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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Breaking out the Champagne

Or in this case, some games.

As I'm sure you all want to go out celebrating New Year's Eve, I will not keep you here for long. I have three highly broken games that you can quickly watch so you won't have to stay for long, and go out celebrating instead.

I can't think of how many Pokémon there are to catch, if it didn't hit the thousand yet then I'm surprised. Either way, there are much less than that in Pokémon Green, but runner Paul 'Fishaman P' Fisher can't be bothered catching them all, so instead he skips the entire game to finish in 0:03 using the Dokokashira Door Glitch, an improvement of 0:01 in-game. According to 'Fishaman P' the glitch's name roughly translates to "Where am I?", which is what I'll be saying tomorrow morning.

We host some seriously fast speedruns, some using extreme luck, but we now have a contender for fastest glitched run that isn't Pokémon or Maxim. Ys: The Vanished Omens has a "Pum's Pawn Shop Mirror Glitch" which skips to the credits of the game. Reading Rasmus 'KrazyRasmus' Olsen comments is helpful to understand how he used it to beat the game in an insane 0:00:16, Single Segment.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Cosmo Wright. 0:15:22 (0:18:10 ZSR timing). 1:01:37 improvement. 'nuff said.

Have a happy new year everyone, and here's to plenty more speedruns and to a super successful Awesome Games Done Quick 2015!
*pops open a champagne*
*cork hits his head*
*falls on the floor unconscious*

Saturday, December 27, 2014 by IsraeliRD

An assortment of games

I can't find a link between them. If you find one please let me know and you will be awarded a cool cookie*.

The Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo page gets an update today with a run on the HD Remix version, which cuts out on a number of features the original has had. 'bluebomber285' didn't mind that and played on the X' Mode with Chun-Li on Expert difficulty, clocking at 0:04:21.

Do you know that internet game that some people still play where one says "The Game" and everyone loses instantly? My brain gets into some sort of convulsion trying to figure out the results of You Have To Win The Game. 'noclip''s brain certainly doesn't get confused as he wins(?) The Game in 0:05:07, a 10 seconds improvement over the previous run. The run is also on a more recent version of The Game which makes it much more CRT-like.

The highly recommended Cutscenes Saga continues with Half Life: Blue Shift as a 'sadf' takes Calhoun through more lengthy cutscenes, among some bunnyhopping and shortcuts on the way, to escape Black Mesa in 0:28:33 on Easy difficulty, Single Segment with Cutscenes.

Going with more action we have the ever successful Diablo 3, where much like the previous games you choose a character and set off to defeat Diablo and co. See, no need for cutscenes to get to the point. 'Freezard' grinds the game for the best items, and this resulted in the following runs: Act I in 0:18:20, Act II in 0:16:24, Act III in 0:13:29 and Act IV in 0:05:28. All runs are on New Game Plus, using the Demon Hunter class, which is absolutely broken in terms of speed. Total time is 0:53:41.

* Terms and Conditions may apply. See your local cookie monster for more details and cookie crumbs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Time Travel

I'm trying so hard not to make a Doctor Who joke right now.

Don't let the title of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter mislead you since you aren't actually hunting dinosaurs but instead searching for pieces of a relic in different parts of time and stop an ultimate evil (who isn't a dinosaur, boo!). Forrest 'Natas Joplin' Hinton doesn't let this disappointment get on top of him as he beats the game on Easy in 0:55:08, Single Segment with deaths.

One of the best games for its time is TimeSplitters 2. Aliens are at war with humanity and The Doctor, I mean, two space marines, are trying to fend off the alien race known as TimeSplitters, whose way of destruction is by undoing history using Time Crystals. Stefan 'Anemptybox' Persson tackles the messy problem in a quick 0:27:20, Single Segment on Easy difficulty.

Travelling through time and space, or portraits in this case, are the star characters of Super Mario 64. 'Paradox Karl' managed to figure out a route for 1-star on the DS version and produce a run timed at 0:12:52, Single Segment. Some of the tricks used are literally frame-perfect but most of them are stupidly hard.

Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness is not a game that you'd imagine having time travel, but it does. After rescuing princesses, killing monsters and blowing up spaceships, a time machine pops up and you only use it once. You read me right: once. But it fits today's theme so who cares! Space Ace Paul 'Lag.Com' Davies gets extra lucky with RNG today with this 0:36:19 run, Single Segment.

