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C3:5 - Can you dig it?

Along with a new episode (digs01) added to the mighty SDA archive, we present you the 5th contest in the Third SDA Championship: Captivity of Demon, created by Artyom 'Digs' Glazkov. The BSP is named d2.

Just like last time, there are two categories:

  1. This contest will end in two weeks, Midnight CET, Sunday July 15th 2007.
  2. Send your demos to our contest email address.
  3. Name the demos and eventual textfiles in the format c3_5_er/eh_player.dem/txt. For example, a runner named Federico may send in c3_5_er_federico.dem and c3_5_eh_federico.dem.
  4. Points will be rewarded to the best placed runners in both categories, as explained on the championship page.
  5. Good luck and happy running!

Results : Easy Run

01. Dmitry Dementjev 28.46 10
02. Flavio Quadros 29.35 8
03. Karol Urbanski 30.08 6
04. Jaakko Alakopsa 31.63 5
05. David Spickermann 33.30 4
06. Marek Bartoszek 34.30 3

Results : Easy 100%

01. Dmitry Dementjev 1:13.87 10
02. Jaakko Alakopsa 1:16.30 8
03. Flavio Quadros 1:22.35 6
04. David Spickermann 1:31.76 5
05. Marek Bartoszek 1:44.42 4

Congratulations to Dmitry Dementjev who won both categories, again! Can anyone stop him on the way to Championship? I admit I had a chance but was too lazy, thus only 2nd place in the Easy 100%. :) Looks like the only challenger to Dmitry is Flavio unless they both skip the next contest... As the Easy Run route was shown in the project we didn't expect to see other ones, and that was the reality too. In the 100% there were mainly two routes and that set the pace. 2 people grenadejumping through the window at start were the best. I was a bit disappointed of the amount of contributors but it's not the worst activity that we have had. Let's not be as lazy in the next contest. :)

Enjoy the demos!