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Nolans 2006

And so, the winners of this years Nolans have been chosen!

  • This year, we observed a total domination of two players: Mathias Thore, who got 7 statuettes in total, and Thomas Stubgaard, who got no less than 6. The rest of the winners added a single trophy to their collection.
  • Markus Taipale joined the SDA Hall of Fame this year! A deserved prize for the Mr. Smoothness himself, for all the demos he has made for SDA.
  • The award that received the highest score was Id Coop, e1m1_023 got 17 votes.
  • Coop Run was fought most closely, with first and last demo separated by 2 votes.
  • The most unequal category was Id Coop, 17 votes separated first and last.
  • The categories where winner got the least votes were Custom Level NR and Coop Run, 6 votes for winner each.

  • IRC Logs from the channels:
  • Ceremony channel: #nolans
  • Discussion channel: #qdq

    You can still download all demos here, unfortunately the menu is non-existant because the source vanished mysteriously. Also, if you don't have all the maps you need already, you can get a pretty big pack of them here. Keep in mind that to start pg, rde, cda, jzblue and czg07 you need to put their directories to the main Quake directory and use a "-game" command line option, or use the "gamedir" command directly in joequake. It's helpful to also copy your configs there.

    Id demos

    Best Id Run
  • e2m5_033 by Jozsef Szalontai
    Filled with a lot of precise mousework and great boosts, this is a top notch ID demo, truly worthy a place here.
  • e2m7_030 by Connor Fitzgerald
    Smoothness + ID demo + Connor = pure awesome. Another astonishing demo.
  • e3m5_056 by Mathias Thore
    Can we expect another improvement, or is this as good as it goes? Looking at the demo, this second option seems more plausible...
  • e3m7_040 by Thomas Stubgaard
    If somebody is insane enough to wait for a trick to happen for years, that's Stubby. And this demo is a proof of his madness.
  • e4m7_042 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    Now that's what I call bunnyhopping!

    Best Id Easy 100%

  • e3m3_049 by Thomas Stubgaard
    An outstanding 100%, smooth as butter, a very fine watch indeed.
  • e3m7_127 by Thomas Stubgaard
    Both the ammo usage and the quality of demo is incredible to see. Nice work Stubgaard!
  • e4m4_153 by Karol Urbanski
    First time ID demo by Karol is here only because the other alternative was a slower demo by Orbs. :)
  • e4m7_153 by Aleksander Osipov
    Even though beaten in 2007 by Aleksander himself, it remains a show of smoothness rare even on SDA.
  • end_035 by Thomas Stubgaard
    while already beaten, it is certainly a milestone in Quake running, and a beautiful demo at that.

    Best Id Nightmare 100%

  • e1m6_048 by Peter Horvath
    A 'Horvathesque' demo. If that doesn't make you download and watch, I don't know what will.
  • e3m1_129 by Thomas Stubgaard
    A smooth and awesome demo, I wonder how long did he work to get it.
  • e4m3_348 by Thomas Stubgaard
    He certainly dominates the 100% id categories, but there are a lot of reasons to that. And this demo is one of them.
  • e4m8_503 by Thomas Stubgaard
    That's a Stubgaard ID Nightmare 100%, what else there is to say...
  • end_055 by Thomas Stubgaard
    Another milestone in Quake running.

    Episode demos

    Best Episode Run

  • czg07b_037 by Mathias Thore
    A brave man doesn't need extra health.
  • jzb2_009 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    A very fast paced run. Arturo's gl is too fast for monsters to dodge it.
  • jzb4_008 by Mathias Thore
    This demo needed balls, and it was Chthon who gave one of his own to Mathias.
  • m6_121 by Aleksander Osipov
    Too bad monsters are such dumblings to help Alex to steal their precious key.
  • rd2b_020 by Mathias Thore
    Excellent usage of grenades and bunnies combined!