Saturday, December 20, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Ninja Skating Olympics

I'd actually watch that, but then again I can't find any ninjas.

International Track and Field 2, or IT&F 2000, ESPN IT&F, IT&F: Summer Games, or any other name Konami released it under continues the Track & Field series of having players compete in different Olympic events, and set some impossible records while at it. 'Chris-X' plays on the PS1 European version on Hard difficulty and takes the championship in a mere 0:17:59. More watchable than the Olympics too.

Ninja Gaiden 3 wraps up the trilogy with an odd plot and gameplay that leaves slightly of a bitter taste. It is still better than the one that came out recently. 'InfestedRiche' takes Ryu through the last part of the journey (again, ignoring recent releases) and beats the game in 0:13:13, 19 seconds faster than the previous run.

Skating is pretty popular and there are some seriously awesome tricks out there, but personally I prefer watching people get wrecked and hit certain body parts that can make you squirm just from watching it. Luckily(?) we don't get to see those in Tony Hawk Underground 2 when 'mx.lenny94' plays, instead only the sweet moves as he tears apart every level extremely quickly, and finishes the game in its European version on Easy difficulty in 0:14:34, Single Segment, a 3:47 minutes improvement over the previous run.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Breaking news: Dinosaurs to be replaced by latest lizard models; children sad

We're going to clean up some prehistoric dust today!

'feasel' not only gets speedrun requests from his viewers, but also gets challenged to beat records. Today he gives us a run of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where he improves the previous run from almost 10.5 years ago by 24 seconds, down to 0:04:49. All I can say is "YOU WIN BIG MAN".

It's been a long while since we have had a Metroid run on the front page, but Andrew 'spidey-widey' Brockmann returns to his roots with Metroid Zero Mission. Improving the previous 100% Single Segment run from almost 9.5 years ago, 'spidey-widey' completes the game in 0:50:58, which is a 5:13 minutes improvement.

If my update a couple posts ago didn't have enough rabbits for you, then Jazz Jackrabbit 2 should finish off those cravings. After 9 years we are given a huge improvement of 7:55 minutes, as 'Vortale' tackles Spaz and rushes to an epic fast 0:22:05, Single Segment.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 by IsraeliRD

I still have no good titles

I'm sorry. I'll ask LLCoolDave for the next update's title.

I'll start things off with Heretic 2. Corvus makes a comeback from the first game as he has to find the cure to a plague that makes people go insane if they are not killed by it. 'Ruben Kusters' completes the game on Easy difficulty in 0:44:34, Single Segment.

Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs has a deceiving title; I have yet to find the 'Freakin' Funky' part of it. The game's level maps are statics but all item placements are pure RNG. Coupled with the fact that levels can have tiles that disappear for good, having 'Bouchart' finish the game on Expert difficulty in 0:13:30 is pretty freakin' impressive.

After not playing Gauntlet as the Elf for a long time, 'feasel's stream viewers had requested an updated speedrun for it. Thanks to better random-exit luck the time on the run dropped to 0:15:55, 54 seconds faster than the previous run from three years ago.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 by IsraeliRD

A is for Animals

I is for I have no good titles.

Aero the Acro-Bat is not an easy game, both in gameplay and the plot. Nonetheless 'Shadow Jacky' is providing us with a display of impressive acrobatics as he completes the game in 0:36:35, Single Segment.

Gravity Duck is self-explanatory just from the title. Nonetheless you should know your task is to find golden eggs for God, who wants to cook an omelette. Tomas 'Guunnz' Gonzalez finishes all 40 levels in 0:04:43. Please note this speedrun does contain traces of egg products and should not be consumed by those who have an allergy for eggs. Or Ducks.

Rabbits have had a bad name since a certain cocky rabbit lost to a turtle. With '__sdfg' in control of Whizz however, they get their good graces back. Improving the previous run on Hard difficulty by 19 seconds, '__sdfg' abuses a few bugs on the way to the giant carrot at the end in a quick 0:15:51.

