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GitHub page - Tuesday, April 18th 2021

Dzip maintenance is continued on the GitHub page. This site here is mostly obsolete.

Site moved - Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 9:50PM

I've moved the site from planetquake to its new home on speeddemosarchive.com, moved with the rest of SDA. Just as sort of a progress-update, I do still want to have zip and rar support in Dzip one day, and I did work on it some last year. I have a build that can open basic zip and rar, and extract the rars, but then the work on SDA picked up and I haven't had a chance to work on it more. If any programmers out there are willing to help though, I'll be glad to have assistance!

It is about time I get version 2.9 of the GUI out! - Wednesday, May 7th 2003 - 1:35AM

I should have had this done and out back in September, but thanks to my latest form of addiction, it has been delayed a bit.

But finally you can head to the download page and get what's been in the works for over a year... a new Dzip which is not tied down to it's strange .dz file format. Instead it will work with any files that your installed plugins support. Currently I've only got plugins for .dz and .pak, but I hope to finally start working on .zip support now. When I have it done, you'll just be able to drop the dll into your Dzip directory and it will work!

A minor note - Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 11:40PM

I found a little bug dealing with .pak files that weren't the type of file that Dzip is looking for. I updated the source download and the windows command prompt exe but since it's not really a bug to worry about that's all I did. Also an OS/2 version is now available thanks to Oleg Deribas, but I can't garuntee anything about it.

Another GUI update - Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 6:30PM

I had to get another version of the GUI out by the end of the month... Still just minor stuff, some of which I found the day after 2.83 release thanks to 'stubby'. The only really noticable change is that all drag & drop problems should now be fixed. In 2.83 I fixed drop on explorer's tree view but broke dropping on files that accept drops... everything should work now, but sometimes may require a double copy.

Go ahead and download v2.84 today!

New command line versions available - Wednesday, July 17th 2002 - 10:07PM

Version 2.9 of the command line versions of Dzip is now available on the download page. I'm no longer using links to the crap that is Fileplanet... gamespy can *&$%& <censored>.

New in this version is the ability to add and delete files from an existing dz file, compress whole directories easily, error continuation and 2-4GB file support.

Binaries are available for download for Windows, Linux on x86, Solaris, and Mac OS-X. The source code is also available so you can make a binary for any other platform. As usual, report any problems to me, but hopefully there will not be any.

And now to continue the trend - Friday, June 28th 2002 - 12:50PM

Version 2.83 of Dzip is now available on the download page. It's mostly just bug fixes from 2.82, and very ridiculous bugs at that. I hope all my bug fixes don't discourage newcomers to the page from trying Dzip; it is very sound, most of the bugs i've fixed since 2.8 have been stupid stupid crazy things that nobody has found but me. (Or at least not reported)

Since I don't list the detailed list of changes on the download page, but in the txt file you get after install, the txt file is now available online: DzipGui.txt.

With 2.83 you can now compress files that are at least 2GB and less than 4GB in size. What's that, you don't have any files that big?? Well you can get one here for less than 4K. Just uncompress 2gig.dz from within 2gig.dz.dz and that contains the 2GB file. As for files that are 4GB or larger... maybe eventually.

Even more ridiculous bugs - Friday, May 31st 2002 - 6:25PM

I found a lot more crazy bugs in 2.81. Some of them have been there for quite a while, others only since 2.8. The list of changes on the download pages is brief, for the real list check DzipGui.txt.

Oh yeah this means I released v2.82 if you didn't figure it out.

The compare page has now been updated with new comparison info between Dzip and three other programs. Dzip beats them all on speed!

There's always bugs... - Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 5:20PM

Shortly after I got 2.8 out I found one bad bug and one little bug. Both are pretty minor but it was enough for me to release a 2.81. Then I decided to try and fix a problem I'd known about for quite a while and finally got that done today.

The problem dealt with Dzip's specialty -- Quake demo files. If you tried to compress a .dem file that was not really a Quake demo file, it usually compressed fine but sometimes not. Even if it compressed fine it probably would not uncompress fine. All that should be fixed now, just in case .dem is used by any other programs.

I've released new versions of the command prompt Dzip's as well to fix this issue and they are available from the download page, as well as the source if you're interested.

Dzip 2.8 finally released! - Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 5:54PM

It's been 14 months in the making but my ultra speed up of Dzip when working with .dz that have thousands of files is finally available on the download page. Even if you dont compress thousands of files into one big file, the new release still has things to offer. Check out what's new on the download page. So what happened to 2.7? Well it took me so long to finish this that I just felt like skipping a number!

I plan to update the "compare" page soon with some timing comparions of the new Dzip with the more popular programs...

New life. - Sunday, April 21st 2002 - 1:13PM

I've finally got back into the big project I started with Dzip last February. In only 5 days I managed to finish the last part sufficiently to begin thorough testing of it for release. What was the big project? Well so far all it's going to do is make the program faster. No, not faster in terms of compression/extraction, but in terms of operations with .dz files. I made this test file that has over 70000 files in it. It takes 94 seconds to open with 2.6. It takes 2 seconds with the new version. You can't even make a zip file with 70000 files!

