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In August 1993, Link set out on an ocean voyage to get away from it all. A storm destroyed his ship and he washed up on the shore of a strange island. He must travel around it in search of the eight instruments which can wake the Wind Fish, the only way off the island - but at what price? The game was re-released in December 1998 for Game Boy Color, featuring a new bonus dungeon, picture taking, and the removal of the text skip "bug".


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1:05:52 by Niklas Nierling, done in 54 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hi and welcome to my first Speedrun for SDA.
If you like this run feel free to check out my stream and/or youtube page (the run is also hosted there in case you don't feel like downloading it) : (which will see a lot more action now that I'm working on a single segment run)

Why Link's Awakening?
Because it's one of my favorite gameboy games <3
I guess I should start with the credits.

The biggest thank you goes out to Tompa who helped me out with the planning, timesavers, exploits and everything else.
The run would only be half as good without him.
I also want to thank everybody from the forum thread for all the support they have given me.
Just for Schwaumlaut's pictures alone it's worth checking out :P
Of course I also want to give a shout-out to all the other LA-runners who gave me a good guideline to go by.
Last but not least I want to thank UltraJMan for helping me with some of the puns.
(It's hard to be witty when you're German)

Time to move on to the run's history:
I did the first segment of it back in February of 2011 and the 41st segment at march 15th.
Then horrible things started happening. (I hate you Tompa)
Basically Tompa found a way to skip the frog song on console which meant I had to redo the complete run from scratch.
Luckily this time I had everything planned out which is why i was able to finish the run in about a month (2011-05-18 - 2011-06-24).
Some of the segments took ages to get because there are a million things that can go wrong in this game which brings me to the next part:

Segment Notes:

Segment 1 "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." :

Not a lot of noteworthy stuff happening here.
Since this is the 1.0 version of the game there is a typo in Tarin's text. Have fun finding it :P
I go in Madam MeowMeow's house to be as close to the forest entrance as possible after save-quitting after picking up the sword.
By moving during the owl's speech you can grab the sword before the owl's flying-away animation is initiated which saves some time.

Segment 2 "They never told me that owls could be THIS annoying!" :

After the owl finishes its captivating speech Link makes his way into the forest.
Slashing the crystals from the other side of the pit in the cave is pixel perfect.
You need to be as close to the hole-tile as possible to do it.
I fell in a lot when trying to get it ~_~
If you want to know why i save-cancel while opening the chest read the glitches section below the segment notes first.

Segment 3 "A moblin poked my behind with his arrow! D:" (Nintendo innuendo) :

This is the first sequence-break in the run.
Normally you would need to get the mushroom out of the forest and bring it to the watch for her to make you some magic powder or you could get it from the crane game in the village.
However in this case all you need to do is manipulate the moblin to damage boost you over the pit which should only takes about 1000 resets :P
I get a heart on the way back from the forest so you guys don't have to suffer through the low-health beeping noise in dungeon 1 later.
Save-quitting out of picking up the yoshi doll is a 1-frame-trick which ruined a lot of segments after a perfect moblin skip.

Segment 4 "Text be gone" :

This segment contains the only exploit i discovered on my own.
When you skip the text for the trade-quest you usually cant skip the text right after it unless you do the following:
Initiate a text-skip by letting the inventory-menu pop up a bit first.
After you go out of the save screen with B or A there will be no input in the current buffer due to the inventory screen eating up any input that would normally leak through.
If you now start the text-skip by hitting s/s/a/b and hit the exact frame the game starts up again you will get the item and go into the save-screen as soon as you receive it resulting in a skip of the complete conversation.

Segment 5 "Cynophobia" :

Pretty tough segment.
Getting the dog to go straight for the doghouse exit took up a lot of tries.
This skips the picking-up animation.
Having to manipulate the octoroks in front of the hole and glitching over the hole with a pixel-precise corner-boost didn't help in making this segment easier ^^
I use the keyhole glitch to open the dungeon door from the side.

Segment 6 "10 second hero" (More innuendo!) :

Every 2nd frame you can instantly pick up a key if it hits the ground at that frame.

