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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 by Radix

When viruses attack

Lots of new games in this update, which was delayed due to a nasty cold I suffered from Sunday night and all day Monday.

Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master is the first Sega Genesis game to get a speed run here at SDA. Wesley 'Molotov' Corron has done a run in 0:41:58.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is the second Star Wars and Jedi Knight game to be listed. This time the run is by David Rickard of Half-Life fame. He does each of the 21 levels in its own segment and then appended them all together to have one avi file. The final time was 0:34:03.

Bionic Commando is a 1988 NES game that I know I've at least seen a picture of the map, but the game itself doesn't seem like one I played. Scott Kessler did a run of it back in April and only now got it captured after a few people pestered him about it. The time is 0:18:20.

Next we have a speed run on Metroid Prime 2: Echoes by veteran Mr. Metroid Nathan Jahnke. Well, not quite... the game doesn't come out until November 15th. The run is on the small demo version that is available from Nintendo if you register games or subscribe to NP. Although I didn't really see the point, a lot of people were trying to speed run it so I figured I can put it up here temporarily until the full game comes out. The time is 0:05:12, available in three qualities.

Finally, some updated Mario Kart 64 vids by the Gutierrez brothers:

Friday, September 24, 2004 by Radix

Hands off the Ocarina

Mike 'TSA' Damiani has finally improved his Ocarina of Time Zelda run, getting a time of 5 hours and 4 minutes in a Single-segment run. That's about 21 minutes faster than his previous one. He really wanted under 5 hours, just because it's that threshold thing at work, but it looks like it's not happening unless someone else decides to take up this long game! Just like last time the download is over a gig, but it's split into 15 parts to make it doable even for you modem goers out there.

A few new Mario Kart 64 vids. All of the vids by Myles Bukrim have been reuploaded in much better quality! Also a new vid from him, Rainbow Road shortcut fast lap in 0:01:05.34, 0.17 seconds faster than the previous one. Also an old video by Mike Simmons has surfaced, Banshee Boardwalk in 0:01:44.96, 0.11 seconds faster than the previous one... but it has no sound.

I'll be away this weekend, I've agreed to be bored at my parent's place in exchange for free food & laundry.

Sunday, September 19, 2004 by Radix

Mega Man: Aria of Hazard Course

This weekend there's two improvements to Mega Man runs, a new Castlevania game, and a run of the Half-Life Hazard course.

Mike Uyama has improved both records on Mega Man X4, which continues to be the most popular to run Mega Man game! He achieved a time of 0:51:31 with X, over 13.5 minutes faster than the previous, and 0:49:18 as Zero, nearly 10 minutes faster than the previous demo, which wasn't even 100%! That's right, Mike crushed the previous times AND got 100% collection!

Veteran Metroid runner Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody has done a run on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, the 3rd GBA Castlevania game. I had the pleasure of playing this game on a pirate copy that I bought off ebay earlier this summer... eventually I had to send it to paypal as proof that I was frauded. Don't buy from people in Hong Kong folks, even if they have 100+ feedback. :-\ Anyway, DD's run was on hard mode and he achieves a time of 1:03:03 in 14 segments, and that's getting the Chaos ending, not the 'fake' ending.

In Half-Life you wouldn't think a speed run of the training level Hazard course would be that exciting, but suprisingly the 3 minute 16 second run that's the result of David Rickard's work is quite entertaining. Sure, there's a little idle time here and there while you listen to somebody talk, but during the rest it's just as exciting as his main HL run!

All runs in this update are available in three versions. I've added an x/y/z MB size to show the size of all three runs right on the game pages for these runs, since I think on the runs that have low and high versions, people don't know about them and only see the normal quality size and maybe don't download because it's too big, or too small (!?). But if you think it's dumb and I should just leave the mention of low/high only on the mirror list, let me know. Oh and just a note, when you contact me on aim or icq, don't just say "hi" or "yo" and expect an answer. Try asking a freaking question!

Friday, September 17, 2004 by Radix

Caught up?!

