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One of three Yu-Gi-Oh! "duel monsters" games released on the PC in '03-'04, each named after who you're sparring with. They were released in Europe and North America exclusively for some reason. The first, "Yugi" is more focused on teaching players the basics of the game while the other two add a heap of cards and other features. The last one, "Joey", even comes with online play.

YuGiOhPowerOfChaos   YuGiOhPowerOfChaos

Best Time: 0:01:33 by 'AntonioPeremin' on 2017-05-09

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Author's comments:

About the run:
I won at rock-paper-scissors and choose to play first.
My turn:
I summoned "Man-Eating Tresure Chest".
A.I. turn:
He placed a monter card face down.
My turn:
I played the spell card "Change of Heart" and took control
of A.I. monter card and then tribute summoned "Summoned Skull".
Next attack was made with both of my monters directly-4100 damage.
A.I. turn:
He set a monster card face down.
My turn:
Summoned another "Man-Eating Tresure Chest",attacked with all
of my monters and won the duel.

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