Segment 7 "Spikey Basketball" :

This segment was a pain to manipulate.
Pretty much every event after the bat-room can go wrong.

This includes :
-Manipulating the mini-moldorm to not hit you
-Getting a working damage boost from the blade trap
-Not having the mini-slime jump at you
-Getting both spikeys to go in the correct directions needed for pushing them both into the hole (which is annoyingly hard to pull off)
-To top it all off one final damage boost from the last two blade traps

Segment 8 "Keys,keys and even more keys..did I mention keys yet ?" :

Key and rupee collecting. Not much to say about this one ^^

Segment 9 "Do the worm" (Not even gonna say it) :

Manipulating the mini-boss and the real boss is a real pain in the ass.
Try it for yourself and you'll see what i mean.

Segment 10 "Croc Banana" :

The hardest part about this segment is manipulating the octoroks.
The 1-frame trick is surprisingly easy to pull off and skips the pickup-animation of the banana and some text as well.

P.S.: Croc Banana is a real snack and it tastes horrible :s

Segment 11 "Moblin Cave ? More like Moblin Grave." :

This far into the segment notes I should probably say sorry for all the horrible puns ^^
This is another one of those horribly annoying segments because there's so much that can go wrong.
The hardest thing to manipulate in this segment is the moblin boss.
Basically he has different phases he can do and I need to get the correct one which means 2 arrows 2 times in a row.
The arrow-phases are: 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4.
This means i have 1/9 chance which is equal to ~11% just getting the moblin boss right.
Add manipulating the octoroks and this segment has about an 8% chance of actually happening.

Segment 12 "The most ravenous dog" :

Yet another annoying segment.
Clipping through the swamp flower is achieved by clipping into the wall next to it.
The hard part about this is getting the dog to instantly eat the correct swamp flower at the dungeon entrance.

Segment 13 "Bunny must die" (Lacking a Chelsea or 7 Devils) :

Oh man...this segment is definitely one of the harder ones in this run.

Things that can go wrong:
-Stalfos don't cooperate and walk in wrong directions
-Missing the diagonal jump over the pit (it's pixel perfect)
-Hitting the staircase too early
-Missing one of the spike-pit jumps
-Not getting the correct mini-boss manipulation
-Getting two rupee drops on the bats
-Getting hit by one of the ghosts
-Not manipulating the bat correctly by picking up the pot instantly
-Missing the jump past the chest due to input lag at that point
-Not getting the pol's voice quick kill or bad manipulation in that room
-Bad manipulation in the pot room
-Missing the save-cancel on the genie (it's pretty hard to time right)
-Missing the genie quick kill
-Not getting a perfect genie fight

Segment 14 "Travelling has never been this exciting" :

The title is a lie.
It's a pretty boring segment ^^
Picking up some rupees and activating the teleport for later.

Segment 15 "The handicapped shopkeeper" :

Lots of save-cancelling in this to skip all the shopkeeper text.
Save-quitting after the shopping stops the rupee count from decreasing.

Segment 16 "Thanks for bringing ba-.." :

Thanks to the save-quitting in the last segment i can buy an additional set of bombs.
I get the shopkeeper to look up as soon as i touch his pixel.
This took a lot of resets but was totally worth it ^^
Save-quitting in front of Madame MeowMeow with "A" in the game's execution buffer initiates her talking sequence and finishes the dog-quest.

Segment 17 "Invisible murder scene" :

This segment is loads of fun to do.
Manipulating the octorok at the staircase can be a bit annoying but other than that everything is pretty much skill-dependent.
At 1:28 i kill an enemy that hasn't spawned yet because his hitbox is already present in the middle of the screen.
I save-cancel out of the golden-leaves to skip the text and save-quit out of the last one to save some additional time.

Segment 18 "Castlecrasher" (Now with less puns) :

Not much to say about this segment.
I pick up the golden leaf as early as possible and save-quit back to the castle entrance. You could say I decided to leaf quickly.

Segment 19 "Maze of Flora" :

If you get this pun pat yourself on the back.
Skipping some more text and taking shortcuts in the garden maze.
To drop out of the garden maze you need to be as close to the hole as possible which clips you into the bush below after the screen transition.
since there is a straight line of objects below you the game acts as if you are falling off a cliff which results in link falling out of the maze.
To open the dungeon door from the wrong side I use the keyhole glitch to clip through the wall and activate the door.