To finish off the update is the sad news that LLCoolDave will no longer be doing regular front page updates. He has given us a lot over the time he was here and his creative flair made for some excellent news posts, possibly the best SDA had seen yet. As such I have taken over the regular front page updates and so it looks like you and I will be seeing each other a lot more, and hopefully with better titles than the one today.

Saturday, December 6, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Ninja monkeys, Dragon sackboys

Probably some rejected ideas for enemies for Silent Hill 2 as they didn't qualify past the gore round. Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko improves the previous Maria Hard mode run by 19 seconds, clocking in at 0:06:04, Single Segment.

It's definitely monkeying around with Jeffrey 'I have no name' Bardon who made a Time Attack individual levels table for Ape Escape. 19 levels done at 0:01:52.40.

If individual levels tables are your thing, then you'd be happy to hear that Tad 'RabidJellyfish' Cordle and 'p-p-j' improved the LittleBigPlanet runs. 14 levels were improved and brought the time down to 0:52:04, a 4:56 minutes improvement.

Unfortunately I missed quite a fair bit of the recent GDQs due to time constraints, but 'SCXCR' lets me catch up ever so slightly by improving Ninjabread Man to 0:03:16, a huge 3:41 improvement over his previous run on the site.

One of my favourite runs on the site is of Drakan: Order of the Flame. Patrik 'Pafi' Varjotie returns to the game and breaks it even further. Using item duplicated rusty chain mails to zip across levels and Arokh to go Out of Bounds (lots of invisible dragon flying!), 'Pafi' produced a 27 segments 0:13:06 Large Skips run. I have a new run to add to my favourite list now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by Radix

13 new runs


In other news, Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 is a month away. If you're interested, check out

Sunday, November 23, 2014 by LLCoolDave

'A grammarian saga of magnar Nana' is an anagram of 'A rag man is an anagram of anagram'

Time to have another big update. I've stacked up some great runs over the week and now just have to carry them to the frontpage for your viewing pleasure.
*sound of toe being stubbed on an inconveniently placed piece of furniture*
*mildly intelligible German cuss words*
*sound of digital objects inexplicably shattering on the floor*
Well looks like I've got myself a little mess here. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be able to puzzle things back together just fine.

Our first entry of the day is Mole Sky, Soon, the epic tale of a young mole sorcerer being stuck in an evil labyrinthine molehill, trying to climb to the top to get to the sky before the sun sets. Unfortunately, the NES is too limited to properly display the detailed mole sprites this game clearly deserved. - 'ktwo', 0:29:02, best ending - 0:12:57, any%

Next up we have Artist Corps, a game in which aspiring painter Mike is on a massive inspirational hallucinogenic trip involving talking animals, aliens, and a combat yo-yo. Unfortunately, the drug abuse has a lasting psychological impact on Mike, preventing him from selling his artwork and ending up living out of a dumpster. Fortunately, the runner managed to skip this depressing cutscene. - 'Darkwing Duck', 1:06:50

The Final Fantasy series certainly has come a long way in terms of storytelling since the NES days. One of the latest releases is A Microelectronic Chef's Slyest Ho, featuring a part time robot restaurant owner/part time pimp getting caught up in wacky adventures with one of his prostitutes. Would strongly recommend picking the Italian voice acting if you decide to play this for yourself. - 'someonewhodied', 1:48:52

Shamefaced Hag: Ethic Zero manages to one up the previous RPG story, despite being decades older. After an excessive night of partying (seriously, watch the opening cutscene!), Scheherazade is taken in by the Arabian moral police and the player is tasked with taking the role of a time travelling magician to rescue her so she can go one doing whatever she did to those swans the previous night. - 'Darkwing Duck', 1:07:40

Anal Ants Iffy 6 is a sequel that really didn't need to be made. In my humble opinion, the series really took a downturn after Anal Ants Iffy 4. Though I have to admit, the graphics in the latest release are very lifelike. - 'LCC', 4:50:31

Earn Ten Vases is a rather niche title. Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for his grandma, Earnest Evans does menial tasks in the neighbourhood to earn enough of an allowance to purchase a set of 10 Chinese vases. Once again, the low detail NES graphics do a poor job of properly reflecting the storyline in the gameplay. - Phillip 'ZELLLOOO' Shanklin, 0:08:33

