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Sunday, April 26, 2015 by IsraeliRD

New runs for old games

Everyone knows Myst, right? The original was probably the best but it had lots of remakes and ports and some didn't do the game justice (3DS anyone?). Andrew 'eLeveN' Buckman tackles the 100% category on the realMyst version and beats the game in 0:28:20, Single Segment.

Not everyone, however, would know about Cadash. The Balrog, a powerful demonic wizard promised his fellow demons that if they rise up against humanity they would take over the planet, and centuries afterwards they have nearly successfully done so. To complete that process, The Balrog also kidnapped a princess (couldn't guess that). 'Pasky' comes in to undo the centuries of the uprising in 0:26:10, playing as the Ninja in Single Segment.

A tad late but a few weeks ago Radix posted a new Quake update and I highly recommend you check it out. It has 28 new demos for you to watch and should quench some of your Quake speedrunning thirst. In addition to that 'ikk' is a fan of Quake speedruns and he made a topic where he records demos and uploads to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. You should ask him to make a few videos... maybe a couple thousand?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by IsraeliRD & UraniumAnchor

Alone in the Dark

I have to disagree. Most of the game is lit up.

To prove that, here are not one but two speedruns from the series: Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark 2. In the first game Edward Carnby is sent to retrieve a piano which may contain a secret that explains why did its owner commit suicide, and instead finds lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Alexis 'NHG' Gabaig skips quite a lot of the game and beats it in 0:09:27, Single Segment. In the sequel we have the mystery of why did the developers remove most of the horror theme of the first game and make a shitty sequel. Unfortunately we may not get an answer but according to Alexis 'NHG' Gabaig it's more interesting to speedrun than the first one. Go figure. The run being presented to you today clocks at 0:24:40, Single Segment.

Patrick 'PJ' DiCesare has questionable taste in a lot of things (such as music, judging by some of the stuff he wrote for this next run) but his skills at speedruns are very much unquestionable. Today we give you a mighty 0:18:22 on the PC version of Bionic Commando: Rearmed, which is even more broken than the console version because of strange physics tricks that can be done when manipulating the framerate at certain points. Why games continue to use variable-step physics is something I'll never understand, but when it means that the run can be made significantly shorter (if harder because of the lack of a certain weapon) then I suppose I can live with it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Let's Get Serious

Apparently things broke with the last Serious Sam update due to and our scripts not playing nice, so we'll patch them up today. If you haven't had enough of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter then Nikita 'Tezur0' Buriak submitted two improvements for the Individual Levels table, pushing it to 0:37:23 which is 0:02:11 faster since the last news update. We have Oasis in 0:00:46, a 0:01:20 improvement and Metropolis in 0:06:35, a 0:00:51 improvement. If you're too lazy to scroll down, then here's the previously posted Moon Mountains in 0:01:05 from Yoann 'Yoyoshi' Decamps. At this time of writing Moon Mountains flash player is buggy, but you can still download via dl and archive without problems.

It doesn't feel like 5 months since Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers last appeared on the front page. 'philosoraptor42' keeps improving the 100% category and gives us an 18 seconds improvement, bringing the time down to 0:13:13.

Adding a new ending to Clock Tower is always good to have (although most may be similar). Playing fully through the game and grabbing the elusive S Ending is Lawrence 'playe' Palmiter, who lets Ann die instead of Laura. We're sorry Ann (and her fans), but watching you die is half a minute faster and frankly we're on a tight schedule to escape today in 0:20:57.

To continue on the horror theme I have a new game for you to watch, The Cat Lady. Susan Ashworth is chronically depressed and her only companions are stray cats that she is able to summon by playing her piano. After one night where she commits suicide, the Queen of Maggots sends her back to the living world as an immortal and gives her the task to get rid of five psychopaths. Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko plays through this interesting game in 1:45:57, Single Segment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 by IsraeliRD


They say it's the best cure. Both games below are attempting to be humoristic, so we might help a few of you today.

Years after the first game The Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate takes place where Zanthia, a young female alchemist and wizard, finds that the Kingdom of Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece. The Mystics hold a meeting and The Hand (a giant glove with supposedly no relation to Master Hand) gives Zanthia the task to obtain a magic anchor stone from the centre of the world. Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko helps Zanthia on her quest for a new wardrobe (and save Kyrandia, can't forget that) in 0:31:56, Single Segment.

