Very good going and certainly worth the hassle.

Segment 4: Wrecked ship main street to Pre Botwoon - Possibly the hardest segment in the game. Surprising considering it doesn't even contain a boss. It contains some of the games hardest tricks one after the other. Lots and lots of resets I'm sure you can imagine. Took me about 2 1/2 months to complete. As a result I found numerous time savers and helpers which kept me closer to my TAS from which I was using as a benchmark. Very fast Main street climb at the start. Attic room was perfect and uses a great strategy that Forensic found. It can be tricky, but being saved so near made me want to do it and it saves about 3 seconds max. Robot room: Thanks to SnUfFiT86 who found to shoot them slower to speed them up, yep sounds weird but is true. You can pass through them when your invulnerable from taking a hit but only when the're moving at you. Out in the open I do what I like to call a "twist jump" to grab the missiles in the cliff edge instead of a shinespark which is a faster strategy. After getting gravity suit I un equip hi jump boots to make the jump over the lake feasible. I found a visual method for it to work consistently which is jump just a split second after the screen reaches maximum brightness emerging from the door. With a successful jump over and mock ball the next room has a shot oportunity while running that passes under the ki hunter and hits the door to avoid delay. Very smooth play going to the Brinstar elevator. Most of the Brinstar cleanup went superbly apart from one of the worst slip ups in the game at the top of the Etecoons shaft. I failed the mock ball on first attempt. Not a common occurance for me either. I could have kept moving and bomb jumped out but it's too risky. I simply turned around and tried it again. In Maridia escaping the turtle room with the ET I use a jump out instead of a shinespark. It's a risky move but I was quite consistent because I use the forground on the right to time the take off. Later on Made a slip up hitting the spiny fish in the top room. Tried to jump out past it and mock ball to the missile but I jumped too soon. It looks funny seeing me jump and morph for no apparant reason. Coming back from the missile and super placed together I successfully did the difficult mock ball through the small gap. If I failed it I would have reset. Again I have a visual to time the take off and the height requirement comes quite naturally for me on it. Still difficult and it's around 50/50 success rate genrally for me. After that I hit an easy to avoid block on the fall through the metallic double shaft. Just edged too far to the right due to nerves.

End segment. Around 8 - 10 seconds of mistakes. Awesome !. What a relief that was.

Segment 5: Pre Botwoon to Lower Norfair elevator - Easier than the last two segments but not outright easy by any means. I had to make sure I did two important things. Kill botwoon in one round and Draygon in three rounds with a blue suit. Starting off we have Botwoon. I mastered one rounding him on at least 2 of his 4 patterns on round one. So it was 50/50 for me to get good/bad patterns. Luckily him being so close to the start means it wasn't too bad resetting all the time. On this attempt I got his best and easiest pattern. After that I did the Gravity jump to reach the top instead of wall jumping because it eliminates any inconsistencies wall jumping, which I was starting to suffer from at that time . I don't do the full shinespark across the room because it's infeasible on PAL due to the flash timer being too short to run in the room and jump into position. I've never pulled it off, only in a TAS. After the crash I cancel Knock back on the singular spike block by morphing and then un morphing to run and jump from it, saving about a second. I collect The missiles near Draygons lair before fighting him because doing so with blue suit after the fight would be slow since you can't run. Draygon: I could have killed Draygon in two rounds but that uses quite a lot of supers. A three round doesn't use any supers which I can use to speed the Ridley fight up later. The 2 round kill is faster by about 1 second by the time you reach the left hand side of the large Mocktroid room above the lair. But by doing the three round I've saved supers/time in the long run. The rest of the segment was exeptionally smooth thanks to it being more laidback after Draygon is defeated. There's some nice 'TAS' tricks collecting the missile and super in the pre Botwoon save area where I started which utilise the speed echoes, speed ball and spring ball. Not actually as hard as they look. Got a first time ice ceiling glitch to go and collect spring ball thanks to a visual strategy to time my shot to freeze the hopper. Only real mar in this segment was hitting the stalactite while space jumping above Crocomire's lair. I tapped jump too hard.

End segment. Around 4 or 5 seconds lost in errors which is Very good. The Botwoon and Draygon part of it is the difficult part but after them it's pretty comfortable really.