The next thing I've been able to piece back together is The Seaward Shower: Mass Profit, a strange extra-terrestrial real estate management game. The quickest speedrunning route appears to be to violate building regulations and getting into a direct conflict with the imperial homeowner's association. - Nathaniel 'EverAlert' Coughran, 0:46:17

Baccarat Bezel - Hone Teamwork is a massive multiplayer online casino furniture construction simulator. Just take my money already, I'm sold. - 'Thehealbus', 0:57:06

The next entry today is on Belch Molesters Out, a simple flash browser game funded by the 'Alcoholics against Sexual Abuse' foundation. You have to carefully manage your beverage consumption, toilet breaks and stomach air levels to keep the increasing hordes of perverts away from the girls at the bar, all the while the controls get less and less responsive with every beer you drink. Even getting past level 4 is a real challenge. - 'cortez', 0:25:41 (IL table)

Oh sweet Jesus, apparently there's even an Anal Ants Iffy X2. They really don't know when to stop. - Emma 'Augora' Rice, 2:48:47

Next up is the interactive documentary Madden Kimono OP, the story of an American sports commentator taking the east Asian fashion scene by storm. - Lawrence 'playe' Palmiter, 1:04, Large-Skips

Major With REM is the tale of a narcoleptic Marine being caught up in increasingly frightening day dreams, involving such ludicrous concepts as cows dropping from the sky. Who in their right mind would be frightened of that? - Jordan 'Athens_' Kloster, 0:31:26

How about we get in some simulator action in the meantime? I Wheel Goo Stuff is THE leading wheelbarrow simulator on the market. Live your dream of pushing around dangerous and unhealthy liquids all over the world, from a meat factory in northern Wales to manual waste disposal in the slums of Bangladesh. The USB wheelbarrow add-on is strongly recommended for realistic haptic feedback. - 'Senzura', 0:29:07

Archaic Plunderer's Genes is an educational game, teaching children about evolution following the story of British occupants looting religious sites in 19th century India. The title is highly controversial, to say the least, but it does makes for a good speed game so that's good enough for us. - 'philosoraptor42', 0:13:31, 100%

Tabled Toast is an interesting physics based game. Players take turns toasting up bread and stacking it up in a Jenga-like game. Received several awards for the excellent bread physics. - 'jc583', 0:12:57, with warps

And finally, the last entry of the day is Senate Farcically Goads Knaves. It's a post apocalyptic setting in which laws have been passed that require low income citizens to commit petty crimes for the amusement of the rich in order to receive their welfare payments. It's a bit silly, but the controls are rock solid. - Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag, 1:14:10, Cornell

Hmm, it looks like I've got a 'Demoralization Café' left over at the end. Eh, who cares, I doubt it was something of importance.

Spoilers - here's the actual game names:

Saturday, November 15, 2014 by LLCoolDave

Power Updating

Let's play a little game. It's called 'guess how many runs I can post in 5 hours'. Get your bets in, the answer will be posted at the end of this update.

Alright let's go. Ready to punch some dudes in the jaw? No? That's a tad awkward then. How about you turn around then and just ignore the comedic sound effects and blood splatters for a moment? I promise it will be over soon. In position? Great, let's have a little Punch-Out then. It's just 3 quick bouts today. First of all, we have Adam 'KHANanaphone' Ferguson vs Don Flamenco 2. Bang, knockdown in 0:01:23.82, next. 'sinister1' vs Bald Bull 2, and we've got a KO in just 0:01:20.82. And there goes our final matchup, Zack 'Zallard1' Allard vs Bald Bull 1 (Why this order? POWER UPDATING!), and we got a winner in 0:00:57.00. There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?

What, traumatic experience? Okay, how about something relaxing instead? Here, have some zombies to shoot. Well, technically they are not ACTUALLY zombies, but just parasite infected villagers, but their heads are just as squishy. Here, I'll even give you some special weapons and let Austin 'Auddy07' Davenport guide you. There, wasn't that an enjoyable 1:42:31 spent on the Gamecube release of Resident Evil 4? You don't appear to be cheered up by that, how about we try that again, but even quicker? Robert 'Sunblade' Brandl has chopped the XBox 360 HD experience into 16 neat little chunks, totalling 1:26:23. Man, can you see those brains explode? Joy.

