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Released in 1998, Baldur's Gate follows the tale of an orphaned child being raised in the scholar community of Candlekeep. One night, he is ambushed by a man named Sarevok and his stepfather sacrifices his life to protect him. The journey begins as he sets forth to discover why Sarevok sought him out, and to exact revenge for his stepfather's murder. Tales of the Sword Coast was released as an expansion in April 1999.


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0:14:36 by Julien Langer, done in 12 segments.

Author's comments:

General: This run was done using BG1 with ToSC expansion pack and the latest official patch.

The route of this run is similar to the previous 16:35 minute run.
For those of you who already know the 16:35 minute run and only want to know whats new in this run:
* I take Imoen with me to Ulgoth's Beard. This allows better zoning into Candlekeep
* I don't use the Polymorph glitch to leave Candlekeep with Imoen but the Dimension Door glitch
* I pickpocket Slythe instead of killing him
* I don't level up
* More luck manipulation and better micromangement

Now the more elaborate description:

The basic route is like this:

* Go to Ice Island to get the Dimension Door spell
* Go to BG-City for some shopping
* Go to Candlekeep and pull of a glitch that allows me to skip all chapters
* Go back to BG-City to finish the game

A more detailed explanation:

* Segment 1:

Nothing exciting is happening here. I decided to start a new segment after the cutscene because it is very annoying to do the character generation + cutscene over and over again.

Note that I use Charm as my first spell since I do not go to Beregost to get Algernon's Cloak. Charm is a very important spell in this run.

* Segment 2:

I utilize the first major glitch here: Potion Duping. Here's how it works: Drink some other potion (like a health potion) and immediately give the command to drink the potion you want to dupe. Then pick up the potion in your inventory and hold it. The stack count will be reduced by one but the potion doesn't disappear. Do this again to produce an unsigned integer underflow.

I also dual class Imoen to mage here as she needs to cast Dimension Door spells later.

* Segment 3:

This segment is here because it's near impossible to not get killed by one of those Ankhegs and I don't have the time to wait until both characters are hidden in the shadows (remember that they are level 1 characters and their stealth skill is bad).

* Segment 4:

First, I kick Imoen out of the party. Note that I did take Imoen all the way up to Ulgoth's Beard because it allows very good zoning into Candlekeep as you'll see later.

Drinking the healing potion here is not a waste of time. I need to wait anyhow until Imoen starts her kicked-out dialog. If I don't wait Imoen would follow me. And if I'd just hide in the shadows and leave for the Ice Isle, then I won't be able to rest on the Ice Isle because a dialog is still pending. The devil is in the details.

* Segment 5:

I use my charm spell to charm Garan and steal his Dimension Door scroll. This is the only place to get this scroll before BG-City and the only reason why I go to the Ice Isle.

* Segment 6:

I introduce another glitch in this segment: Dimension door abuse. Normally Dimension Door is one of the most useless spells in the game. However if you leave the area immediately after casting the spell you'll be teleported to the position at which you clicked in the first area (check by pressing L in the game). This is great because it saves much walking in the game and allows some massive sequence breaking. Note that I pick up the scroll after casting the spell to dupe it similar to the potion duping glitch.

The particular use of the glitch in this segment places me directly in front of the boss of this dungeon.

I rest here for two reason: First to be able to cast Charm again, second Dezkiel's protective spells will wear off. Without his spells active he can be charmed and the cloak, required to leave the island again, can be stolen from him.

* Segment 7:

I use the Dimension Door glitch to get into BG. Note that I'm still in Chapter one and that the bridge is still raised. You'll probably wonder why the stack count of the Dimension Door Spell is 1 and not zero. The game resets the count of all stacks with an amount of zero to 1 when saving the game.

* In BG-City I do some shopping:

Sell: lots of Scrolls of Dimension Door

Buy: * Long Sword +1
o 3 x 5 Arrows of Detonation
o 1 Potion of Storm Giant Strength
o 1 Potion of Heroism
o 1 Potion of Invisibilty
o 1 Potion of Invulnerability
o 1 Scroll of Otiluke's Resilent Sphere
o 1 Scroll of Minor Globe of Invulnerability
o 1 Scroll of Mirror Image

When leaving the Sorcerous Sundries I use the Dimension Door glitch to get into the upper part of the area, not normally reachable from here because of the city wall. I then zone up BG-NE and BG-N, so that I can later quickly get around the city.

