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Nolans 2003

id demos

Best id Run Best id 100%

Mission Pack demos

Best Mission Pack Run Best Mission Pack 100%

Custom Episode demos

Best Custom Episode Easy Run Best Custom Episode Easy Run Best Custom Episode Nightmare Run Best Custom Episode Nightmare 100%

Custom Level demos

Best Custom Level Easy Run Best Custom Level Easy 100% Best Custom Level Nightmare Run Best Custom Level Nightmare 100%

Coop and Marathon demos

Best Coop Run Best Coop 100% Best Marathon

Player awards

Rookie of the Year Most Improved Player Player of the Year Fool of the Year

Other awards

Coolest Trick In A Demo

Most Violent Demo Favorite 'Run of the Week' Contest Quake/SDA/QdQ Event of the Year

Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award

Anthony Bailey The Brains behind most of the earlier QdQ stuff and the dude with the looniest "toop"! :-)
Ilkka Kurkela The first one to explore and use bunnies properly, and the man with the most id demos ever!
Jozsef Szalontai First we had Markus, then along came the bunnymachine...
Justin Fleck The man with a 1000 (!) demos on SDA! /me bows!
Markus Taipale Mr. Smoothness himself, and the player with the perfect bunnies!
Martin Selinus Devoted to making optimal demos in good style, a true QdQ and SDA cornerstone.
Matthias Belz The man who filled all those nasty holes in the tables, and also one of the original 4 QdQ members!
Peter Horvath The devil in disguise! He's evil I tells ya, EEEVAAAL!
Stefan Schwoon The 5th QdQ member, and the man beind numerous QdQ tools and QdQ productions!
Thomas Stubgaard The Mad Danish Axe-swinging Viking with an urge to go on a killing spree on the ID levels!