Dzip works on XP. - Sunday, November 11th 2001 - 3:40AM

I was able to test Dzip on Windows XP tonight and I didn't find any problems. I just thought I'd let people know not to worry about trying Dzip if they're running WinXP.

Holy **** its a new release! - Sunday, July 1st 2001 - 2:49AM

It's been too long.... I finally got v2.6 of Dzip released. There's not that many changes, you can ignore all the stuff I mentioned about this being a "test release" because I built it off the stable 2.55 instead of my flaky one, which promises to be better if I'd get around to fixing it up :P. To see what's new check the download pages, its mostly just stuff with the self-extracting exe files.

Another status update - Friday, May 4th 2001 - 12:05AM

Just letting people know that I am still alive. Because of my puzzle game addiction, progress on the new Dzip has been slow. But hey, all software faces delays right? At least the version out there now is stable :) The next one won't be; when I finally get it out, it will be a test version that not everyone will want. This will be because I basically broke everything and rebuilt it... also the reason for the delays.

So if you check back in another month, hopefully I'll have something new for you. Until then, just stick with good old v2.55.

Status update - Wednesday, March 14th 2001 - 2:23PM

Oh no, it's been more than a month since an update! Just letting the few visitors this page gets know that I still have plans to expand Dzip's functionality. Lately I've just been really busy with school and other things... Hopefully within two weeks I'll have a new version of Dzip out; I've sped up several things. Also the other day I discovered a bug in the self extracting exe files. If you turn a .dz that has files with exactly 0% ratios in them to an exe, the exe will freeze up when it reaches those files. Doh!

YANDV - Sunday, February 11th 2001 - 10:23PM

That of course stands for Yet Another New Dzip Version! Dont ask about why I number them the way I do, but this one is v2.55 and is available from the downloads page, along with a list of what's new.

2.51 released - Friday, January 26th 2001 - 12:45AM

v2.51 is now available to fix that toolbar problem. It also fixes most of the uninstaller issues I mentioned two updates ago.

2.5 stuff - Wednesday, January 24th 2001 - 7:50PM

It seems there's some issues with v2.5's large toolbar. The disabled buttons don't seem to be being drawn correctly for anyone except me. It should look like this. I'm working to get that solved as soon as possible.

In other news, the console versions of v2.5 (Windows command prompt, Linux, and Solaris) have been posted on the Downloads page.

Dzip v2.5 - Tuesday, January 23rd 2001 - 1:00AM

I now fully understand all the reasons that software can be delayed... but I've finally got it done even though I should be doing school work instead :-) v2.5 of Dzip adds the following:

  • Download is now an install program
  • Smaller exe/dll sizes
  • Extraction of Quake demo files now 4x or more faster
  • Added optional large toolbar
  • Self extracting exe files work above 256mb, have less overhead, and warn when there's extraction problems
  • Fixed all issues related to path column, including sort
  • Settings are stored on a per-user basis if you use a multi-user machine
  • Sped up opening very large .dz files
  • Fixed problems where commands were selectable when they shouldn't be
  • Added sort by extension
  • Changed the tooltips to be a bit more descriptive
The following is some known issues with this version:
  • The uninstall will not remove the shortcuts that the install creates.
  • The uninstall will not remove the directory Dzip was installed to if it was created when it was installed.
There will be new Dos, Linux and Solaris versions of Dzip posted soon. Basically the only change there is the faster Quake demo extraction.

Dzip 2.4 released! - Monday, January 1st 2001 - 11:53PM

I have finished the latest version of dzip, with the feature that I didn't reveal to anybody (except one person) until right now. The new features is that you can now use dzip to create self extracting exe files! If you get annoyed trying to use Winzip's with its nag screen and its threats of no distribution, then you can use dzip to do the same thing, with less added space. Dzip only adds 28k onto the .dz file to make the exe, but Winzip adds 36k. And you know how much of a different *8k* is :)

Currently you don't have any options when making the exe files, but I hope to change that soon. Also it won't work with a file more than 256mb... yet.

Go ahead and download dzip v2.4 today, its only 73k!

Welcome to Dzip! - Monday, December 25th 2000 - 1:25AM

Welcome to the official Dzip homepage. Hope you like the new page. Thanks to Evan for doing it. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have some new things I'm working on for dzip and hope to have a new version out soon.

For those wondering what dzip is, here's the info from the about page:

  • Dzip is a program you can use to compress files. It performs just as good as the competition, or slightly better, on average, both in compression ratio and time. Although we haven't done any scientific tests yet, it seems to be a lot better at compressing whole directories containing many small files.
  • Dzip has full integration with the Windows shell. You can drag files into the dzip window to add them to a .dz file. You can drag files out of the dzip window wherever you would like them extracted. You can drag files on top of an icon for a .dz file to add them. Unlike WinZip, dzip will not 'double copy' files when you drag them out by extracting to the temp directory and them copying them to the destination, the files go straight to the destination.
  • Dzip has an added bonus if you play Quake. It compresses Quake's .dem file, recordings of the game, up to 300% better than other programs.
  • Dzip runs on any 32 bit windows platform (95/98/ME/NT/2000), requires only 150k of disk space, and uses minimal system resources.

Design and graphics is copyright © Evan Wagner, 2000