I go back to Ulgoth's Beard and fetch Imoen. While I cast the Dimension Door spell I remove a few scrolls from the stack for Imoen.
You'll probably notice that the game suddenly resets the number I'm typing (11) back to 1. I think this happens because I'm casting a spell from the same stack at the same time.

I leave the Ulgoth's Beard area and go to Candlekeep. Note that I didn't cast Dimension Door with Imoen...

* Segment 8:

I didn't cast Dimension Door with Imoen back in Ulgoth's Beard but she still get's teleported into Candlekeep. This is really strange and I don't have any explanation for this. It's an extremely weird bug/feature of the game because it does NOT work if Imoen is placed below the PC in Ulgoth's Beard. That's why I walked a bit to the south with my PC in Ulgoth's Beard.

I then enter the Candlekeep and Imoen casts Dimension Door and leaves the library again. Outside she'll be placed at the back of the library which saves some walking. You might wonder why I entered the library with Imoen just to leave it immediately again. Well, the library can only be entered by the whole party but can be left with a single character. Imoen enters Winthrop's Inn and casts Dimension Door to get out of the Candlekeep while my PC goes upstairs.

What follows is some extreme script breaking. Normally the gatewarden will teleport you into the prison after talking to him and Tethoril will teleport you into the crypt after the cutscene.

I discovered a bug which will prevent the NPC and the party members to be teleported away.

For this to work you have to give ALL but your main character the command to enter another area. Then you have to talk (with the main character) to the NPC whose script would teleport you and pause the game immediatly after the dialog AND give your main character some other command like walking somewhere else. Then unpause the game and voila, nobody is teleported away. Note that this does _not_ work if you talk to the NPC with another PC than your main character. That's why I placed Imoen outside Candlekeep and not my main character (which would be faster if it would work).

I use this glitch the first time to avoid getting teleported into the crypt. The dialog with the gatewarden will set an important ingame variable: If I now talk to Tethoril he will offer me to teleport me into the crypt. The Dialog with Tethoril will also set some important ingame variable which will activate the trigger outside Candlekeep which normally triggers chapter 7.

By now you should get an idea about what follows now: I talk to Tethoril once while glitching the game to not teleport me away. Then I walk over the chapter trigger with Imoen.

The drawback is that this trigger does not set the chapter to 7, it merely increases the chapter counter by one. That's why I have to repeat this glitch 5 times and after the sixth time I let myself by teleported into the crypt.

You might wonder why I use the crypt to get out of Candlekeep and not the Dimension Door glitch. Well, the crypt is actually much faster than going all the stairs down again...

* Segment 9:

I used another flavour of the Dimension Door trick here. It goes like:
* cast dimension door
* trigger autosave
* reload autosave
* (optional: leave area)
* character is placed at position (0,0) in the map

If position (0,0) is inaccesible then the PC is placed at the nearest possible location. In the second crypt level this is a bit closer to the exit than using the usual Dimension Door glitch you've seen throughout the run.

On the way out I dupe the Potions of Invisibility. I sleep on the North Beregost Road to regain my memorized Charm spell and then use the Dimension Door glitch to reach Slythe fastly.

* Segment 10:

I use the "force talk glitch" on Slythe: If you "talk" to a neutral person but then cancel that action (by doing something else) (s)he will just stand there and do nothing for one round or so. This can be repeated several times as long as the NPC doesn't approach you (and Slythe will do this if you're not invisible).

This trick is very useful as it allows NPCs to be killed or pickpocketed without them getting hostile. In this case I pickpocket Slythe twice to get the invitation and the evidence for the dukes.

* Segment 11:

In the palace I charm the guard that wants to talk to me and place him at a cleverly chosen location. I cast Otiluke's Resilent Sphere so that he can serve as a target for my Arrows of Detonation.

I trigger the dialog and also place myself at a cleverly chosen location. The doppelgangers go down very fast after a few Arrows of Detonation targetted at the guard.

In the thieves guild I use the dimension door glitch to almonst completely skip the maze and in the maze I use this glitch again to be placed next to the Temple of Bhaal.

* Segment 12:

Minor Globe of Invulnerability is a must have for this fight. Other than that the rest is simple backstabbing. I'm still level 1 and did not level up. Distributing all the thief skill points just takes too long...


