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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is the first game of a now extensive series of 10+ games and still going. It was first released for the Playstation on September 30, 1999 and later ported to the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast. "Primitive" by today's Tony Hawk control standards, the game utilizes flip tricks, grab tricks, grind tricks, and special tricks, utilized on ramps, verts, rails, and all sorts of odds and ends.


Timing Note: The in-game timer was used for timing to make times between consoles comparable.

Best time: single-segment 0:05:16 by Randy 'Discombobulator' Buikema on 2007-06-27.

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Author's comments:

A couple of things here to note before the comments on the actual run. One way to get points efficiently is to do a spinning backflip, which entails executing the special trick of a backflip, and also holding left or right on the control stick on the N64 controller. I'm not sure if this is possible to do on the Playstation, but it sure helps get the points' goals for the N64 version :)

Another note on the overall calculation of speed for the run. Brad "Cyberwrath" Cutler gave me a nice tip on bypassing all the time spent on the menus after completing goals at the end of a level. Instead of chosing "End Run" when you completed the goals you wish to complete, you chose "Retry", then when the level restarts again, you quickly chose "End Run." This is quicker because you don't have to wait for the game to list all the goals you completed, and also the goals still register as completed when you hit "Retry", so it's just a bit more efficient for the overall speed of the run.

Now for the fun part, commenting on the run itself!

Character Choice:

I use Geoff Rowley because I like the button combination for his special grind, and he also has a backflip special trick which is necessary. I also switch to "tight" trucks which allows for quicker turning ability.

Warehouse Woodland Hills
Time: 26 seconds
Tapes Achieved: 5/5
This run was pretty nice overall. I had a small hiccup when I got the "A" on the cab, because I hit it at a goofy angle and it slowed me down a bit. I didn't lose too much time though.

School Miami
Time: 22 Seconds
Tapes Achieved: 3/5
Super solid run, basically exactly what I was going for.

Mall New York
Time: 53 Seconds
Tapes Achieved: 5/5
This run was really pretty. It was one of my best runs on mall ever, which made me happy :)

Skate Park Chicago
First Round: 8 Seconds
Second Round: 5 Seconds
Medal Achieved: Bronze
Chicago Is a nice quick level, not much to say here :P

Downtown Minneapolis
Time: 54 Seconds
Tapes Achieved: 5/5
I really love my strategy on Minneapolis. It was definitely the hardest strategy both to come up with, and to execute. A few really hard parts in this level. The first of those is getting the tape while doing a spinning backflip, and landing on the platform leading to the "S" The height and location of the tape makes the timing difficult, as well as executing the boneless at the perfect moment. Also the angle of the jump is super important. If you go too sharp, you hit the wall and fall, and if you go too wide, you miss the platform entirely. The other really hard part is acquiring the "T" The camera is the main reason for the toughness of this. Getting the angle just right is tough, as well as nailing the timing off the little bump of a ramp.

Downhill Jam Phoenix
Time: 1 Minute 2 Seconds
Tapes Achieved: 5/5
I really enjoy the pace of the first part of Downhill Jam. It's intense! The only mishap in this run is a missed spinning backflip off the jump stemming from the long ramp underground and out to get the "T" Didn't lose any time though, as I did a spinning backflip off the ramp to the left, as I set up for getting up to the rail to get the "E" Also, it saves time to "suicide" at the end by falling into the water, because it sets you up right in front of the last valve. :)

Burnside Portland
First Round: 12 Seconds
Second Round: 12 Seconds
Medal Achieved: Bronze
Pretty straight-forward level. Nothing special here :)

Streets San Francisco
Time: 44 Seconds
Tapes Achieved: 3/5
Well, San Fransisco was where I had my first major hiccup. A very tricky part, where you go forward off a ramp to wallride and jump up to a platform that winds around to the top of a building leading to the hidden tape, can be glitchy at times. If you don't hit the perfect angle, you either crash into the wall, or do a floating jump. Unfortunately on this run, I did a floater, and had to circle around and do it again. Also in the unfortunate realm, at the top of the building with the huge ramp, I somehow missed the 180 degree turn to go off the ramp, and had to do a wily little 360 degree-ish turn to re-align myself to launch off the ramp and snag the tape. Oh well, the other levels make up for it I'll assume ;)

Roswell New Mexico
First Round: 9 seconds
Second Round: 9 seconds
Medal Achieved: Bronze
And finally, Roswell! Yay! This was a perfect execution of a basic strategy, which made me very happy as my heart rate was pumping at this point :P Two tricks each run = Bronze Medal = finished run.

I'd finally like to thank Cyberwrath, once again, for continuously nagging me over nearly a year for me to figure out how to compress the run, and to actually submit it :P

I hope you enjoy the run as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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