Ben Fichter has done the same for Max Payne that Tim Doherty previously did for Max Payne 2. He has recorded runs on all 25 levels. The game doesn't show a time so we just used the entire time of the level, including cutscenes, out of laziness and that they aren't cutscenes with load time. Since I'm still playing Pikmin 2 like crazy I haven't done the extra work to add this to yet, so you'll have to deal with fileplanet or wait until tomorrow evening.

Can I really be caught up? I've actually got everything out of the incoming directory... and I finally got those old mk64 and BC vids posted. So now I can relax!.... ah shit there's 3 more runs that have been uploaded by Nate, arrrrgh!

Thursday, September 16, 2004 by Radix

Dante should die

Wesley 'Molotov' Corron has done a speed run on the PlayStation 2 game Devil May Cry. He used the 'Super Dante' mode, which from what I understand is an unlockable mode and you have extra abilities from a first playthrough. If I'm not totally wrong about that, then a normal playthrough would of course be tracked separately. Anyway Wesley's time is 0:51:29 on Normal skill.

One new MK64 vid, Banshee Boardwalk in 0:01:45.07 by Jeffrey Gutierrez. That's a big 0.05 seconds faster than the old one!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 by Radix

More Mario Kart 64

I knew since I took so long to post them that a lot would be outdated by the time I did... and so today I received a set of better mk64 vids from Andrew Weatherton. I think I'll follow the standard bullet style update from the Quake section to list them!

Monday, September 13, 2004 by Radix

You don't have to 'run' in a speed run

There's always been some slight confusion over if certain games can be speed run because it's not a running game... well that's just being silly, as long as you can go fast it qualifies! So in this update there's two driving games! Both of which I've had the files for sitting on my drive for a few months now, just never taking the time to organize. Special thanks to LLCoolDave for finallly doing it for me :-p

In the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps there's some thin excuse for a plot as the reason you're driving around crashing through buildings... although there's a bunch of levels that are just racing style 4-lap courses, and even two strange pac-man parody levels. Matthew Piper sent me his collection of recordings on all 57 levels, with each time below the required for a platinum rank.

Mario Kart 64 is the classic N64 game featuring Mario and friends with 16 courses. I received a large amount of vids on these a few months ago, but was reluctant to sort through them when I watched a few and noticed the horrible quality. Many videos are only 200x130, some have no sound, others are webcams with discipable picture quality.... so finally I'm posting only those that have been deemed worthy. There's still a couple posted with no sound or webcams that actually look good, and lots of small vids. For the vids that were too terrible to post I left the time in the table as just a goal to shoot for, even though there are other record sites of course. I'll take any good looking vid that is "pretty close" to those listed times. There are even a couple of entries for which I received no vid, not even a crappy one. One example is the Rainbow Road full course... so I whipped up a 0:05:47.94 on my third attempt. It's total crap though... I can't do that sliding thing, so... yeah, it's crap. Someone please improve it, and fill in the rest!

Saturday, September 11, 2004 by Radix

No medichlorians in sight

The first Star Wars game to land in the archive is Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast for multiple platforms. David 'LLCoolDave' Spickermann has done a run on the PC version, and due to the impossibility to duplicate PC games exactly on consoles, it'd always be unfair to compare a PC version to a console version, so I just list the game as a PC game. Dave got a time of 1:29:35 which contains several half-second save penalties just like used in Half-Life for reasons of discouragement of the 'save anywhere' system and because PC games like to skip a few frames after you load a save.

There's a new Break the Targets vid for the Super Smash Bros. Melee page. I received Marth in 0:00:08.92 vid, but it was done in PAL mode. Due to the continued inability of game programmers to make games that play the same in 60fps ntsc and 50fps pal, the flippers in a few btt stages behave slightly differently on the two, resulting in a faster time on pal than possible in ntsc... so I've added a new line to the table just for Marth - PAL with the 0:00:08.92 as the record of course. For those who don't have the records memorized, that's 0.03s faster than Senju's vid. Also the vid plays slower than real time... I'm not sure if that's the PAL game at work again, or if the 'Smashbros' guy who did it has some strange capture equipment that can lag and not drop frames or what.