Segment 20 "Blasting through" :

The first enemy-filled room in this dungeon is extremely annoying to manipulate but it turned out pretty good in this segment.
The rest of this segment is pretty much skill-based except for the dodongo snakes and the insta-key-pickups.
Leaving the screen after killing one of the dodongo snakes kills of the other one too.
This only works in this dungeon and not in the 2nd dodongo snakes fight in D6.

Segment 21 "Shortest segment ever" (That's what she said) :

I really have nothing to say about this segment^^

Segment 22 "TAS pro-strats" :

0:22 is where this segment starts to get brutal.
Getting all the enemies as close together in the middle as possible so that i can kill off 90% of them with 1 bomb took aloooot of resets and it only gets worse.
After that the Stalfo in the next room has to move out of the way of the bomb arrow or walk towards the wall (if he walks up the arrow will still hit him).
Then there is the final room.
Here the bomb has to be as close to the door as possible so that I can slash it as soon as I enter the room.
Then the bomb has to hit one of the other bombs which THEN has to hit the last bomb.
After this I have to make sure not to get hit by the last bombs explosion AND I have to get the insta-key-pickup.
I consider myself the bomb for pulling this off!

Segment 23 "I've got my eyes on you" (An eye for an eye) :

Here I pegasus at the keyblocks to save a few frames travelling between keyblocks.
In the underground passage i touch the upper walkway for a split-second so i can drop down the ladder and save some time.
After this i pegasusjump over the spikepits and drop down the last ladder.
If the pegasusjump is done correctly link will automatically slide over the ground as in 0:18 .
The bossfight is pretty tricky to manipulate.
Basically both eyeballs have to instantly jump to the center so that the sword swing hits both at the same frame.
This makes them both drop at the same time during the next frame which allows me to kill both at the same time.

Segment 24 "Pegasus-moonwalk" :

After the owl bashes out yet another amazing speech I go on my way to meet Tarin.
If you pegasus boot towards him and initiate the text at the right frame-range Link stops in his pegasus-running-animation.
This results in him doing a backwards pegasus-boost which is only possible at this moment in the game. Michael Jackson would be proud.
This segment is also pretty full of enemy manipulation but I could say that about every segment ^^

Segment 25 "SNATCHER!" :

This segment contains some pegasus buffering (glitches section).
Other than that it's pretty straight-forward.

Segment 26 "Stealing Marin" :

More pegasus buffering.
Marin's cutscene is area-based which means there is no way to save-cancel it so enjoy the lengthy cutscene :s

Segment 27 "Walrus and Marin sitting in a tree.." :

The walrus is yet another area-based event.
If you exit the dialogue frame-perfect Link won't slash his sword and will keep the pegasus boost which saves a few frames during the text.
The interesting part about this segment is the worm quickkill though.
It works exactly like the mad-bomber quickkill from richard's castle.

Segment 28 "Linkback Mountain" :

The usual enemy luck manipulation and pegasus buffering.
The jump at 1:02 is pixel perfect.

Segment 29 "Smells fishy" :

This segment is a huge pain in the ass (yes there are a lot of these in this run :P).
The bad stuff starts at 0:16.
This room seems to sometimes have an invisible wall which will destroy any bombarrow and screwed up a lot of segments.
After this there is the pixel-perfect jump in the key-room.
This is a lot more annoying than any other pixel-perfect jump due to the insane luck manipulation needed to get access to the keychest.
It doesn't end there though.
The diagonal jump over the hole to skip half the dungeon is close to pixel-perfect as well.
To top it all off the fireballs in the last room have to be manipulated as well so that I don't get hit while climbing up the stairs.

Segment 30 "Doing the Mambo" :

Using the manbo-glitch to move towards the exit during the manbo-cutscene.
This also allows me to drop straight down through the water which saves even more time.
After this the segment is pretty much only enemy manipulation.
Mashing jump like a maniac is actually a faster way of traveling underwater if there is a ceiling above you.