There are quite a few metroidvania inspired games, and today we have a run for Magicians and Looters. Unlike most games in this style it differs in its very funny yet silly dialogue, having several characters with their own abilities and items, and an ability to throw fruit at enemies. 'Uraj' runs through the many enemy mobs to beat the game in 0:34:13, Single Segment.

Saturday, April 11, 2015 by UraniumAnchor

A Long Time Coming

Travis 'Klaige' Nible has long been threatening (or promising, depending on your perspective) that he'd be revisiting Castlevania Bloodlines and pushing the John Morris category (aka whip guy) under half an hour. A couple of months back I was fortunate enough to catch his 0:29:50 live, and I'm pretty sure I heard his victory yell across three states. Trust me when I say it's fantastic. And as a bonus, it's got not one, but TWO audio commentary tracks. If you haven't already seen it on his Twitch channel, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Level Select

I got good levels for you to play on your favorite media player.

Are you a power-hungry Shaman? Are other tribes keeping you away from becoming a God? Do you like killing mercilessly using supernatural disasters? If you answered yes to all questions, then Populous: The Beginning is the game for you! You play as a female Shaman and you take your tribe to battle against three other tribes who simply wish to remove you from existence. Battling on 25 different planets is 'Grubby Hour' who dismantles everything in his path using some crazy routes and blessing from the God of RNG, in 2:39:18.

If you enjoy plain good kills with something that resembles a storyline then I have Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, which today sees a 21 seconds improvement in its Individual Levels list, which now stands at 0:39:34. Yoann 'Yoyoshi' Decamps speedran Moon Mountains and got 0:01:05, tourist difficulty.

It is not often we see two speedruns for the same game in one update, but guess you get lucky today. The game in question is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. This "part sequel, part prequel" game sees the Rainbow team on the hunt after terrorists with chemical bombs, but as it turns out the mastermind is an ex-Rainbow team member who is a bit full of himself. 'Soliduz Znake' plays the game on the PS3 version, and achieves a time of 1:49:35. Tim 'Judgy' Kedge plays on the PC version, netting a time of 1:16:11. Both runs are on the Casual difficulty.

Saturday, April 4, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Detective Weekend

Take out your magnifying glass, we're going on a search for clues in this novel!

One of the best female detectives around is Nancy Drew, gaining worldwide fame for solving crimes, especially murders, thanks to her cunning ability to interrogate suspects, solve puzzles and discover clues. It is as such no surprise as to why she visits us today. Crimes have been committed in both Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies and Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device. Unfortunately she is on a tight weekend (Easter and all, ya'know) so she needed some additional help. Joining forces with her is Michael 'arglefumph' Gray who seems to know what he is doing, able to solve mind-boggling puzzles and go directly to where he needs to be every time... suspicious. On The Deadly Device Niko Jovic was found fatally electrocuted and with his tech worth millions, some people could play a hand in his untimely demise. Michael 'arglefumph' Gray catches his or her murderer in 0:34:40, done in 10 segments. Paying attention to Labyrinth of Lies now, we see Greek artifacts mysteriously disappear right as the museum's most anticipated event of the year, Persephone in Winter, a play about the myth of Persephone, is being performed. Michael 'arglefumph' Gray figures out the mystery in a surprisingly fast 0:52:04, Single Segment. Both runs were done on the Amateur sleuth mode. I think the biggest mystery of the day is the fact that Nancy Drew is 18 years old in Labyrinth of Lies, released in 2014, and was also 18 in the first game about her, released in 1998.

Onto older detectives that didn't age either I have for you the World's Greatest Detective, Batman. We had seen several runs come past on the fan-favorite Batman: Arkham Asylum game page, and the community keeps breaking the game further every time, with new discoveries being found even recently. That is some good detective work, guys. Anyhow until they are all implemented I have an awesome run for you to watch by 'cojosao'. Using a brilliant skip to cut the bell in the mansion tower, we skip Scarecrow 2 and lots of other things. Not only that but rounding up with a few more small skips that save additional time and overall better gameplay, the time to beat is 1:47:23, done on GOTY version on the PC. Now please play this in your head: na na na na na na na na na... BATMAN!