You're terrified and believe you can see ghosts now? Well, then who ya gonna call? No, not child protective services, you silly. Ghostbusters! Let's just hope they won't take too long, you seem to be shivering in fear right now. Ah there they are finally, with 'BeeBee' at the helm. It only took them 0:33:47 to arrive. But what is that, that doesn't look like a ghost trap at all. In fact... is that a giant keg? Oh my, I must have misdialed, looks like I called the BoozeGustlers.

Okay, how about we try some running to distract you from that ghost. I've invited a couple of friends over, so how about taking a stroll in Sonic R? Man, that 'Pkqcpat' guy sure is pulling ahead. Looks like he finished all the tracks in a mere 0:14:51 but hey, it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?

Oh, a hedgehog phobia, my bad. Yeah, I can see it being an unpleasant experience then, hmm. Okay, let's go for an adventure then, get this all out of our heads, why don't we. Here, how about we collect some notes and Jiggies, rescue some Jinjos and everything is colourful and joyous. Surely not much could go wrong here. Let's join 'Hyperresonance' on our friendly journey through the world of Banjo-Tooie. See, that was quite the 2:52:57 we had, wasn't it? I surely can't fit any more golden notes in my stomach.

My god, what did you just say? Your grandma was mauled by a bear? How could I have forgotten about that, I did film that footage after all. Okay, well, have some medication then, these pills will surely calm you down some. See, you're much more quiet already. Vivid hallucinations? Something about an undercover mission? Degaussing pigeons? That sounds like some Jazzpunk nonsense right there. Oh, those convulsions don't look normal. I better call Dr. Etienne 'EthanWolfcat' Taschereau. Alright, can you hear me again? Great, good to hear that. Your heart stopped beating for 0:17:46, some kind of allergic reaction to the pills, but don't worry, everything is mostly under control now.

Yeah, your head spinning is perfectly normal in this situation. (Is this normal? No? More morphine? Sure.) You can see in 3D? But we live in a 3D world. Yes of course we do, what did you think? It's not like we live in the world of FEZ. No, you're not flat. Maybe we should get a second opinion on your state then. Dr. Gaétan 'Gyoo' Young, what do you think of this? Administer this injection? Okay, this might hurt a bit, but there we go. This should start kicking in in 0:30:55. Why such a precise time? That's the wonder of modern medicine!

Guess you just need some rest now. Here, how about I read you a story while you relax. How about The Legend of Zelda? Classic hero tale, written by 'Darkwing Duck', I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Valiant, lowborn guy sets out on epic quest to save the princess. And he's even quick about it. 0:31:25 to defeat the big bad evil. You still look upset, how about I read you the Second Quest sequel as well. That one's a bit longer, it lasts 0:36:45, but ends with the same sweet justice.

You still look upset. What's the matter? The princess didn't deserve to be rescued as the monarchy in Hyrule is suppressing the common people? Fine, how about you try your hands at politics yourself then. How about you take control of Germany and try to build an Empire Earth? Okay, I'll be back in a bit to see how you did. Alright, you've had 1:26:58 now, what do we stand at? Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is dead and we're at the brink of war? Good fucking job. Guess we'll have to leave it up to Maik 'Onin' Biekart to fix this mess. Maybe politics really isn't your forte after all.

What, aliens? Sure, I'm not falling for that distraction from your failure. You insist? Okay, let's have a loOOK OH MY GOD SPACE MUTANTS. Our only hope is to send Bart vs the Space Mutants. Oh, he's not available? Something about being drawn in Korea or so. Well, I guess Piotr 'TheMexicanRunner' Delgado Kusielczuk will have to do. He seems to be quick about it, too. Instead of the usual 21 minutes (plus commercials) he manages to clean up the first wave in a mere 0:16:59.

But that's still not enough, there's more ground forces. Time to call in Duke Alex 'pogokeen' Dawson Nukem for the cleaning. And here he goes. Incubator in 0:27.11, Overlord in 0:07.44, Raw Meat in 0:18.06. And here comes the celebration! Uh, you might want to turn to look the other way, this is not something you should see. Oh god, can you really stick that there? And then, wow, how does that even fit?