Friday, September 10, 2004 by Radix

Game addictions don't help your website schedule

Wow, a whole week goes by with me addicted to Pikmin 2 and not updating. And this update is pretty small because I must get to bed and only had time to actually get one run online... The famous 'kip' has claimed another Metroid Prime record with the first recorded run on Hard mode, and also the first recorded 22% game. That's right he's done the ultimate low% in Metroid Prime. (because 21% is just not happening ever!) Although by the 2nd half he didn't quite give a damn about speed, he still went pretty fast, just did a lot of killing things to survive. He managed to still get under 2 hours with 1:54, clearly smashing the last attempt at a hard low % game (3:10 sometime last year).

Many more games to follow this weekend...

Thursday, September 2, 2004 by Radix

Some blue spikey-haired kid

It seems there's this character called Goemon who has been in quite a few games that I've never even heard of until I got a speed run submitted on one of them. The avatar of the recently registered Goemon user on the m2k2 forum is appropriate for this update... it's Goemon with a metroid. And that's just what's in this update.

Wouter Jansen did a 100% run of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in a time of 3:46. That's my first exposure to this Goemon fellow folks!

The Metroid Zero Mission record was broken 2 months ago... but you're only now seeing the video of this 0:29:54 run, 28 seconds faster than the previous. The reason is that the author, Jason 'GameCube04' Baum, didn't put as much effort into the run as he wanted, so it has it's rough spots. He thought of redoing it completely, and then redoing just the last segment, and then redoing it completely again... but a lack of time and interest led him to eventually just send off the tape as it was. Still, it's the first run under 30 minutes, a time that seemed inconceivable when the game came out just 6 months ago!

An even older run, from April, is finally posted on the Metroid page. Scott Kessler performed the early Tourian trick to skip Norfair and Ridley's lair completely, and finish the game in 22 minutes and 11 seconds. This is a new category for the game... the only one left would be a 0 boss run for low%, who's going to do that!

Monday, August 30, 2004 by Radix

The fastest RPG?

Most RPG games out there take 10+ hours to complete, even if you're actually trying to go through quickly, so they aren't very good for speed runs. But David Gibbons has completed Super Mario RPG in just under 4 hours in 13 segments. The key to any potential RPG speed run is only doing enough of the battles to level up just enough that the bosses don't slaughter you, and that requires quite a bit of strategy, so if you've played the game it's definitely worth a look.

An update on the SSBM page, 'raserucort' informed me of his 0:00:07.55 with Captain Falcon, 0.03 seconds faster than the previous vid from 'Senju'.

If you dont read the main SDA news, you haven't seen that I moved the forum due to GameSpy's further incompetance, and also changed all links.

Friday, August 27, 2004 by Radix

For when GameSpy sucks more than usual

The GameSpy dynamic server has been undergoing "maintenence" for the last 12+ hours and as a result you probably haven't been able to download anything here. Well this is just a reminder that you can use the Archive Speed Runs Collection to browse through all runs listed here (and a few that aren't) and download them from there.

Thursday, August 26, 2004 by Radix

Websites don't help your sleep schedule

Once again I stay up past 3...4...5 am in order to get an update for here finished. Good thing my job has flexible hours huh.

The other NES run from Richard Ureta is a 0:30:39 of Mega Man 2. It caused me greate frustration to capture because of the very blue Bubble Man stage, and the result is pieced together from 4 different captured files and it's still not perfect at all... but this is the best I can do. The playing is of far better quality than my capture of that stage :-\

Metroid Zero Mission hasn't seen much action lately, most players have moved on to other games, but Damien 'Dragondarch' Moody has been working hard on improving his Single-segment 100% on normal skill, and after getting a 0:57:06, 2 minutes and 29 seconds faster, he's taking a break from the game too! The run is very solid for something so long, except IMHO the worse mistake is in the first minute... not sure why he didn't just restart!

The ultimate speed run challenge has come to pass for Pikmin thanks to 'Sesshoumaru' from metroid2002. Last month I told him about the 50 pikmin in 10 day completion, but the fact that The Distant Spring took 3 days just didn't sit right with him. A few days later he had figured out a plan that he was sure would work, and soon enough he did it. Since he couldn't record, I had to try to do it myself, but I couldn't manage to do the earlier day 3 at The Forest Navel... so I bypassed it by partially doing it, in order to reach DS. I recorded a day 5 and 7 as proof of Sess's strat and awaited a full video from whoever would do it. Well I pretty much knew it would be Dragorn, who had done the 10/50 vid, and he pulled it all off very quickly. What better way to prepare for Pikmin 2 than to watch this supreme ownage of the original in 9 days with only 50 pikmin?