Segment 31 "Even fishier" :

The room with the iron mask is really annoying to manipulate but doesn't even come close to the stalfos room later on in this segment.
To avoid lag there i jump while waiting for the key to drop.
This stops the stalfos from throwing bones in my direction which would cause a lot of lag.

Segment 32 "Skin and bones" :

Probably one of my favorite segments for some weird reason.
Lots of skill-based stuff in this segment and only very little luck manipulation make it a lot of fun to do.
There's really not much to explain here.
The pegasus jump in the end is close to pixel-perfect and I'm really happy that I got all damage boosts in this one.

Segment 33 "Hookshot get!" :

Actually had to redo this segment when i first got it because I didn't realize that you need 2 save-cancels to actually get the hookshot ^^

Segment 34 "Quite a mouthful" :

Oh man this segment is another giant luckfest.
The three stalfos need to be manipulated to the center so that they all die in 1 swordslash.
After that the fish in the underground part have to stay out of the way.
The same goes for the two stalfos in the next room.
Then the real pain starts.
Getting a good luck manipulation in the next room + the boss fight is what makes this segment so hard.
The boss has to die at one of the upper two holes so that I can hookshot the heartcontainer without moving away too far from the door.

Segment 35 "M. Night Shyamalan called. He wants his plot-twist back" :

Skipping the best part of the story :s
Going through the Armos maze can be pretty annoying because a lot of the pegasus boosting can go wrong here.
Clipping into the wall at the first Armos results in Link getting stuck in the wall which saves a bit of time.
If you see me walking past an Armos it's because I clipped through the wall next to him.

Segment 36 "The key to my face" :

Goin back through the Armos maze and jumping over some piranhas.

Segment 37 "You told me this would be hard but its snot" :

The first faceshrine segment isn't that bad.
There's really nothing to explain here.

Segment 38 "In your face" :

This is where things get extremely annoying once again.
The shield boost over the wall is pixel-perfect and very hard to execute.
This is followed by the double dodongo snakes fight which is insanely annoying after such a hard part.
It took quite a while to get this segment done (I picked up the fairy during the dodongo fight so you guys don't have to listen to the low-health beep ^^)

Segment 39 "Face-off" :

Hard trick + horsehead manipulation = horror segment 2.
Save-cancelling the boss text is pretty tough too which made this segment rather annoying to do.

Segment 40 "Moun-taining progress" :

Pegasus buffering, perfect pixel jump, the usual :P

Segment 41 "Cluck this" :

This segment contains one of the hardest non-luck-dependent tricks in the entire game.
It consists of two 1-frame-tricks and a pixel-perfect jump.
See the rooster skip in the exploit section.

Segment 42 "Crossing the bridge" :

After using the fast hookshot to get over the bridge I use the recoil boost from the skull to skip parts of the cavesystem.

Segment 43 "One hill of a time" :

Clipping slightly into the rock and then hookshotting an enemy clips me fully past the rock which skips the flamethrower cavern.

Segment 44 "Luckfest 2011" :

This segment contains some of the most insane luck manipulation in the entire run :

1.) Kill the crow to slightly clip into the rock.
2.) Leave the screen before the crows death animation is over (this causes it to respawn because it didn't die).
3.) Re-enter the screen and glitch the crow to the other screen.
4.) Kill the crow (which clips you further into the wall. If you move at this point you're screwed.)
5.) The crow needs to drop an item that is barely in range of the screen so that you don't pick it up as it drops.

The following events have to happen before the item that the crow dropped disappears :

6.) The moblin has to get in range so that you can hit him with the hookshot. This causes you to clip further into the wall.
7.) Now you have to hookshot the item the crow dropped to clip even more into the wall.
8.) The moblin has to drop a heart and you have to hit it with the hookshot at its highest point to fully clip through the wall.

Segment 45 "Flaming Link" :

After a lot of travelling I make it to Turtle Rock.
I use the block push exploit to reach the keychest earlier.
To get on the platform in the underground section I need to get the correct flame-manipulation to damage boost on top of it.

Segment 46 "Kickin back" :

Relaxing segment, nothing special.

