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One of three Yu-Gi-Oh! "duel monsters" games released on the PC in '03-'04, each named after who you're sparring with. They were released in Europe and North America exclusively for some reason. The first, "Yugi" is more focused on teaching players the basics of the game while the other two add a heap of cards and other features. The last one, "Joey", even comes with online play.

YuGiOhPowerOfChaos2   YuGiOhPowerOfChaos2

Best Time: 0:02:03 by 'AntonioPeremin' on 2017-05-06

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Author's comments:

About the run:
Timing start when I click "single duel" and ends when "you win" shows on screen.
This single duel was completed in 2:12.
Like every card game this game depends very much on luck and good cards.
I lost in rock-paper-scissors but A.I. choosed that I play first.
My turn:
First card that i play is "The Unhappy Maiden" set facedown and I end my turn.
Set a monster card facedown and a trap/spell card.
My turn:
Activated a spell card "Tribute to The Doomed" and discard 1 card from my hand
to destroy a opponents monter card.The I summoned "Faith Bird" od the field.
Clicked Battle Phase and directly attacked A.I. and did 1500 damage.End turn.
A.I. turn:
HE did nothing. :)
My turn:
 I summoned UFO Turtle and directly attack A.I. with both my monster cards
for 2900 damage.
A.I. turn:
Again he did nothing! :D .
My turn:
I summon another UFO Turtle and attack him directly with all my 3 monsters and
win the duel.

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