The run that started SDA on the path away from Quake-exclusivness has finally been beaten. My own 1:37 100% of Metroid Prime has been improved by 'kip' who holds the any% record at 1:04. With such an amazing show in the 1:04, you'd expect him to get 1:25 for the 100% right? Nope, the bum beat me by one lousy minute! He wasn't even really trying, just doing a psuedo run to try out all the new things that have been discovered since my run, such as some tweaks to the route that I suggested.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 by Radix

Holy crap do I need a new computer!

Loads of problems entirely due to my old 1999 computer have caused this update to contain only two runs... the rest being delayed yet again. My computer is too slow for me to play back the files I received for one of the runs, so I'll have to view it on a computer at work to time it. I ran out of disk space while capturing a run tonight, after I'd already deleted 8GB of stuff. Then I went to watch a run which I was already uploading, and half way through noticed about 20 seconds of crap... my old capture card had freaked on something and just ate 10 seconds of video and made the next bit extremely choppy before catching up and leaving the sound off synch for the rest of the video. I tried to fix it but every time at the same spot it freaks again.

At least Scott Kessler can capture runs himself, or his Zelda II run wouldn't be here today... although I still had to help him out by taking the 900+mb mpeg file and compressing it for him since he was having sound problems. He got a time of 1:12:10 for the run, slightly more than eleven minutes faster than TSA's run from last week!

I received the comments from Richard U, so I can post his Super Mario Bros. 3 run. He got a time of 0:11:11 using the standard double warp whistles to reach world 8 after only four boards.

Richard's other run on the tape is the one above that makes my capture card shit a brick. Hopefully I can figure something out and have it online soon. Meanwhile, if anyone is feeling generous and wants to send me some $$$ for a new compuer.... :-p

Sunday, August 22, 2004 by Radix

Will I ever be caught up?

I was behind before I took that 3300 mile trip, and now it's even worse. This update contains 3 runs but there are many more yet, so it should be a busy week here.

First, William Tansley has improved his record for the fastest PAL time on Metroid Prime, getting a 1:11, four minutes faster. This run features a new method to get space jump first for PAL-ers, the once-thought NTSC-only helpful Thardus trick, and accidentally forgetting the ice spreader!

The Resident Evil run has been beaten by 'smilingjack13', who once held the 23% record on Metroid Prime. His run is about 25½ minutes faster than the previous one from Sascha, brining the time under an hour and a half! Now when will someone do a run with poor forgotten Chris?

David Gibbons continues to expand the games list by doing a 2 hour 22 minute run on the Nintendo 64 game Body Harvest. This odd looking game is about going back in time to stop alien invasions in various decades.

I received a tape from Richard Ureta with two NES runs on it, but I can't post them yet because he didn't leave me any comments nor a way to contact him. So, let's hope he reads this and gets back in touch!

Sunday, August 15, 2004 by Radix

Heading for the big sky.

Two new runs this weekend: TSA has improved his Zelda II run by 8 minutes and 9 seconds to reach a new time of 1:23:13. Unfortunatly the quality is rather bad in spots because of vhs problems, but he says that there's another run on the way...

Metroid Prime sees another improvement to the low% 23% time, dropping ten minutes in a new run by 'Bartendorsparky' to 1:15. This is another classic example of a prime run where the player gets better as he goes, so the earlier segments aren't as good as the later ones. That's also true in terms of video quality, somehow sparky purchashed some kind of magic vcr with increcible quality. He commented that the high quality versions of the vids look better than they did on his TV when he played.

I'll be out of town for a week, going on a trip with my brother. Sorry for all the runs that will have to wait until I get back.

Friday, August 13, 2004 by Radix

In space, no one can hear you scream.