You know what, that was quite the eventful day. Maybe it really is time to wind down. How about we join 'Darkwing Duck' on the streets of River City, clobbering some bad dudes. Some high quality 0:07:46 fisticuffs, a rewarding kick in the groin, an elevating piledriver. That's exactly how I love to end my days, don't you? Oh, I totally forgot about that not wanting to punch some dudes in the jaw part, whoops. Maybe I should listen from time to time.

If you guessed 18 then congratulations, you counted them up before getting to this line so you could look smart, didn't you?

Friday, November 14, 2014 by IsraeliRD

Back to normal?

Less typos in this update, I hope.

The last update started off with my mention of Halloween and I do hope you had all enjoyed it. If you already miss the sugar rush and diabetes after a night full of face-stuffing in candy, then I'm sure you'll be happy to hear Halloween is here to stay for a little longer! The Halloween-themed game Costume Quest sees a monster kidnapping your character's sibling followed by you having to hunt it and of course, stop evil on the way. In this game your character and allies, when in battle, will transform into the very creatures or monsters that they are dressed up as; these costumes include the Statue of Liberty, a vampire, a robot and more. I wonder if there's an Air Pirate as well. 'fullmetalgambit' puts on his speedrunner costume as he beats the game in 1:17:17, Single Segment, in one big night of trick-or-treating and lots of fighting.

Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced a few new things to the Mario series, except for Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach. The game itself usually takes quite a while to beat it and you have to go through many worlds and obstacles. 'Davetrap' agrees that going through the whole thing is too bothersome, which is why he uses Large-Skips to wrap to Peach in a brisk, yet very carefully planned out, 0:03:18.

One of my favourite series to watch speedruns of is Metal Slug, which makes me very happy to see three runs of it today. Jeremy 'DK28' Doll presents us with two runs of Metal Slug 2. The first one is by himself as he slices and dices his way through the X Army and the aliens in 0:18:25. The second one sees 'DK28' and Christian 'Koopa Kid' Welsh join forces in a Co-op run in 0:19:45. The time is slower because of the lag issues the game suffers, which becomes more prominent with two players being on screen. For those who prefer the version that slightly lags less, Metal Slug X gets an improvement from Jeremy 'DK28' Doll who beats the game in 0:18:56. All three runs are on Easy difficulty.

The last game for today is pretty Serious, and has a lot of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in it. I actually wanted to make the whole update just with AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in it but that would be doing almost the same joke twice. Back in business we have a run of Serious Sam: The First Encounter in Co-op from Anders 'DenLillePige' Hansen and 'momfy' who dealt with a lot of screaming from both the game's enemies and probably from themselves as they beat the game in 0:41:23 in Tourist difficulty. You can watch it from either 'DenLillePige' 's point of view or from 'Momfy' 's.


Tuseday, October 28, 2014 by IsrealiRD

I hvae no rergets

Hlaloewen is aprpoacihng and mnay kdis are aobut to cmoe to yuor hosue exepcitng cnady. Smoe of tehm may be drsesed up as piartes, but I tihnk tehy shuold be derssed up as Air Pirtaes, scuh as tohse form Skies of Arcadia. Charlie 'Junglechief' Reichmeier is giivng us a traet by tkaing us thruogh the vsat wolrd of Aracdia, a wrold wihtuut apaprnet sufrace. If you dno't wnat to awnser any dooriblls duinrg the ngiht, tehn pehraps you sohlud get smoe, or ltos, of pocporn as you jorueny tohurgh the gmae in 10:44:17 in 134 sements.

King of the Monsters 2 is an intreestnig baet 'em up gmae taht fetaures trhee mosntirs as tehy tkae on an ailen therat. The montsers feautred are rahter intreesteng to say the laest. Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag taeks cotnrol of Cyber Woo due to his Woocopter ableity that is ovrepoewred on the SNES vesrion, and betas the gmae in 0:20:01, Signle Segmnet. Woo!

I am not excatly srue waht to wrtie abuot You Are Empty. Tehre is a fnie Wikipedia pgae aobut it but I cna't say anihting petraining to the polt beacuze waht the hlel. Nikita 'Tezur0' Buriak deos wlel in explianing the ongiongs of tihs run in his comemnts, and he has spaerd us patrs of the gmae by skpeping qutie a few aeras. Baeting the gmae in 0:50:11 on Esay in 8 segemnts was not esay for him as to add to eveyrthing taht can klil you, it lieks crsahyng a lot.