    Best Episode 100%

  • h3m3_153 by Aleksander Osipov
    Speedrunning must be easy to this man, since enemies don't move as much as in qw. :)
  • jzb2_016 by Martin Selinus
    Why to check if a monster is dead or not? It just takes time.
  • m6_208 by Aleksander Osipov
    This demo is no exception, he has a top class aim!
  • pg3_250 by Jaakko Alakopsa
    A speedrunner can't always depend on just skills, he also needs some luck.
  • tr1_129 by Thomas Bergendorff
    Very interesting idea. Patience is a virtue.

    Custom level demos

    Best Custom Easy Run

  • dm3r_049 by Connor Fitzgerald
    "1 health point left" boost at one point, great tricks all around the demo.
  • hdn_018 by Connor Fitzgerald
    He certainly knows how to bunnyhop, that Connor...
  • hor_024 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    Maintaining such precision with such high speeds is no easy task. Incredible work.
  • lf4_011 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    This is one of the slick demos you watch a few times in a row because you can't believe what you see, nice!
  • pit_050 by Martin Selinus
    ...because grenade launcher boosts are the best! Very nice demo.

    Best Custom Easy 100%

  • cb1_025 by Jonny Andersson
    A short demo full of precise and FAST boosts. Killing enemies is an added bonus :)
  • cda_458 by Thomas Stubgaard
    Stubgaard's demo on a custom map, worthy of an ID demo. Why won't he make more demos on custom maps damnit?
  • dm3r_348 by Aleksander Osipov
    dm3rmx is a fun map, and this demo is even more fun to watch.
  • eld_049 by Flavio Quadros
    A demo in which every shot does what it is supposed to deserves recognition. A fine work indeed, Flavio!
  • endp_015 by Mathias Thore
    Intermission killing is incredibly useful, especially in hands of Mathias.

    Best Custom Nightmare Run

  • arun_009 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    Incredibly slick demo. Owned indeed, Ken...
  • cult_020 by Mathias Thore
    Demos that smooth aren't an often occurence. Very nice bunnyhopping!
  • f1m3_035 by Jonathan Lenhardt
    I'm sure Jonathan would agree grenade boosting is fun :). This demo is pleasant to eyes, that's for sure...
  • rip_052 by Mathias Thore
    This category is gonna be tight, every demo seems optimised to its fullest. This demo is NOT an exception.
  • wr11_018 by Arturo Garcia Lasca
    Rocket jumping taken to the extreme, more demos like that please!

    Best Custom Nightmare 100%

  • 116a_027 by Peter Horvath
    And Peter proves once again that he is unstoppable with a grenade launcher.
  • cda_701 by Thomas Stubgaard
    The final room is a true gem in this demo. More custom maps demos please!
  • eye_114 by Thomas Bergendorff
    As if great aim, nice boosts and so much smoothness weren't enough for a place here, Thomas adds two intermission kills. Great!
  • mis_029 by Tom Nguyen
    Another demo full of precise boosting, great watch.
  • tspe_105 by Thomas Bergendorff
    Can killing enemies go smoother than this?

    Coop and Marathon demos

    Best Coop - Id

  • e1m1_023 by Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard
    Fantastic coop action from both of them.
  • e1m4_042 by Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard
    Impressive way to get to the silver key and tight ending makes it wonderful to watch.
  • e1m8ng_055 by Jonny Andersson, Daniel Andersson
    Low gravity is for girls who can't do rocket boosts properly.
  • e2m6_113 by Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard
    I think they both enjoyed of it. Chilling in the elevator and having fun with the quad.
  • e3m5_031 by Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard
    It looks like the wind blows everywhere on this map when these guys are there!

    Best Coop - Run

  • ev1_038 by Jonny Andersson, Carl Tholin
    Jonny wanted to save his pretty balls and let Carl boost his ass.
  • h1m5_037 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Aleksander Osipov
    Very nice hipnotic coop by sidd and NahkahiiR. More demos wanted!
  • hhou_040 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Paul Davies
    My favorite map, nice boost on the roof, pretty cool all in all.
  • m6_111 by Aleksander Osipov, Jaakko Alakopsa
    Looks smooth. Nice work there!
  • tr2_033 by Mathias Thore, Jaakko Alakopsa
    All the small boosts make this demo a fine watch.