To commemorate the release of the Alien vs. Predator movie, Nathan Jahnke has done speed runs on the Alien vs Predator game for Atari Jaguar. The Jaguar was one of those not-so-succesful consoles from the early 90s, but the game was a representation of the popularity of the series. The game has three playable characters, a marine, alien and predator. He did a run with all three characters, getting 0:36:28 as the marine, 0:19:52 as the predator, and 0:10:37 as the alien.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 by Radix


No, this update is not about pieces of wood... it's about two new speed runs on Mega Man X4. First, Steven 'Bartz' Brooks noticed that there wasn't a run using X, so he whipped one up and got a nice time of 1:05:05. Then Kelvin Wong decided to improve Brightstar's Zero run, and he improved it by 4 minutes and 59 seconds to get 0:58:55. Not only did he improve it by that much, but he also got 100% of the items!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 by Radix

Jet Force Gemini

David Gibbons has struck again, with another very long Single-segment run through a game, Jet Force Gemini. The real time is almost 5 hours, but because of lots of unskippable cutscenes (shame on Rare!) the game's timer showed 3:21 at the end. Although it was done in a single recording, the file had to be cut up in to parts because of limitations of using mp3 in avi that I wasn't aware of until this. Since I've never played the game, this is about all I can say... hope it's enjoyable.

Friday, July 30, 2004 by Radix

Not ready for Doom 3? Watch some classic Doom speed runs!

If your computer just won't cut it on the soon-to-be-released Doom 3 from id software, then how about getting your Doom fix by watching a conversion of many classic Doom and Doom II speedruns from Compet-N to DivX avi? You'll find all 40 Ultra Violence records and 4 Nightmare episode runs on Doom, and all 34 Ultra Violence records for Doom II as well as a recently done Single-segment run through the whole game on Nightmare skill by Drew 'stx-vile' DeVore in 0:31:59! Drew is also the guy who converted all these lmp speed runs into avi to celebrate the arrival of Doom 3.

If Doom isn't your cup of tea, or if your computer isn't even good enough to play those high quality DivX avis (...) then how about some Super Mario Sunshine? 'Dragorn' from previous speed runs like Majora's Mask and Pikmin decided to add this game to the list, and the result is a time of 1:59:49 in 9 segments. Just barely under the two hour mark!

As of this much delayed update posting, the links for all of these files at don't work yet work because their system that moves files around is going unbelieveable slow. It's been apparently copying the mario sunshine run for 3.5 hours, which is calculates out to less than 35 k/s. So I think their internal network is a bit jammed! I'll be away this weekend though so I'm just putting the links to them now and hopefully they'll be active soon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 by Radix

A minute of Payne

Long time SDA-contributor Tim Doherty has done a complete set of individual levels runs on the PC game Max Payne 2 in the "New York Minute" mode on easy skill. He helped get these runs up sooner by doing the html for me ... so keep that in mind if you want your things posted sooner :-p

SnapDragon continues to fly through the levels of 4 Swords Adventure. He's improved another 5 levels: 4-1 by 0:02:40 to 0:06:53, 4-2 also by 0:02:40 to 0:07:02, 4-3 not quite by 0:02:40, but 0:02:39 to 0:05:09, 5-1 by 0:01:36 to 0:05:27, and 5-2 by 0:02:07 to 0:07:26. 8-2 looms closer! Some of these files are not yet on FilePlanet but you can get the from the metroid2002 mirror.

Some more improvements in 10 Man Melee from the Super Smash Bros. Melee page. Luigi has a large improvement of 0.21 seconds to 0:00:07.41, Ganondorf has a simliar improvement of 0.22 seconds to 0:00:07.36, Ness was improved by an itty-bitty 0.02s to 0:00:07.53, Link was improved by twice as much, 0.03 seconds, to 0:00:06.92, Mewtwo was improved by the same 0.03s to 0:00:07.43, and Marth was improved by a pretty significant 0.15 seconds to 0:00:07.33. All vids are by 'Ravenyte' as usual, except for Mewtwo which is by 'phy189' and thus is much much better quality!