The polt of Eye of the Beholder shraes cmomon gruond wtih ohter gaems of the smae tpye. The loevly twon of Waterdeep was fonuded on top of eivl, becuase taht's wehre you pay the laest lnad txaes, but it seams taht eivl has gotetn out of cnotrol. Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag alraedy daelt wtih tihs ocne, but tihs tmie tkaes on an eevn qiucker juorney to deafat the eivl Xanathar in 0:08:47, Snigle Segemant in the PC vesrion of tihs gmae. If you flet the run was too qiuck tehn yuo'd be hpapy to konw the gmae's seuqel, Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon, taeks mcuh lnoger to baet. A tmeple semeed to hvae been taekn by eivl (poor loaction cohices yet agian) and our heores form the frist gmae tarvel to it and bttale hoardes of enmeies. Jay 'DeMoNFLiP84' Cabasag laeds yet aagin as be maeks his way throogh to the eivl Dran Draggore and baets his Fianl From in 1:45:36, Snigle Semgent.

Sunday, October 12, 2014 by LLCoolDave

Newsticker 2

Dinosaurs stolen; invisible alien with time machine to the rescue.
'Slyse', 0:15:55

Psychic kid terrorizes neighbourhood with yo-yo; Master Hand helpless.
'Jeremy 'DK28' Doll, 0:03:43

Approval ratings for ancient demon mask skyrocket as possessed local clears out long lasting monster epidemic.
'Zack 'Zallard1' Allard', 0:13:02, 0:13:51 (arcade version)

Learn how to recover your inheritance in 7 easy steps.
'Karma', 0:04:52

Archaeologists baffled by sword's capability of resurrecting people. "We thought they were only good for stabbing."
'poon78', 0:12:55

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 by LLCoolDave


The Resident Evil series is a mainstay in the action horror genre, but to me it raises quite a few questions. Is it the residents that are evil, or does evil simply reside in the places depicted? If so, what's the big issue, everybody needs a home. Why are there typewriters scattered all over the place? I'm 26 and I have never even seen one in person in all those years. And most importantly, why are all the bad guys so incredibly stupid once they encounter the protagonists. Good job, you turned yourself into a giant zombie plant, what's your contingency plan in case you actually win this fight? Sit around the top of a broken castle tower and photosynthesise all day? 'TheLevelBest' decided to avoid these deep questions by running a title before the story got incredibly silly, if such a time even existed once, and submitted this 1:07:36 run as Jill on the Director's Cut release of the original entry.

If you're more into existential horror instead of the rawr brains type of scare the Resident Evil series provides, Silent Hill 2 surely must be one of your favourite titles. The PC release added a couple of features to the game, among which is a quicksave and quickload option. Ordinarily, one would expect these to be used for segmentation, but Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko has found some rather clever ways to abuse them in a single segment setting instead, fighting his way through the third scariest town in the continental US in a mere 0:45:46 in the Normal Action/Normal Riddle category.

As an aside at this point, we would like to officially renounce any responsibility SDA takes for pants being soiled from watching spooky speedruns. inFamous: Festival of Blood does feature the classical horror creature type vampire (not the sparkly variation), but I'd be hard pressed to call it a horror title. As a digital only spinoff to the superhuman city wreckage simulator inFamous, Festival of Blood somehow turns the main protagonist into an aforementioned vampire and then, in true comic book fashion, simply expects the player to accept that that is indeed now a thing in this story. Not that 'sk84uhlivin' has had much time to ponder this turn of events, as the entire Transylvanian subplot is resolved in a mere 0:29:30.

Our spiral into mysticism has now finally left behind any remnants of horror and put us deep into Japanese folklore, somehow. ÅŒkami weaves plenty of traditional characters, stunning visuals and a lupine protagonist into an astonishingly well produced mesh. In short, I'd describe the game as 'Zelda with a wolf', but there was an actual Zelda title where Link is also a wolf, so I'll have to settle for 'Zelda with a wolf - the good one' instead. Nicolas 'PillsOfDeath' Ziane steers sun goddess Amaterasu through her beautiful adventure on the crisp HD release in 1:25:56 on New Game+ in our final run of the day, and if you'll excuse me, I think I have just found a good reason to plug in my Wii again.