Segment 47 "A moving experience" :

After fighting the boss I try to get as close to the boss-key-chest as possible during the moving tile section.

Segment 48 "Fire at will for a license to chill" :

The last firerodshot in the underground cavern is pixel perfect.
Save-cancelling this boss is a huuuge pain in the ass which makes this yet another hard segment.

Segment 49 "Travelling" :

Nothing special here.

Segment 50 "Eagle pun!" :

Getting a good manipulation on the key room and executing both throws at 0:32 and 0:33 correctly makes this really difficult.

Segment 51 "The eagle has landed" :

Yet another 1-frame trick + the block pushing glitch.

Segment 52 "The last hur-caw!" :

This is another one of those hard segments due to the boss save-cancel.
By clipping through the top of the tower i can get the heartpiece quicker.

Segment 53 "Unfinished business" :

When going down to fight the D4 boss i touch the corner which allows me to fall through the water as if it was air.
The ocarina song number in the inventory doesn't change at 1:42 even though i switch to Marin's song.
This is caused by switching songs too fast. It does however get updated the next time the inventory gets pulled up (right before playing the ocarina for the last time).

P.S.: I love the wallclip at 0:29. (Thanks Tompa)

Segment 54 "The final countdown" :

The last segment is also one of the harder ones.
Quickkilling the blob is pixel perfect and getting the worm quickkill with the faster method is just pure luck.
45-0+matchball in aghanim tennis is quite annoying too but not as much as the final fight with dethyl.
Getting 4 eye open animations in a row and shooting 4 arrows during that time is what aids in making this segment so incredibly hard to manipulate and execute.

Phew that's quite a wall of text ok time to cover the exploits you see in this run :

Save-cancelling :
By bringing up the save-screen before text pops up you can skip 75% of the text in this game.
This is used for chests, certain text events and item pickups.
If you bring up the save-screen first and then talk to somebody it will also skip a lot or even all of their text.

Corner-boosting :
By cutting corners in a specific way Link gets pushed 1 pixel further.

Pegasus-buffering :
By starting a pegasus boost and grabbing something before it finishes charging up the ammount of time needed for the boost after throwing whatever you picked up will be shortened by that length.

Wall-clipping :
To clip into a wall all you need to do is walk against the corner of a wall.

Item-buffering :
When you enter a new screen or leave the inventory screen and hold the A or B-button you will instantly use whatever is set to the according button.

Insta-key-pickup :
Every second frame a dropping key can be instantly picked up if he hits the ground at that point in time.

Manbo-glitch :
By jumping out of the water and slashing as soon as the manbo-text starts you can float around in the air.

Keyhole-glitch :
By pushing diagonaly against a keyhole-tile you can open it from anywhere as long as you touch the block.

Block-push-exploit :
By clipping into the side of a block and pushing against the seam of 2 touching blocks you can push it to the side.

Hookshot glitches :

Hole-jump :
If you shoot the hookshot when over a hole-tile you can jump once more if you jump at the exact frame that the hookshot hits Link's body.

Hookshot-clipping :
You can clip into objects by hitting an enemy/object with the hookshot while walking against the object you want to clip in.

Ok seems like I'm done writing this novel.
I hope you enjoy the run ! :)

If you want to host this run somewhere, have a question about the run or anything else feel free to contact me.
You can get the contact information from my forum-profile (or contact me directly on my youtube channel).

DX 1:17:39 by Michael Welle, done in 41 segments.

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Author's comments:

This is a Zelda Links Awakening Speedrun in 41 Segments

First: Sorry Tompa this isn't the SS, it's a buypass product of it
I made this one to push my skill Level to do a satisfying SS.

Second: Why are there so many Segments? 2 Reasons. First Save warping is cool, second: I'm lazy

Third: Enjoy the run and stay tuned for the SS I will have it at least before Mikefest 2 that's a promise.

See yaa

~ Tigger77

DX Single-segment in 1:29:20 by Michael Welle

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Author's comments:

To give others the chance to improve this I submit this Sub 1:30 so you can see the tactics and improve it.

Don't play like trunk
Get the PoP in D8

possible time sub 1:28 IMO

see you ~

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