    Best Coop - 100%

  • 2r5_048 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Anders Nordensten
    Pretty slick for a coop demo.
  • h3m3_117 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Aleksander Osipov
    That's a good team of coop-ers right there, very fun demo!
  • m2_018 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Paul Davies
    Swift killing of enemies and an added intermission kill, very cool.
  • m6_148 by Aleksander Osipov, Jaakko Alakopsa
    Those two seem to like the map, and I seem to like the demo :). Very fun to watch.
  • r2m6_219 by Michael Hudson, Richard Skidmore
    Rocket boosting in rogue maps? Is it possible? Awesome job, boys.

    Best Marathon

  • e3_227 by Mathias Thore, Thomas Stubgaard
    Mathias does bunnyhopping, Thomas boosting and waiting. Fair share.
  • h1_539 by Evan Wagner, Justin Fleck
    Good cleaning of hipnotic without massive fleck-ups.
  • jzb_039 by Mathias Thore
    A marathon can't get much faster than this, well done Mathias.
  • pg_840 by Jaakko Alakopsa
    Too good looking maps for monsters to live in them.
  • tr_212 by Jonathan Lenhardt
    When you need bunny power and tricks, call Jonathan.

    Best Madcoop

  • dmc2_027 by Mathias Thore, Paul Davies, Basil de Vries, Michael Hudson
    The routes were split equally. Nice planning!
  • e1m6_018 by Mathias Thore, Robert Maglic, Jaakko Alakopsa, Jozsef Szalontai
    This is damn impressive, more madcoops like that!
  • e3m1_045 by Daniel Hansson, Daniel Andersson, Jonny Andersson
    The heroes from Uddevalla aren't wasting any time.
  • e4m6_059 by Thomas Stubgaard, Mathias Thore, Thomas Bergendorff
    Even though Mathias almost fell asleep at the exit, the performance doesn't suffer.
  • e4m7_051 by Jaakko Alakopsa, Aleksander Osipov, Paul Davies, Basil de Vries
    Perfect cooperation always impressed me in coop demos, and this one has lots of it.

    Player awards

    Rookie of the Year

  • Flavio Quadros
  • Joshua Anthony
  • Karol Urbanski
  • Nathan Egan
  • Rui Neto

    Player of the Year

  • Aleksander Osipov
  • Arturo Garcia Lasca
  • Connor Fitzgerald
  • Dmitry Dementjev
  • Jaakko Alakopsa
  • Karol Urbanski
  • Mathias Thore
  • Paul Davies
  • Thomas Bergendorff
  • Thomas Stubgaard

    Other awards

    Best Contest

  • Kill Them All
  • The Slipgate Simplex
  • Shub's Old Pit
  • Around The World
  • Pyramid Caper

    Quake/SDA/QDQ Event of the Year

  • Paul "Lag.Com" Davies joins SDA (and vanishes without a trace...)
  • SpeedCon 2006
  • Quake done 100% Quick lite 2
  • Quake done Double Quick lite
  • 10th anniversary of Quake release

    Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award
  • Anthony Bailey
    The Brains behind most of the earlier QdQ stuff.
  • Jozsef Szalontai
    The Hungarian bunny machine, QdQ runner and producer, and creator of JoeQuake.
  • Justin Fleck
    The man with over a 1000 demos on SDA!
  • Markus Taipale
    Mr. Smoothness himself. His perfect bunnies gave him loads of optimal ID-records already years ago.
  • Martin Selinus
    Devoted to making optimal demos in good style, a true QdQ and SDA cornerstone.
  • Matthias Belz
    The man who filled all those nasty holes in the tables, and also one of the original 4 QdQ members!
  • Richard Skidmore
    Our first choice news updater, who also happens to kick major rump in the nightmare 100% tables.
  • Stefan Schwoon
    The 5th QdQ member, and the man beind numerous QdQ tools and QdQ productions.