Sunday, July 25, 2004 by Radix


The 2nd Zelda game in the series has become the 6th Zelda game listed here at SDA, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The main runner of Zelda games is still Mike 'TSA' Damiani and he's completed z2 in a single-segment with a time of 1:31:22. Like Zelda 1, he uses the 2nd controller up+a to get the continue/save menu, and continue will warp you around without actually saving... and since that's been traditionally used by zelda runners I don't have a problem with it. But if someone wants to do a run without that, I'd make it a separate category. ;-)

Derek 'SnapDragon' Kisman has gotten busy doing level improvements on 4 Swords Adventure after I poked him a bit. In the last few days he's improved 5 levels: 2-2 by 0:01:33 to 0:07:04, 2-3 by 0:03:04 to 0:08:36, 3-1 by 0:02:43 to 0:05:08, 3-2 by 0:02:54 to 0:05:24, and just before I was ready to post this update, 3-3 by 0:02:19 to 0:05:18. Hopefully he'll continue his swift pace and go all the way through 8-2... at which point he'll stop because 8-3 is already perfect .... right?

Thursday, July 22, 2004 by Radix

How many download servers have you lost?

When I started the other games section, I planned on linking to other speed run sites out there where they already existed, but I only got the doom page up with a link to Compet-N. Although people told me of other pages, I would go there and not like the way it was organized or something stupid which made me not link to it. Well, one of those pages is which has GoldenEye individual level speed runs on all three skill settings. It turns out they have a big trouble with hosting for their videos, they'll find a place and then a couple months later it'll go poof, maybe because the vids got too many downloads. Well, that won't happen here, so I volunteered to mirror their fastest vids, and you'll find a complete table on the GoldenEye page now. In a couple cases, the vid used is not the actual fastest available because the faster vid was 1 second better but the quality was horrendous, and we all know I'm picky about quality.

Jonathan Fields has done another inaugural speed run on a game, the original Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast. He used a glitch simliar to the Mario 64 glitch of going through a closed door. My acceptance of that glitch caused some confusion over my glitch rules, but I'll state again that that is the very edge of what will be allowed. Pushing through a solid object is OK in my eyes, but randomly teleporting around never will be. Oh yeah, The time of the run was 3 hours and 17 minutes in 4 segments.

Well, that cuts my unprocessed queue by 64 files... only 122 more to go!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004 by Radix

The Dawgs are loose

The Metroid Fusion page has been updated with two new runs. Matthew 'Wassup Dawgs' Beach got a loaner Game Boy Player to record a few runs on and the results are a 0:50 any% run, and a 1:13 Single-segment 100%. The any% is three minutes faster than the one Nate finished up in April, and the 100% is three minutes faster than the one from DaveB in May. Both runs are available in low, normal, and high quality. The Low version of the 100% is about 174 MB, and the Hi version is a whole GB... so chose according to your bandwidth!

Saturday, July 17, 2004 by Radix

After a day off...

Yesterday I actually took a day off from doing anything related to running a speed running site or helping nate restore If you'd like to see why I've been so busy with that, and had little time to catch up here, you should read this to find out just how much I was doing.

Since I wasn't doing any website work, I actually had a chance for once to work on my own speed run. Nothing too big, just an improvement of my 8-3 record on Zelda: 4 Swords. Not sure it was worth the two hours it took, but I think it's much better than the previous one, as it clocks in at 0:17:50, a minute & 58 seconds faster than the previous one. Thanks to TSA for a few hints. Now when will somebody else try worlds 3 through 8?

The SSBM page has been updated with some new 10 Man Melee vids by Ravenyte, which I received via r1k. Doctor Mario was improved to 0:00:06.63, 0.05 seconds faster. Ganondorf is now 0:00:07.58, 0.07 seconds faster. Ness was improved by a whopping 0.22 seconds (yes, that's whopping) to 0:00:07.55. Samus was improved by an even more impressive 0.34 seconds to 0:00:06.63. Link's time is now 0:00:06.95, 0.04 seconds faster. Pichu was improved by 0.08s to 0:00:06.75. And lastly, Mewtwo was improved by 0.07s to 0:00:07.46. This pack of improvements brought the total 10mm time below 3 minutes, something which seemed impossible just a few months ago... congrats to Ravenyte and his fellow players on this accomplishment!