If you don't understand some of the glitches in this run, then I invite you to visit the Infinity Engine Speedrunning Wiki:
It serves as a centrel place to document Infinity Engine glitches and contains in-depth descriptions and example glitch videos.

If you have anything to say about Baldur's Gate running (also unrelated to this run) then please visit our thread in the SDA forums:,1580.0.html

Single-segment normal difficulty 0:18:29 by Benjamin Culley.

Author's comments:

this in Beenman500 and this is my single segment speedrun of baldur's gate with the tales of the sword coast expansion.

This is my second speedrun and it is of (bassically) the same game as my last run, just with the expansion. Also this time I am obseleteing an old run rather that just doing a new catogory, there is an audio commentary with this run which should hopefully be with the run if you download it. Alot of stuff, or nothing based on weather or not you can understand my voice, should be explained (badly) in that.

Regardles, i am gonna explain everything that i can remember again here. But first some thanks
- Julien Langer, as he basically defined the route and helped with little things and discovered most of the tricks and and and and. Most of this run was his, except for the actual execution of it. Truly huge thatnks to Julien here.
- SDA staff, for there dedication to the site and for making any of this possible
- Kevin 'clone rizzo' horst, as it was his baldur's gate run was the run that introduced me to speedrunning

Thanks :)

i suggest you look at the MS's runs comments if you struggle to follow my ramlings. the routes are simular and glitches the same.

the character i use in this run is an elven Fighter\Mage\theif the stats i use are high strength, for carrying items and damage, high dexterity, for a better AC, and high constitution for more HP
I make sure my strength is above 18/75, because i think that adds an extra 1 to damage. either way i get to carry more which is good.

I AM CALLED AWESOME-0 and i have movie ideas.

The route i am using is very simular to the current Multi Segment run in which i perform some sequence breaking to finish the game in double quick(actualy 3/4) time as if i were to to a speedrun without sequence breaks...

I Start off by dupine some potions which allows me to get many many oils of speed which dramatically speeds things up, an explantion of dupeing can be found at

i also leave imoen behind at about the bottom centre of the map, for later use, I then make my way to ulgoths beard so i can get my hands on a scroll of dimention door, normally a useless spell, a glitch can be abused in order to allow me to perform some SWEET sequence breaks. the glithc is explained here

There is only one scroll of dimention door outside of Baldur's gate(the city) and candlekeep, both of which are inaccessible before chapter 5/6, and that scroll is in ice isle in(?) ulgoths beard. Which i why i go there, to get the scroll i have to !ahem! deal with some pesky high level mages which is nigh on immpossibe for a level on character such as myself, so some infinity engine abuse is in order. I dupe some more potions to sell, notice i talk to the dwarf in the tavern where i buy some equipment, this is so he doesn't interupt my VERY important duping, otherwise the run would be over, also note that i don't get a random encounter before reaching ulgoths beard, just the start of some of the luck manipulation in this run. Back to the tavern, i am able to sell my potions to the teller from across the room useing the encumbered talk glitch explained here (and the only glitch actually discovered by me :) )

after selling potions i buy a ring of invisibility; a scroll of emotion; a potion of healing (purely to preserve my sanity); and a quaterstaff + 3 which is about the best weapon in the game, and definetly the best enroute.

After i have my stuff i go to ice isle, to get the scroll of dimension door, which involves running though a maze (which of course i know the layout of) and casting a the scroll of emotion multiple times using the duping glitch described earlier, just with scrolls this time, and once i have affected Garan, the current owner of the scroll of diemntion door with emotion (he's a heartless bastard), i proceed to batter the living daylights out of him for a peice of paper, i then dupe that, in the same way as earlier, the reason i dupe it now rather than ,once i've left ice isle, is that messing up scroll duping is actually not too hard, i'd say i lost 15-25% of runs due to screwing up scroll duping, one of the harder things to do in this run, also when using scrolls of emotion, i was fully prepared to fire off five a garan to knock him out, yet it only took two, this was just lucky and saved me about 10-20 seconds, which i then proceded to lose when i made one of the biggest mistakes in this run, if you've managed to follow up until now, then this is bit where i tell my character to head in the general direction of the exit, and he promptly decides to run in the exact oposite direction costing me about 10-15 seconds, I wasn't about to restart over that especially as i had just been so lucky with emotion. regardless,

i then exit the maze and re-enter using the dimention door glitch explained earlier in the wiki which allows me to get straight to dezkiel, who is the guy you need to kill in order to get a cloak which allows you to leave ice isle. i have to use emotion on him aswell which i again would have been preparedto fire off five, but only took 2 luckily, more than making up for the movement error earlier.

