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Download the latest Windows version of Dzip: (152K)

Version history:

(See DzipGui.txt for more detals)

13th June 2023, Version 3.1 released

  • Fixed double clicking files not opening associated programs
  • Removed obsolete self-extraction feature and shell extensions
  • New simple shell extensions, see dzip_shellext.txt
18th April 2021, Version 3.0 released
  • Added support for PROTOCOL_FITZQUAKE (protocol 666) demos.
7th May 2003, Version 2.9 released
  • Dzip can now potentially support any other type of compressed format... I just need to make the plugins for them! Currently the only new format is .pak, a simple format used by some games.
  • Dzip is more friendly with file sharing.
31st July 2002, Version 2.84 released
  • Hopefully fixed all remaining drag & drop problems
  • Fixed infinite error loops on test/extract of a really corrupt file
  • Fixed up more minor Progress bar issues, shouldn't be any left now!
  • Other minor problems
17th July 2002, Version 2.9 of command line versions released
  • Added -a and -d switches to add/delete files from existing dz files
  • Added error continuation and -e switch to quit on the first error
  • Added compression of whole directories
  • Added support for files sized 2-4GB on some platforms
  • Changed layout of -l listings
28th June 2002, Version 2.83 released
  • More bug fixes: rare crashes, rare unpredictable behavior, minor memory and resource leaks.
  • Dont bother asking to create a directory if you won't be able to create it. In most cases anyway.
  • Added a 'report what you did to radix' dialog when an unexpected exception occurs.
  • Files sized 2GB-4GB-1 are now compressable.
31st May 2002, Version 2.82 released
  • Fixed several rare crash bugs
  • Fixed a lot of annoying and cosmetic bugs
  • Changed some error messages to be more informative, and added some errors where they should have been but weren't.
  • Fixed some resource leaks.
14th May 2002, Version 2.81 released
  • Hopefully fixed all problems with compressing/uncompressing of a .dem file that, for one reason or another, was not a compliant Quake demo file
  • Fixed menu commands being acitvated when they shouldn't be (about the third time i've fixed this)
3rd May 2002, Version 2.8 released
  • Opening a .dz file that has thousands of files is now much faster
  • Sped up expand/collapse pak, and add/test/extract a lot of small files
  • Added "Extract all to here" when right clicking on more than one .dz file in an explorer window
  • Added option to turn off "Compress with Dzip" in explorer menus
  • Added yes/no to all buttons when running a self-extracting exe and a file already exists
  • Fixed all kinds of weird bugs
1st July 2001, version 2.6 relesed
  • Added option for self-extracting exe files to extract to the current directory only
  • Fixed some problems with sfx files
  • Fixed a crash bug that probably nobody ever found but me :-)
10th February 2001, version 2.55 relesed
  • Self extracting exe's now perform CRC checks and can have a default extract directory
  • Added "No to All" and "Extract as..." buttons in the "Overwrite file?" dialog box
  • Fixed issues with overwriting files when dragging to applications
  • Smaller Fixes
26th January 2001, version 2.51 relesed
  • Fixed drawing problems with big toolbar's disabled buttons
  • Fixed issues and small bugs with install and uninstall
23rd January 2001, version 2.5 relesed
  • Download is now an install program
  • Extraction of Quake demo files now 4x or more faster
  • Added optional large toolbar
  • Self extracting exe files work above 256mb, have less overhead, and warn when there's extraction problems
  • Settings are stored on a per-user basis if you use a multi-user machine
  • Sped up opening very large .dz files
  • Fixed problems where commands were selectable when they shouldn't be
1st January 2001, version 2.4 relesed
  • Added ability to create self extracting exe files
  • Added "Sort by" to Options menu
  • Fixed file dates being off when they are dragged to explorer
20th November 2000, version 2.3 of gui relesed
  • Added expandable pak files
  • Added new options and an uninstall
  • The usual fixes (see txt file for more details)
25th October 2000, version 2.21 of gui relesed
  • Fixed being able to type in view window.
  • Fixed stupid bugs with extraction of pak files and progress bar during extract.
24th October 2000, version 2.2 released
  • Tiny dem encoding fix.
  • Dragging out to explorer.
  • No more infinte error loops on bad dz files.
  • Type/Path columns.
  • Other small fixes/changes.
24th August 2000, version 2.1 released
  • More encoding fixes.
  • Added Nehahra support.
  • In the GUI: sorting.
  • Added toolbar.
  • Icons in menus.
  • Options menu.
  • folder compression.
28th July 2000, version 2.0 released
  • Faster and better compression.
  • GUI significantly improved.
  • Plus many smaller changes.
4th July 2000, GUI version 0.7 released
  • First version of GUI, opening of dz and extracting files only.
1st July 2000, version 1.2 released
  • Fixed wildcard bug (Win), improved Hipnotic compatibility.
21st June 2000, version 1.1 released
  • Added wildcard expansion for Win, fixed a decompression bug.
20th June 2000, version 1.0 released
  • Initial public release.

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