The last mystery of the day is why do speedrunners have this affinity to play extremely bad ports to games; they are glitchy, unstable, crash a lot, inconsistent, got bad controls and seem to have had little to no testing. I don't think 'triblast55' has an answer for us. Today's "why was this made" game is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and I should mention right now it is the Ubisoft Shanghai version (PS3/X360/PC). Sam Fisher is set up by the government as a bank robber and killer in order to infiltrate the terrorist organization, John Brown's Army (JBA). Completing missions for both the NSA and JBA, Sam is doing his usual detective work that involves lots of dead people left behind, although only three choices decide what ending the player gets. 'triblast55' beats the game in the Best Ending and also plays through the unlocked bonus level from it in 1:42:20, done in 106 segments, Hard difficulty, with 100% Stealth score for all levels which means Sam doesn't get to kill those who aren't his objectives. While some may argue 106 segments were done for optimization, the runner says it is due to the game being crash-happy. I should also note the amount of bugs results in some hilarious results with Sam being invisible to guards even in pure daylight. In front of them.

Today's final game is O.D.T.. Now you must be asking me why this belongs here and this is a mystery that I want you to solve. The airship Nautiflyus with its Captain Lamat takes a shortcut through the Forbidden Zone (another mystery!) and crash-lands, and now its captain and a Green Pearl with healing powers are abducted, and the other four crew members set out to rescue both Captain and the Green Pearl. Runner Dan 'DanE' Söderhäll goes through the many puzzles in this game as he plays as Ike on the Easy difficulty and finishes the game in the Bad Ending in 1:03:49, using 10 segments.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 by IsraeliRD

April Fools?

Surprise! A serious update.

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel is a Japanese Mega-Man clone that is actually pretty good. 'Vucious Creed' plays as the lovely Freudia and with several new tricks under his sleeve, he improves the previous run by 30.82 seconds, down to 0:32:19.94, Single Segment. You can alternatively download the replay file.

If you enjoy good Pikmin speedruns, then today you'll be happy to see a run from 'MrDodiou' who chose to run the game on the 100% category. Using plenty of impressive techniques and a good dash of luck the time to be awed at is 1:08:15, Single Segment.

If you enjoy horror adventure games, then The Marionette is for you. A struggling sculptor is drawn to a strange world and attempts to find out why he was brought there as well as escape. Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko chose to get Eshana's death ending because it is faster to stab someone than pay actual attention to them, so he ended up with a run time of 0:03:12, Single Segment.

An enhanced remake of a remake? Sounds like Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, a very successful milking of the Mario franchise. Added to it was the Nintendo e-Reader which allowed players to insert cards that gave special power-ups or levels. Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener got all 12 U.S. released levels and ran them to a total time of 0:09:57.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 by IsraeliRD


Now in a range of flavours your whole family will enjoy.

After regaining consciousness from a car crash, 'Zakky the Goatragon' finds himself in front of a large, old mansion, and his sibling missing. As he ventures through the house no living soul is found, but instead he finds the undead and learns that he is Uninvited. Using lots of magic and solving puzzles, 'Zakky the Goatragon' is able to save his sibling in 0:12:00, Single Segment.

The spin-off title to the Aero the Acro-Bat series is Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel. An evil lumberjack has invaded Stony Forest and is chopping trees in order to make paper, which he will use to print counterfeit money, possibly more than one million dollars. mwhahahaha. Eric 'Omnigamer' Koziel takes on Zero's world and beats the game in 0:11:31, Single Segment.

If a few Touhou games did not satisfy your need to take photographs, how about Fatal Frame III: The Tormented ? Rather than take selfies with bosses, you take pictures of ghosts to ghost-bust them (I'm sorry). 'Danielle' is in love with Kei, so she sets out to save her and captures it on film (I'm not sorry) for us in 2:28:49. This is a Single Segment run done on New Game Plus, thus Best Ending, and in Nightmare difficulty.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Saving the World

One update at a time?

Have terrorists amassed a diabolical force again? Is your Free World threatened by total destruction? Sounds like you need the LX-3 Super Cobra helicopter! That is pretty much the plot of Cobra Command, which is not related to G.I. Joe at all. Piloting the 1988 version of the game which took out all the fun and instead just rescues hostages is Marko 'MASTER-88' Vanhanen, and finishing in 0:15:45 (with deaths) you too will get freedom!

If the above disaster did happen and a global war nearly decimated humankind, we would probably end up in the events of Oniken. The titular evil cybernetic organization takes control of the bad situation, but a ninja mercenary comes out of nowhere (ninja or what?) and shows them who's boss. Taking control of the ninja is 'Thaan' and he saves the world in 0:16:52, and explains how he did that in the provided audio commentary.

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