Once i am out of ice isle and i head over to baldur's gate to do some shopping, normally i wouldn't be able to go to baldur's gate but with the scrolls of dimension door i am able to skip in and skip a sizeable amount of walking too. the things i do are as follows

-sell cloak and wardstone from ice isle, i like an organised inventory and they are in the way

-buy wand of monster summoning, not used in this run, but has potential to be needed if luck doesn't go my way

-buy otelukes ressiliant sphere, for creating a target in the palace, will explain later.

-buy minor globe of invunrebility, for final fight with serevok, his allies cast some pesky spells

-buy 2 mirror image, for protection...

-buy 2 scrolls of charm, 3 incase luck doesn't go my way, the wand of monster summoning is for when all three charms fail (highly unlikly but goddam i dont want to restart when im 1 mins in)

-buy 20 arrows of detonation, fireballs are fun, and they always hit and do ridiculous amounts of damage.

-buy potions of clound giant strength, heroism invisibility and invunerability (i wish they were as good as they sound) all used in final fight and several before

Once i've finished shopping i head off to pick up imoen, note i do some fancy zonning in BG so that i can get around quicker later.

a head down to high hedge to zone correctly in order to pick up imoen, i then get imoen and procede to dual class her to a mage, so that she can abuse dimention door with me, We then dimension door into candlekeep in order to do some SERIOUS sequence breaking. firsly, we must both go to the library, as your whole party must enter the library, even though your whole party doesn't have to leave at a time, strange building anyway, i send imoen to the tavern so she can whore herself to dimention door some more, until he lets her out of candlekeep. i then send her down to the chapter seven trigger bit of the map.

Then i send my main character up into the library to activate the chapter trigger, so that imoen can trigger the chapter advancement. but first i must stop the scripted teleport that sends you to jail, for killing a guy you didn't kill. to do this i must use the scripted teleport glitch explained here

by breaking the scripted teleports i am able to activate the chapter trigger multiple times, which means i can skip most of the game and advance stright away into chapter seven. (At this point i am going to say that this is FUCKING HARD EVEN WITH PRACTICE, it was this bit that originally detered me from doing a single segment yeat i persevered for your enjoyment you ungrateful bastards) Once in chapter six however i kick imoen out and teleport myself into the crypt, it is faster to get out of candklekeep using the crypt rather than using the dimention door glitch from the tavern. also at some point i took imoens bow, can't remeber when but i do need it. once i am out of the crypt i activate the final chapter which i didn't activate before, its hard to explain this bit, i suggest you look at the MS's runs comments if you struggle to follow my ramlings.

After eventually getting to chapter seven i head of to baldur's gate to track down, expose, and kill searovok i use dimention door to get to the mermain inn where slythe, the guy with more needed paper is. i then kill him useing the force talk glitch and arrows off detonation, force talking is explained here

It takes me 8 arrows to finish of slythe and for some reason i only fire two a round, rather than three like im supposed to, so this fight takes about 3-6 seconds longer than i wat expecting but no matter, he dies fast enough and all is well.once i have his fancy paper i go to the palace in order to expose searevok for, something, i skiped that bit, and he forces a fight with a group of greater doppledangers. these guys are arseholes because there fast, have high HP and i have to defend two idiots at the same time, I use the force talk here again to "defend" the idiot dukes in order for me to kill all the doppledangers with arrows of detination. the targeting and positioning of the charmed guard here is absoltly crutial, off by a little and i blow either my self or the dukes up and thats game over. and at 17 minuites in, i am not happy if i screw this up. Infact i become very very angry, but this time it worked. i finosh of the stragaling doppledangers with my staff as they run out of range of my arrows killing feild. next i get teleported to the theives guild in chase of searevok. and use the dimention door glitch to skip the maze, and the i use by this point i've activated my potions, creating the ability of a very very powerful, highlevel fighter with bakcstab. I use my powerful and backstabyness to power backstab searevok into submission.

the end


i got a bit lazy towards the end of writing these comments so if you have any questions the either ask on the forums or email me at

benjaminculley AT gmail DOT com

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