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Released in 2012 by Pirate Hearts, You Have To Win The Game is an indie title in the retro style (it even has a CRT border programmed into it). Taking inspiration from games like VVVVVV, La Mulana, and Knytt, you must explore an expansive world, avoid enemies, and solve puzzle. But most importantly, you must win.


Best time: Single-segment 0:05:17 by Emil 'ibldedibble' Larsson on 2012-07-26.

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Author's comments:

First of all, thanks to:
- Varg for helping with most of the tricks in the run.
- Everyone who has been watching and encouraging me while I was practicing.

Originally I was just going to play this game a bit to race Varg who had just gotten a 5:55 run.
Then I got 6:21 or 6:12 on my first attempt. Two or three attemps later I was at 5:53 and that's when I decided to actually give it a shot.
Some new tricks, some minor routechanges and some room improvements later we were looking at 5:23.
I sent in a submission with that time, thinking I wouldn't beat it.
Then I decided to do a run just for fun and got a 5:20... which I managed to get down to 5:17 and here we are.

What mistakes were in the run?

I had to do an extra jump in Functional Spaeleology at one point and I had to do a walljump in Leap Of Faith (what I really want is to land on top of the left platform in that room).
Other than that... I'm not sure if there were any. The time lost from those is probably about a second, maybe two seconds.

Which rooms am I the most pleased with?
- Don't Get Snippy With Me
- Never Could See It Any Other Way - One of the few times I actually made that on the first try.
- Green Man - I'm not sure if it's possible to get through the room faster.
- Eden Maw to Does Whatever A Spider Does - I usually have to do an extra jump there, but not this time. :)

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