The Metroid Zero Mission page recently got a faster any% and a hard any% by Andrew Bolton. They're still the records, but I wanted to mention that there's now high & low quality versions available. If you're hesitant to download runs because they're large, maybe you're still stuck on a modem, you should check out the low quality versions. Those of you with really fast connections and computers that aren't 5 years old like mine can check out the high quality versions. Especially of note is that the HQ versions are full 60fps vids, so instead of the typical "always on" or "invisible" effects you see in vids when the game has 60Hz rapid-blinking effects, you'll actually see the blinking like in the game! It was quite an adventure for Nate to figure out how to accomplish this, but the results are certainly worth it. The Metroid Prime page also has a HQ version of the new 1:15 PAL run, which runs at 50fps instead of 25.

Monday, July 12, 2004 by Radix

Quality control

I like to have good quality for this site... not just in terms of the running, but in terms of the video & audio quality of the videos. Therefore it is my solem duty to nitpick the quality of all of the videos in this update.

Another new game is added - Resident Evil for GameCube. Sascha Zaman did a Single-segment run with Jill Valentine on normal skill and got a time of 1:55:16. The quality of this vid makes it look like an old movie from the 50s, the color seems to have just faded away, and in some places it looks overexposed from being too bright. The play quality is a lot better, though there was a small knife slipup that cost a few minutes.

The Super Mario World run has been improved by Scott Kessler after I reminded him about it a few times. He got a time of 0:10:56, 13 seconds faster than his previous run. He forgot to change his capture settings though, so in the final area on the way to bowser, you still can't see a darn thing!

Metroid Prime will keep track of different records for the US and EU versions of the game, because of the bastardization the developers did in a few areas that prevent a lot of the tricks used in the US version. Even a later US version has some of these, and a few different, changes that just plain suck. Although 1:04 remains the fastest time, the EU version was improved to 1:15 last month by William 'pirate109' Tansley and it's still worth checking out, even if you won't see crazy scan-dash jumps or bouncing off Thardus. The quality of this run is pretty good since it was captured by Mr. "My capture card kicks the shit of your capture card" Nate... but the best capture card in the world can't fix VHS flaws, which this run has many of, although most are only on the file select screen. This run also debuts the availabity of different qualities of runs, coming with a low quality version that's about 150MB smaller, much easier on the 56k'ers out there. High Quality versions of some select previous runs will be available in the coming weeks.

The Zelda: 4 Swords page has been updated with two more improvements to 1-1 and 1-2. That's the four runs on these levels ... I guess nobody is going to do worlds 3 through 8. :-\ 1-1 is now 0:04:26, two seconds better, and 1-2 is 0:04:08, eight seconds better. Because of the FilePlanet queue you might have to wait a while to get these two, until I find a temp place to mirror them.

Lastly I just wanted to apologize for the delay that a couple of these things took to get online, I spent all weekend again working to help restore

Thursday, July 8, 2004 by Radix

Wrong way through the one-way doors

There's another improvement to the Half-Life speed run, this time done by 'RandomEngy' though the discovery of some new tricks was a collaborative effort between the previous runners, maybe you saw some of their discussion on the forum. The new run times at 0:45:45, over 5 minutes faster than the previous one, and it was done in only 21 segments so it is a lot more impressive when you think about that. There is a lot of new shortcuts that'll make you go WHAAAAT, or at least: they made me. It's available in the same 3 versions as previous Half-Life rui-res, normal-res, and .dem.

Another small update to the Super Smash Bros. Melee page, I rceived the 0:00:03.57 Link vid from 'raserucort'. That's 0.03 seconds faster than the previous vid from Senju. I still don't have a clue how the bottom right target gets hit.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004 by Radix

Some more Four Swords improvements

The amount of vids in my incoming queue keeps getting larger, but because of the US holiday over the weekend, which I spent at my parent's place, and me helping Nate restore from the ashes of an rm -rf / from an insane Marie/deskjockey... well, I'm just pretty darn busy! I only have time right now to quickly update the four vids from SnapDragon on 4 Swords which you might have already seen, since he linked to them in a forum thread. He did 1-1 in 0:04:28, 40 seconds faster than TSA; 1-2 in 0:04:16, 50 seconds faster; 1-3 in 0:07:04, 0:01:48 faster; and 2-1 in 0:05:14, 0:02:11 faster. Those are some nice improvements!