Speed Demos Archive - Quake Contests



Contest Year Start End
Stylaphone's Speedpack 2021 March 10th March 28th
400m 2021 January 2nd February 14th
sm161_ijed 2011 January 5th January 26th
sm48_czg 2009 November 8th November 29th
The Shambler's Cube 2009 September 16th October 1st
Help Speed Up Trinca's Death 2009 August 3rd August 17th
Shambler Hell (Re-visited) 2009 July 15th July 29th
E3M6 the Long Way 2009 February 16th February 26th
Oh God my head 2009 January 11th January 25th

Championship 2006-2008

Contest Year Start End
Teddybear Collectathon 2008 March 3rd March 17th
Swimming Prohibited 2008 January 29th February 12th
Different Reality 2007 September 17th October 1st
Can you dig it? 2007 July 1st July 15th
skillz test #27439 2007 April 18th May 2nd
Deja Doom 2007 January 29th February 11th
Pyramid Caper 2006 November 20th December 3rd
Around The World 2006 October 12th October 25th



Contest Year Start End
Shub's Old Pit 2006 July 17th July 27th
The Slipgate Simplex 2006 May 10th May 17th
Kill Them All 2006 February 1st February 12th
sm116_adamllis 2006 January 11th January 18th
Dismal Gibliette 2005 September 9th October 24th
Boost like a Man(slay) 2005 July 22nd August 7th
Misery Loves Company 2005 March 22nd April 10th
Back To Jail! 2004 September 23rd October 10th
The Temple of Gaia 2004 July 15th August 1st

Championship 2003

Contest Year Start End
December Madness 2003 November 24th December 28th
Aerorun 2003 October 21st November 16th
Forgotten Ritual 2003 September 20th October 12th
The Wizard's Pants 2003 August 23rd September 7th
The Bad Race 2003 July 11th August 3rd
Teh Plaec Of Two Deahts 2003 June 13th July 6th
Breaking Legs 2003 May 21st June 8th
RuneRun 2003 April 19th May 12th

'Dimension Of The Gibbed' Challenge

Contest Year Start End
The Gore To Chthon 2002 November 29th December 11th
Gib Keep 2002 November 19th November 27th
Gibburat Vertigo 2002 November 4th November 17th
The Gibbly Grotto 2002 October 22nd November 3rd
The Gibopolis 2002 October 8th October 20th
Castle Of The Gibbed 2002 September 30th October 7th
The Gibgate Complex 2002 September 22nd September 29th

Championship 2001-2002

Contest Year Start End
Yer Ass 2002 July 23rd August 1st
World 1-1 2002 April 6th April 20th
Jumping Jack Flash 2002 March 12th March 22nd
Feels Like Flying 2002 February 17th March 2nd
The Palace Of Eight 2002 January 30th February 11th
The Janitor 2001 December 17th December 31st
RunThis! 2001 December 5th December 15th
110m Hurdles 2001 November 4th November 18th
Azure Secrecy 2001 October 8th October 15th
Ziggurat Gravito 2001 August 18th September 5th
Pick 'Em Up 2001 July 16th July 30th
Natural Born Hoppers 2001 July 3rd July 10th



Contest Year Start End
100m Run 2001 June 19th June 26th
Shambler Hell 2001 February 26th March 5th
1 minute in e4m5 2001 January 19th January 31st
e2m4 Low Gravity 2000 December 9th December 20th
e1m8 Normal 2000 November 28th December 6th
45 seconds in e2m1 2000 November ? November 22nd
136 2000 May 10th May 16th
e1m5 Axed 2000 May 3rd May 9th
e3m7 Grenades 2000 April 21st April 27th
Skillz Arena 2000 April 14th April 20th
Timed Grenade on e1m2 2000 April 7th April 13th
The Contest with no Name 2000 March 31st April 6th
DM3 Collectathon 2000 March 24th March 30th
Phallusy 2000 February 12th February 26th
CSA Corperation Buildings 1999 November 25th December 19th
The Mining Complex 1999 October 29th November 29th
Ballshaft 1999 July 16th July 31st
Warehouse 1999 May 29th June 11th
Hit the Roof 1999 April 15th April 30th
Reaper Bots in DM4 1999 March 10th March 20th
e2m1 98/99 November 3rd March 7th
DM3 in 54 seconds 1999 February 9th February 20th
The Undead Task 1999 January 24th February 6th
Tower of Thunder 98/99 December 30th January 9th
Hallway Part 2 1998 December 8th December 12th
Hallway 1998 December 8th December 12th
The Goat Run 1998 December 7th December 18th
Lostworld 1998 November 28th December 4th
Hell's Castle 1998 November 22nd November 28th
Grenades 1998 November 19th November 28th
e4m1 the long way 1998 November 14th November 21st
e4m4 Gibbfest 1998 November 7th November 13th
e1m6 the long way 1998 October 30th November 7th
e2m5 without the RL 1998 October 23rd October 29th
e2m1 the long way 1998 October 16th October 23rd
e2m3 100 Percent 1998 October 7th October 15th