Segment 6: Lower Norfair elevator to End game - Thanks to Reeve once again for tons of improvements found to this segment which really helped towards my new goal of 0:48. This took a while to be 'good' at this huge segment, very large and difficult terrain makes it hard to be flawless all the way through. Golden Torizo was a very clean battle. Double Kago area was the first of four rooms to go pretty badly. I couldn't quite pass through the top one. It took me three attempts !. Ridley was decent to very good. I could have ended the battle sooner with the power bomb but I didn't want to risk it as Ridley was doing a climb so I waited for him to finish instead. From Ridley all the way to the landing site my play was exellent and nothing really to report on mistakes. Although near and around the X-ray room and green Brinstar Noob Bridge I messed up some things. At the top right room in the landing site I completely messed this room up. Rarely does it happen but I hit a spike while space jumping. Lost about 4 seconds there. The 2nd Metroid room in Tourian was a total failure due to nerves. When I went to shoot my super up at the lower metroid I think my thumb was slipping on the D-pad and made Samus start turning on the spot while aming up, which made me miss not 1, but 2 supers, with the second rather amusingly killing a rinka :P. Probably another 4 or so seconds lost here. Successfully pulled off the Metroid skip. Much easier on PAL because the Metroid is slower. The Zebitite room is the worst room in the segment. Firstly I didn't pass through on first attempt properly, then couldn't spin jump for the 2nd attempt, managed to get through on the 3rd. Very bad !. Then I fell into the gap coming out of another zebitite frame. Lastly while shooting MB with just missiles (damn those stingy Metroids with supers) I just lost my grip on things and fell into the larva. I Did the stand up glitch on MB for a visually pleasing battle instead of Murder beam. After that I did a very good escape. Not the best I can do (made some error wall jumping at one point) but decent nonethless. Got to my ship at 2:12, Should have been 2:13 if I didn't slip up the aforementioned wall jump. There's honestly so much to say about this segment but listing it all would be crazy. All in all I'm pleased with about 90% of it but with the 10% sticking out like a sore thumb. Ouch !

End segment/End game - I think I lost around 20 seconds in this segment. So everall in the run maybe lost just under a minute through errors. In order to get 0:47 you would have to make litarally no mistakes in the whole run. My final time was actually a very high 0:48, something around 0:48:55 +. Just a few seconds away from switching to 0:49. So in this last segment it was very easy to hit 0:49, quite difficult to get 0:48 but impossible to hit 0:47. So mission accomplished !!!

There's many people that need thanks for this run for without them this time wouldn't have been possible. Firstly a big shout to Forensic (Lxx4xNx6xxl) and SnUfFiT86. Thanks for all the help with tricks and tips for this run guys over the many months optimising our runs. Watch out for their runs in the future for NTSC, they will be spectacular with a naturally faster in-game time !. Thanks to Reeve for his major help with finding improvements and suggestions in the segments that we discussed on MSN. It's half the reason I was able to get 0:48. Long may it continue for the future runs. Thanks to The TAS'rS Cpadolf, Saturn, Taco, Kriole and all the rest of them for their highly optimal TAS's that not only provide great source of entertainment but provide a showcase of the "what's possible" in this game. For the past year or two our efforts on M2K2 have been focused on trying all these things out and seeing what works for us and what doesn't. I think it payed off very well. Thanks to Nate, Mike and all the forum Moderators both on SDA and M2K2. Thanks to OptimoPeach, ICheatAtGolf, F-Bomb, 072, Kejarden, Moozooh, Opium, Tyjet66 etc. All the people on the SDA PAL thread, MASTER-88, Riskbreaker Y, ING-X, VorpalEdge, MetroidAR, The Mud Shark. Last big thanks to Smokey, Red scarlet and Hotarubi for getting me into running this game. What an inspiration you are !. Very last big thanks to my PAL (lol) iceyd who uploads all my videos to youtube for me and did the encoding for this run, cheers !. I'm bound to have missed some people here but pretty much anybody who browsed the SM speed run threads on M2k2 and SDA, commented or just shown interest. This is possibly my biggest run that I'll do for SDA and maybe the hardest. There will be more to come but for now. Enjoy !!!

14% 0:44 by Satoru Suzuki.

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Author's comments:

This is my Single-Segment 14%run,without tool-assisted,

in-game time 44min.

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